No Post 5.11.14 Part Two

Eco Emi

Natural Vegan Lavendar Eye Makeup Remover by HomespunNorthwest - I am loving my eye make up remover too much to try this so I gave this to Lillian to use.

Earth Day Flower Seed Packet by RamblinRiver - I got sunflowers! These should really cute near the swing set!!!

Vegan Edible Love Dust in Cocoa Sparkle by All Natural Face - This is very different. I think I can be naughty for one night.

Ultra Care Toothpaste – Mega Mint by Desert Essence - Very odd and small packages of toothpaste.

Whitening Plus Toothpaste – Cool Mint by Desert Essence - Very odd and small packages of toothpaste.

Honey Organic Stinger Waffle by Honey Stinger - I FREAKING LOVE THESE THINGS!!! I get a different brand at TJ Maxx but these are just as delicious. Try these with tea you will be in heaven!

Tropical Liquid Drink Mix by Organic Flavrz - I cannot wait to try this!

Fortune Cookie Soap Bath Fizzy  - Very citrusy! I love it!

Eco Emi Cleaning Limited Edition

Wildflowers Laundry Detergent by Attitude - I am eager to try this it for many reasons. I love organic things for starters but this looks like a fun detergent to use. Plus I am always up for new products to try.

All Natural Loofah Sponge by Twist - I love natural sponges! But a loofah sponge to help clean in the kitchen? Excellent idea!

Lavender Mint Revival Laundry Detergent by Rockin Green - Again a new product to give a chance to for a load of laundry.

Room and Linen Spray by Five Little Indians - This is an interesting smell. I am not sure about this product. Though, some of the other products on this website looking very promising. The glass cleaner especially.

Microfiber Hand Mitt by Heather’s Green Home Goods - I like this for cleaning up my office. There are a lot of nooks and crannies. So dusting computers and wires will be easy with this.

Laundry Detergent by Juniper Seed - These seem complicated. However the other products on the site look amazing!!!

Auto Dish Detergent by Rockin Green - Okay this I was sooooo excited about. Organic dish washing detergent!!! YAY!!!

Love With Food

Orchard Blend by Sensible Foods - You know those puffs for toddlers from Gerber? Yeah these are the adult version and I was super happy about that!

Heart-tee by Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. - This tea is rumored to lower anxiety and stress and is a “tangy deep-red floral tea”. Yay for tea!!

Creamed Honey with Chocolate Mint by Vintage Bee - This is interesting. I ate this on a bagel and it was delicious! It really does taste like chocolate mint.

Almonds with Cranberries, Honey & Sea Salt by Sahale Snacks - Vin loved this. He said it was perfect. That it was sweet and salty didn't weigh him down.

Popcorn by Crave Canyon -  I don’t know if other flavors were sent out, we got the Aged White Cheddar & Hatch Green Chile flavor and my goodness they have a kick to them. I was not expecting that! Very flavorful and I would love to try out the other flavors.

Honey Waffle by Meli - Yay another one!!! So loving these!!!!! The only other person I know that eats these besides me and Vin is +Nate.

Fiordifrutta Organic Fruit Spread by Rigoni Di Asiago - I think the packaging on this is so cute! Our sample was apricot and Rain was all about it on her bagel.

Organic Energy by Bumble Bee - Vin ate this and he said it wasn't great but it wasn't terrible. He said it was just too much.

Glossy Box

Bellapierre Cosmetics Supergloss in Vanilla Pink - This color is just about perfect. It’s made with all natural ingredients and is infused with a natural plumper which helps with fine lines on and around the lips.

Aqua Spa Relax Body Creme - I hated this smell. I know I am weird. I cannot stand the smell of lavender though. It stinks to me. So this is not relaxing to me. I gave mine to my neighbor who loves lavender.

Caldrea Body Wash - I LOVE Caldrea and I love this scent which is Coconut Fig Leaf!

Ciate London Paint Pot - I know GLOSSYBOX sent out a bunch of different colors this month and I am so happy with this one.This shimmery burnt copper called Espardrilles, works much better for me.

Lasplash Cosmetics Eyeshadow Sealer / Base - I was super curious about this product however MIA begged for it and so I handed it over. She better tell me how it works!

Bark Box

Quaker Pet Group Elephant - Love this! Dur it's an elephant and pink! And it's for the dogs. Rain and Luna and the dogs have had a blast playing tug a war with it!  

Complete Natural Nutrition Off-Leash Treats - Theo loved these. Gustaf didn't care for them. London was half and half I think really. 

Etta Says Duck Meat Treats - These have always been a hit around here as well! They are made from USA sourced ducks and are perfect for pups with grain or protein allergies.

Mr. Barksmith’s Carrot Cake Smoothie - Theo and London are coming with me to Florida so I am taking this with us so they don't get over heated.

Barkworthies Junior Bully Stick - And, as usual, a Barkworthies! We get one every month and the dogs love them, but well, we get one every month. Then again, they do love them.

Citrus Lane Art & Music

Hohner Fish Guiro - Even if I am a teacher. I forget how crucial music is to a child. Well not music but them making music. So I am leaving this in our playroom.

Green Tones Boat Whistle - Miss Luna loved this. Perhaps I should get the train one for Rain. I like that idea!

Hohner Kids Tube Shaker - Again this is going into our playroom for instruments. I rarely get a chance to think about music instruments for them. I hope my upstairs tenants don't mind. 

Hohner Kids Harmonica - Vin shocked the crap out of me when he yanked this from my hand and started playing. Our future children will be harmonica playing children. We need four these and we can start a family band!

Plan Toys Fish Castanet - Luna and Rain both loved this. I may have to another one.

Hohner Kids Colored Tambourine - I loved this box so much! We really need more and more items like this!

It’s a Big World by Renee & Jeremy CD - I am taking this to work with me instead of keeping it at the house. I think it would get more use at work than at home.

ABC’s by Charley Harper - I giving this one to the center. I am sure our librarian will be really excited right +Jessica ?

Counting with Wayne Thiebaud - I am super excited about this one. The illustrations in this one are gorgeous and it’s the perfect length for Luna’s attention span!

Faber-Castell Doodling Pad & Beeswax Crayons - I love these crayons and more doodle pads are never a bad thing. Rain loves to color and hopefully we can get Luna there too. I am sure Aunt Jessica will help on that subject.

Handprint Art Kit from Pearhead - I am not sure what we will do this. I will have to brainstorm on it!

Ivy + Bean Paper Doll Set - Rain was super excited these. She loves her London ones with Kate and William.

Goodbyn Dishwasher Safe Stickers -We have a bunch of the Goodbyn bentos (which I love by the way) and I have yet to let Rain decorate one of them. Maybe it’s time?

Eco-Kids Dough -Yes! I have been wanting to try eco-dough for ages. I love this, love the colors and can’t wait to order more.

Citrus Lane Mealtime

Dispensing Spoon by Boon - I love these! I have some already! They are amazing with Luna and eating. I am giving these to my stepmom.

Skip Hop Owl Bib - We have the exact same bib, but in a different animal. We usually use it for painting or other messy projects because it wipes cleaning easier than the cloth ones. I was excited to get the owl one!

Munchkin Trainer Cups  - Hello perfect cups for Rain and Luna!

Boon Clutch - Perfect keeping up with sippy cup and bottle parts! I highly recommend this!

Innobaby Packin’ SMART Stack-N-Seal - Snack containers always come in handy and no matter how many we have, it’s never enough. We are always running out!

itzy ritzy Snack Happens Bag - I love these bags and this print is fabulous. I will be keeping my snacks in this in my bag!

Plum Pouch - Do I have to give this to the girls?!? This sounds delicious!

ah goo baby The Bottle Strap - I wasn't thrilled with this so I am passing it along.

Pijon Box

Bombas Sock Collection - OMG love. Vin has a few pairs of these from one of his Birchbox boxes and I have always been jealous of them. No seriously. Plus, I am in constant need of socks. Constant need. It’s insane how quickly I lose or destroy them. 

Inlet Nectar Customizable Sunglasses - I also love these! Totally fun, but not overly funky or crazy. These are something I would pick up from one of those sunglasses street vendors because they are so fun.

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars - Everyone in this house loves these and it will be a battle to see who can get to them first! I hope I win. If you haven’t tried them I totally recommend them.

La Fresh Travel-Lite Antibacterial Wipes - These are headed straight in my bag! The kids get into so much and anything I can do to make things a little less germ is good. I am not a total germ freak, but even I will wipe down certain things.


Bumkins Wet / Dry Bag - Could this scream Disney anymore? (Okay maybe a Disney print!) These is going to be great for pool time! I am sooooo excited about this!

Kandoo Travel Pack Wipes - I have read way too many articles about flushable wipes, so we won’t be flushing these at our house, but we can always always use wipes.

Interactive Kids Soft Shape Puzzle -This set includes 8 different puzzle which are perfect for the bathtub. I am always looking for new bathtub toys that don’t get all moldy and nasty and this fits the bill! Rain and Luna will love these! I am taking them to Florida with me as a surprise when they come to visit.

Happy Yogis Organic Fruit - Ran loves these and they disappear quickly.

Baudelaire Essence Soap Bar - Gifting. Bar soap just isn't a good thing for me.

Mother's Day Glossybox

Caldrea Body Lotion - Totally love! Caldrea has a great line of products. Right now I am using a body wash from them as featured above in the regular box!

Bellapierre Cosmetics Official Lipstick - It's definitly not my favorite. It's a nude pink. The color is called Envy. I will probably put this in my giveaway pile.

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer - I always feel like I should put something in my hair before I dry it and here it is. It helps prevent breakage and and provides 24-hour lasting volume. I can’t tell if it’s helping with the breakage yet, but I do feel like it helped with volume.

ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend - I have received this in a previous box and I like it, but it’s not my favorite ever mascara. I will use it though.

Pureology Serious Colour Care Fresh Approach Dry Condition - Perfect Disney hair!!! Yay!

Skin Inc. Custom Brightening Serum ($135): Yes, this really is $135. I am dead serious. It was designed to tackle skin dullness and tiredness and was a custom blend just for GLOSSYBOX. I am going to use this for a month straight and I am expecting magic.

All totaled I came up with a value of $230 for the Limited Edition Mother’s Day GLOSSYBOX. Considering that the box was only $40, this was an incredible value.

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