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Orange Glad

Orange Glad Ice-Dream Sandwich -This is Orange Glad’s newest creation and is a combination of butter sugar cookies and “Ice” . It was really good, but it didn’t knock my socks off.

Gianna’s Homemade Baked Goods Freedom Star Sugar Cookies - SO good! I’m a big fan of sugar cookies and I am an even bigger fan of the frosting on sugar cookies! Delicious!

Chocolate Maven Hazelnut Cheesecake Brownie - Also delicious! I love brownies and I love cheesecake, so this combination is perfect! Seriously order one of these for my birthday, wedding, Christmas, Disney trip... I'll love you forever!

Seattle’s Favorite Gourmet Cookies and Dessert Co. Cranberry Muffin Top - I haven’t gotten around to try this one yet, but I may have it for breakfast on Wednesday. But I am pretty sure I have heard of this brand or something like it.

Lily’s Bakery Shop Chocolate Babka - I would easily call this the most luscious bread I have ever eaten. I am saving the other half for breakfast tomorrow.

Artisty Gift Wrap

Ana Davis Sunny Gift Card Pouch - Again the print is fabulous. I need to start using gift card holders or doing a small gift + a gift card instead of just throwing a gift card in the normal card.

Ana Davis Sunny Flat Wrap - Ohh, I love this design. The colors, the flowers. Everything. It’s totally me and I can’t wait to gift something in this paper!

Milly Green Space Rockets - I love reversible wrapping paper. It’s not as easy to use as the stuff with the lines on the back, but it always feels so much fancier.

Milly Green Camper Bug - Super cute! I love the reversible paper again!

Curling Ribbon - I will come up with some way to use this. Not sure how... Stroller with funky balloons at Disney maybe?

Sights on Sunshine Gift Tags - How cute are these? They’d even dress up a plain gift bag perfectly.

Fancy Women's Medium Mystery Box 

LAEX Fancy Cardholder - Seems like ever since I bought mine I have been getting these in the sub boxes. This one is retailed at $30 and I think I may just give this one to Vin for Disney. We can keep gift cards in there.

Japonesque Eyelash Curler - I already have several of these. I even have one by this company already so this is going in my give away pile. It helps you curl those hard to lashes that almost everyone has.

Text Messages Sticky Notes - Can we say Life Planner? Omg I squealed at these!

Bamboo Paper Straws - I had just ordered straws! And this and Popsugar appears with more which you will seen in a post after this!

Fancy Foods

Mini Stroopwafels - Can I just say how amazing it is to get these all the time!? I love love love caramel waffles. Seriously if you want to get me a gift... HERE IT IS!

Hey Boo Coconut Jam - The name alone makes me like this! I am not a giant coconut fan. Fancy suggests using it on toast or to complement a fruit and cheese plate.

La Colombe Pure Black Brew - Had I not been holding a Starbucks in my hand when I opened this box up I would have cracked right into this drink. I drank this before work and lets just say wow! I must get more!

Blackbird Food Co. Granola - Yum! Loving this in yogurt and oatmeal. Plus not too bad by itself!

Therm-O-Glass Vessel  - I think I am in love. This is a do everything glass “vessel”. You can use it to infuse tea, use it as a water infuser or use it to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. The bottle won’t sweat which is something that drives me crazy in the summer. And let’s not forget about the gorgeous design of this. So awesome.

All totaled I came up with a value of $78.99 for the July 2014 Fancy Food Box. I totally loved this box and was super excited that I did not recognize a single product or brand from this month’s box. That vessel and coffee alone made this box for me Everything else was just a bonus!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box

Fred Half & Calf - This is so funny. I don’t believe we own a creamer or have ever had the need for one, but I am thinking this would be a funny little pitcher to pour the kids their milk out of. They would totally get a kick out of it!

j-me Droplet Design Bottle Opener - This is probably the biggest, fanciest bottle opener i have never seen. It’s more art than bottle opener to me. I should have taken a picture of it out of the box because it really is something!

Sketch Trivet - Totally cute and we will for sure use these. We have plain cork ones from IKEA now, but these are much cuter. Going back home with me.

Pizza by Pete Evans - I flipped through this cookbook and everything looks amazing. I want to start with the one on the cover!

FabFitFun Review

Skintimate Shave Gel, Always Xtra Protection Long Daily Liners, Slimfast Have Your Cake Meal Bar - There has been a lot of talk (generally not so good) about these “sponsored items”, but I don’t mind them. To me they are just extras. I am guessing that these companies paid for placement in the box which helps pay for shipping and all that other good stuff for fabfitfun. They make up less than $5 of the value of the box, so it’s not as if they were half the boxes value or anything crazy. Now if I was giving this as a gift maybe I would have felt a tad differently, but I’m not sure. But if you don’t think you’ll use them, drop them off at your local women’s shelter. I am sure they would be thrilled to get the donation!

Pur-lisse SPF 30 Daily Essential Moisturizer - Pur-lisse is freaking everywhere and not that great of a product in my eyes. I use it but I have other favorites that are much more fun to use. I guess that's a major thing for me is packaging. This is just blah to me and now I have a full bottle to use up.

Sonya Dakar Flash Facial - I was worried at first that it would burn or tingle or make my skin super tight or something when I put it on, but it didn’t. What it did do was leave my skin nice and soft. I can’t wait to see how the results look after a few weeks. Knowing this cost $95 makes me expect amazing results.

Thursday Friday Mini Clutch - This wasn’t my favorite pattern for the bag, but it wasn’t my least favorite either. I like the clutch a lot and will probably end up trading for a few more of these. No idea what I will do with them all, but I like them!

FabFitFun Water Infuser BPA-Free Water Bottle - I did just get a bottle in my PopSugar box and I just bought an infuser, but that’s fine by me. I love these infusers!

Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil -  I tested it out right away and it did it’s job nicely.

Zoya Nail Polish - I love the color (although I have no clue what the name is since it doesn’t say) and I always am pleased with the Zoya formula. It’s very consistent between colors and they always have great sales. Plus totally safe for Preggies!

KISSTIXX Lip Balm (Chocolate / Strawberry) - I like this because it was on Shark Tank (I love all things Shark Tank even if they don’t get a deal) and because it’s lip balm. I am probably outside their target market, but I don’t care, I think it’s cool anyway. Vin isn’t addicted to lip balm like I am, but I think he will make an exception for this.

POPChips - I love POPchips! Sure they aren’t anything new, but they are pretty darn good. Have you tried their tortilla chips? They are actually even better than the regular chips.



Sun Basil Garden Scrub - I am totally cracking up because I thought this was Sun Basil scented and was like what in the world?? No, it’s “Yuzu Yum” scented, which is basically orange or citrus. It reminds me of Lush's bubble bar Yuzu and Cocoa.

“Be you tiful” Tank - I think this is my favorite tank I have ever received from them. It’s bright and fun and has a simple, but very meaningful message.

“I Am” Hair Ties - Super cute. I love these ties and think they are super cute.

Summer Blossom Necklace - I love the flower on this one. They seriously look make it look real. I will be passing on it to a friend’s daughter who I know will love it!

Post It Notebook - Like the information card says, these are too cute! You can you them to help plan your 25 Acts of Kindness this month (which is the theme for this box) or you can write cute notes to your friends on them. Or you can use them in your Erin Condren planner!

MAC Lip Glass - I haven’t purchased a MAC Lip Glass in ages, but I always loved them so I am excited about this! And I know if I was a tween and got a MAC product in the mail I would have been thrilled.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Co. Box

I freaking love her on Project Runway! I love hearing her talk.

Frends ELLA Headphones - I actually have the rose gold version of these that are similar except my are in ear and not the regular old iPhone ones. However, I love having extra set for different places. I know Vin is working on my office in North Carolina so these may go there for when I am there. 

NEST Fragrances Scented Candle (Bamboo) - I love me some NEST candles. Ok let's face it. I just love candles! But this smells so good! I am in love! 

MELISSA Shoe Ornament - According to MUT, these shoes were launched as collectible items to celebrate some new collaborations the brand MELISSA is doing with various artists and architects right now on the design of their shoes. I am kind of obsessed with this little shoe and am hopeful that I can trade for all of the other designs. In addition to the black one that I received, I believe there is a white, a gold and a pink? They are so not cute that they are cute to me!

Symmetry Series Brazilian Pop! Otterbox case for iPhone 5 - Happily I have an iPhone 5 so I will be able to use this. It was designed by Nina Garcia with Otterbox to celebrate the spirit of Brazil. I have had several Otterboxes and trust me the one I had for my iPhone 3gs lasted for 3 years and finally started breaking.

Red Flower Refreshing Hand and Face Towelette (Italian Blood Orange) - I like Red Flower candles, but I wasn’t aware that they had a skincare line. I am going to need to check that out further.

Isla Saona Palm Tree Clutch from PRINT ALL OVER ME -Totally love this pouch and while it’s fairly similar to the one from the PopSugar Summer Box, I don’t mind. They work for the beach, to organize your bag, to hold your planner supplies, pretty much anything.

Formula X from Sephora Nail Color (Push the Limits) - I love the formula from these nail polishes. Remember my haul from Sephora a few months ago where I went hog wild? Mhm. Yeah Love it!

Calvin Klein ONE Pure Color Lipstick (Entice) - I love the pill packing.. Haha. But I am giving this to Lillian. It's a color that would suit her looks so much better than mine. It's gorgeous! 

ORIBE Dry Texturtizing Spray - Ohh, I love this stuff! This is something that I splurge on, but getting it included in subscription boxes is even better.

JOICO K-Pak Intense Hydrator Treatment -I haven’t been using all my fancy haircare treatments like I should be so this is great timing. It’s a good reminder to start taking better care of my hair so it’s not all crazy.

Surya Brasil Sapien Women Shavel Gel - Although this is a women’s shave gel, I will probably end up giving it to Vin to shave his chest with. Seriously just bought Lush DFluff.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Spray Sunscreen SPF 30 - I know not everyone was happy about the drugstore brand being in this box, but I don’t mind. We go through so much sunscreen around here that an extra bottle is always welcome.

Koku Myrto Clutch - When I first saw the spoilers for this I thought it was just a plastic fish. But it’s actually a plexiglass shark, which makes it much more interesting. And the fringe is super fun too! I have seen a few variations of this bag and I think the one I received is my favorite. And for $108 and getting everything else in this box totally made up the cost!

SPƎNGLISH “Muito Cool” Baseball Hat - I have Disney, Vany, and Bama hats... Loving this. Maybe I shouldn't but I do.

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