Fall 2014 School Semester

School started back for me on August the 20th. I was up at 8:45 A.M. checking Blackboard and my school email. With two non video online courses and one video online I was excited. I always get nervous over stupid stuff with the new school year starts up like; will my name be on the roll, do I remember all my passwords, what if I didn't pick up the right book, etc. But things went very smoothly that morning...

I have Blackboard on my desktop, iPhone, and iPad.

My Marketing class was already up when I first logged on. I printed out the syllabus right away. I sat drinking my coffee while reading over it. "Score! Caching!" These words were flying through my mind as I read the syllabus "Work at your own pace just have the work turned in by December 16." "No final just two chapter test." 

I kept checking Blackboard and went on to Amazon where I decided to rent my Textbook on my Kindle. Or my Kindle apps basically. I have my textbooks with search access for online tests and quizzes. I still wasn't sure what the other two books were yet. 

Kindle Version of my Marketing Text Book.

So easy to search the book for certain phrases.

The Childcare Program Planning popped up. BIG UH OH. I had never heard of this woman at our school but her name sounded familiar. Her syllabus was color coded and not the normal black and white that everyone gives out. I start stressing about that. I rent a physical book from Amazon for the class.

My third class had not popped up and it was not still not on there at 9:30 A.M. I wasn't panicking yet. I was going to give them until the 4 P.M. then  panic. I kept refreshing while doing my aerobics. Refresh. It was on there. I quickly print off the syllabus once I locate it on Blackboard. I skim down the back page where everything is. Something wasn't adding up. October the 15th is a Wednesday but he has Friday. Oh crap... A midterm date mixed up. On the front of the syllabus it states that it's the October the 17. 

Being the overachiever that I am. I go to my email where I discover that he has emailed us telling us not to freak out about the class not showing up in Blackboard yet. I print that email for future reference if it comes up. I quickly email him in my nice tone: 

Good Afternoon,
I was able to view the syllabus already and I have a question concerning the the midterm date. On the module for the Midterm it says October 17th. But on the back page module it says October 15th. I would just like clarification, please. Thank you and I hope you are having a wonderful first day.

And I receive; 

Good catch and have 10 bonus points to your midterm for my mistake! That should be Friday October 17th. I’ll post a corrected version soon.
Thanks for letting me know,
Ted Major

You read that correctly I managed to get bonus points on my first day! I was very excited. But in the back of my mind I was worried about my Childcare class. I had no idea about this woman.

Tuesday came for me to watch her class... My world flipped upside down and became totally whacky!

The teacher played music while she teaches. Not crappy music either; Green Day, Third Eye Blind, and Match Box Twenty. She took her shoes off while teaching. She jumped on the desk. She called people. I started messaging her through Blackboard asking her questions. Then we got to talking personally. No wonder her name was familiar she teaches Taekwondo to my little brother and uncle. She is a huge Disney World resort person. We even exchanged cellphone numbers and Twitter handles. 

Needless to say my school year has started off great!

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