After Christmas Winter Tag

It's after Christmas, but winter is far from being over! People forget (okay most people do anyhow) that winter goes until April. That's why this is a winter tag for AFTER Christmas! You'll find out my preference!

What's your favorite winter activity?

Long walks in the cold watching my breath.

How does your skincare change in the winter?

Typically I use more moisturizer in the winter. I also use more acne fighting products because I break out more in the winter, because my skin realizes how happy I am and likes to make sure everything is in balance.

Do you have any winter traditions?
  • Goals
  • Purge makeup
  • Purge jeans and coats
  • Detail cleaning of my car

What books do you cozy up with in the winter months?

Winter Song - This one is one I really recommend for reading when it's cold.

Winter Garden – Kristin Hannah

Snow in Love by Claire Ray

Do you have any winter staples in your wardrobe?

Jumpers, Sweaters, Fleece leggings, boots, I'm a winter junkie...

What do you do at the first sign of winter?

Squeal! I am not even kidding... I am in a very good mood starting the first day of fall and it only gets better from there. And I also change out my mugs and teacups.

Being from the south how do you get your winter fix?

Pray for cold and snow. Turn the AC real low during the warmer days.

What are your favorite things to do in the snow?

I love to just watch, and take pictures. I also love sledding! Snowman building is ok.

Do you have a favorite memory in the snow?

Vin proposing because he wanted to so badly.
Being so little that it felt like it snowed 8 feet instead of the 3 feet it was.
Watching Theo play in the snow for the first time.
Snow angels with my kids.

How do you prepare for the winter months?

Buy lots of chocolate, chop a lot of firewood, buy lots of sweaters and fuzzy socks, and lots of blankets.

What are your favorite winter themed movies?

Little Women - Old & New


The Mighty Ducks

Snow Dogs

Baby Boom


White Christmas - Yes I know this is an after Christmas post. But there is just something magical about watching this movie while it's snowing and there is a fire in the fireplace.

Do you have a winter theme bucket list? If so what is it?

I don't have one. But one of the Youtubers I follow makes some up for her followers.


Favorite winter nail polish?

Formula X Divine Stardust - Nail Polish Effect

Most worn winter clothing piece?

White & Warren Beanie

Favorite winter lip product?

Dior Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm

Favorite winter scent/candle?

Winter - by Bath and Body Works

Anything apple, cinnamon, Bergamot, Balsam, cedar, birch, etc

Most worn winter accessory?

Scarves and headbands

Do you decorate your home for winter?

Yes I do, flocked trees, snowflakes, glitter, deer sculptures,

What do you most anticipate during winter?

The crisp air and comfy sweaters and blankets. I adore them!

What projects & hobbies do you do during the winter season?

I tend read and knit more in the winter. I also journal more!

How does your fitness workouts change for the winter?

I'm inside a little bit more. And my attire drastically changes!

Where would you like to travel during the winter?

LONDON! Norway...

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