Tea Time with Hunter: A Very Hard Tea Time to Write But I am Happy

They kept telling me that life would change when I got to twenty-six this year. However, I shrugged it off. So, I pay for my own insurance this year big deal. What they didn't tell me was that I would be faced with my entire past and I would have to make hard decision after hard decision. The kind that I felt like I was going nuts just thinking about. Like the title says this is not easy for me to matter how much weight has been lifted from me.

Get a good cup of something (tea, coffee, bourbon), and possibly Kleenex or a hankie....

Vin was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism when he was in college, and no medicine ever helped, but he kept on. He never really thought about why there seemed to be days when he just couldn't make it out of the bed. Sometimes, he said he just felt like it was just laziness because he was so tired from the day before that. And in a way it was because of the day but it had nothing to do with laziness. Vincent was diagnosed with lupus at the end of the year last year.

This year hasn't been kind to him. The first few months we both tried to ignore it, and act like everything would be normal. But it was obvious by the spring that he was going down fast. We both acted normal for our children, but this was waning on us since we were suppose to married at the end of the year. And then another turn came when I got a call to go work at Disney for the summer. We both talked and he sent me on my way.

Everything was going okay, I was safe in Orlando by myself and enjoying the alone time. Then Christina Grimmie was killed, and then the Orlando shooting happened I could hear the raw fear in Vin's voice when he called me. But when the little boy was killed at Disney World, he started doing things behind my back.

He sent someone down to Orlando to be with me at the end of June. Then everything started to unravel. I try to oppress my childhood, well parts of it that I thought didn't matter anymore. I try not to think about my elementary school days that do not involve my family. But Vin told me that Frankie had been in my past. I shrugged that off because big deal,Frankie and I had been hanging out with each other, and I hadn't remembered anything.

Frankie is Chris's brother, the guy I run with all the time. They are actually identical brothers. But their personalities are very different and I found myself letting go with Frankie. I kept telling myself it was because I was scared of losing Vin. I was very, very mistaken.

Vin found out that his Lupus was attacking vital organs. It was scary for all of us. He refused for me to come home, and insisted that Frankie stay with me. Next thing I know Vin is telling me that if something happens to him, I have to stay with Frankie. I tried arguing because I wanted to marry Vin because it was the plan I had and I did love him. But my heart had discovered Frankie and I finally gave in.

The last few months have been turmoil. People didn't understand why I had both of them by my side for everything. I have had so many give me disgusted looks. The ones that have asked will I be any better off since Frankie has a severe case of Crohn's. Those words that are said to be helpful and help me think things through. But rest assure, I have done nothing but think about this.

And Vin finally set me free. Not because he doesn't want to be with me or not marry me, but he seen me with Frankie and he knew that as soon I remembered my past that my heart would attach to Frankie. He is letting me adopt all of the kids into my name, and I will sign for all of his property, businesses, and estate. But I will not marry Vin. I am marrying Frankie. Vin asked that we let him live in the basement like he has been doing since he and I moved into the house almost three years ago.

And with the help of a very close friend, everything came back to me. Vin was right, there is no one else in my view now. Some are already saying that I cheated on Vin. No, Vin pushed for this. I pushed hard to stay with Vin, to marry Vin. Because my heart broke when thinking about a life without him. But he wants it this way and I'm honoring that. That being said...

Yes, I love and adore Frankie. He has been in my past a lot more than Vin. He and I have the same strong love for traveling, Disney, and kids. No, there is not going to be anyone else. There is only Frankie. We have already endured the harsh words towards us, and have rose above it. We have God on our side, but this has prayed about more than anything in this house. Frankie loves Vin like a brother so he is fine with Vin living with us and traveling with us.

Vin specifically requested that he be allowed to go on the RV adventures. RV adventures? That's right, we are going "semi off-grid." We will be living in RVs with a group of people that we love dearly. We will have people living in our house for rent. It's going to be amazing. Seeing America from all angles in a home on wheels.

This isn't something that was decided overnight either. This has been months and months discussion. We started with an idea and it grew into a question. That question got answers and thus the adventure was born. We are going to let the Lord lead us.

That's what all of these things have thought me, is that I am still a child of God and I can still cry out to Him. Sometimes, the answer is no, or no not that way. Which is fine, because I am realizing His way is the only way. Every single relationship, decision, and praise.

There is no telling what you are thinking about me, or my life, but that's okay. I am me. I am choosing to marry the man I love and adore. I am choosing to take care of the man I have loved with the man I marrying. If you think we are wrong for it, okay I understand this situation is not one that I would find many people in. But that makes me even more unique. Don't worry the #GetUrDisneyHANKIEWedding is coming soon. And yes he already proposed and I said yes. Those questions yesterday about a Disney Wedding? Those were answered with his wedding in mind.

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