Straight to the Nitty Gritty


People who tell me they either have no motivation or that they are bored disgust me honestly. Maybe it's my partial Type A personality that keeps me driven. Sometimes I can get off track, but come on I'm a blonde. But here recently I have moved back to Alabama from Seattle. I have three jobs, and with those plus life responsibilities my to-do list gets longer than I am tall at 5'8 1/2" feet.

I have several ways of keeping organized! One I am a huge person of lists! I have books on making lists! I am not even kidding...
The book on the left is the List book and the book on the right is my devotion book at the moment.
Making list makes it official in my mind. My problem is I have so many lists everywhere. So a friend of mine introduced me to Erin Condren. I was already a huge fan of school supplies but then add me being able to personalize it..... Hunter Heaven! 

Oh wait, this crazy girl is rambling and you don't even know my name! I'm Hunter. Yes, I was born a girl and my redneck father (don't worry I am not offending him, we are proud rednecks) named me Hunter because he wanted me to be a boy so bad. 

So back to my issue of organizing anything in front of me with a to-do list. I found Erin Condren's Life Planner so amazing that I can't even begin to tell you how perfect this planner is. It is worth it's weight in gold because it's versatile for everyone's life, it's personalized, and it's colorful! The add ons make it even more better. 

Planner, the long list is my Beauty Need/Want List, the small post it is the grocery list that is super sticky. Super sticky means I can stick it to the buggy at Target, oops for people not in the south that means shopping cart.

Since I am a childcare daily teacher I even use her teaching section like it will end tomorrow. I use lesson planner book, note cards, and desk calendar. I love the apple thing because I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. Now my best friend who teaches along side of me uses the owl theme because well 1. She loves owls. 2) Her last name now and her future one is so hard to pronounce the kids just call her Miss Whoo.

Am I strictly an Erin Condren fan? Heavens no! I love Paper Source, Vera Bradley (Her post-it notes are amazing), Glitzy Glam, See Jane Work and Really Good Stuff

This is just to knock off the pointy end of a large iceberg about myself! I am the girl from Alabama that is obsessed with organizing and planning!