Disney Vloggers & Vlogs

Disney Queen here with some interesting facts about myself. I not only enjoy my trips to Disney, I enjoy other people's as well. Unless it's a few, but that's more personal thing where they don't deserve to be at Disney. Yep there are a few that don't deserve the magic and pixie dust! But I love encouraging people to go. It's interesting to see how different people view Disney World.

So lets start with the people that I follow on Youtube that post A LOT about Disney. I'm not talking about a podcast crew but rather people who enjoy the Disney life. Yep that's a thing!


Extra Magic Ours

Girl Meets Neverland


Happiest Vlogs On Earth

Disney At Heart


These next few are Disney but they throw in some other things! It's fantastic to me. This is kind of what I would do if I ever started vlogging.

It's The Bugg's Life



And these people will occasionally have a few Disney Vlogs that I enjoy and I'm going to link the search query for each one;


Pretty Neat Living

Am I missing any? Do you vlog about Disney? Do you know someone who does? Let me know in the comments below!

Planner Starter Kit

It either arrives to you in a special box or you pull it off the shelf while it's pages are crisp and clean. It's that little book that you will fill your life in (if you remember it and enjoy your planner.) I love my planner. It holds reminders, quotes, to-do lists, and memories. That's a lot of work for a book.

So you have tried using a planner before and it fell through. You think the digital world has been working for you but it hasn't and some of your friends or coworker mentioned having a paper planner. Or somewhere a planner is on sale and you just have to have it. I want to talk to you about where to start with the "accessories" for your planner. I'm serious. This can be the glue to you actually using it.

These items I recommend in order to slowly test out how you would go about using and decorating your planner. Some people choose not to decorate and that's fine. Do what you feel make you want to use your planner to stay organized.

Pencil - Some people are very hesitate about ruining their planner and some jump right in. I recommend that if you are scared to start writing in your planner to use pencil and write in the note section. Just a few things that you will need with you at all times.

Friend - A friend that can keep you on track is very important. I know it's sounds crazy but it really does help keep you accountable for using your planner. If all of your friends are digital there are plenty of Facebook groups to join. And find the one that fits you best! Plus in these you can get inspiration. There is even a group for those that don't decorate so go on and join in on the fun.

Sticky notes - So you broke in your planner by using the notes section. But you are still hesitant to use pen. Well that's where sticky notes are the best! These are from the dollar section at Target. They have seasonal ones, as well as holiday ones so go by Target or online and invest in some sticky notes.

Pen - Pens are big deal to the planner world. Some people will tell you that Pilot G2 are the best, some claim Paper Mate Flair are the best. I actually love Staedtler like I have said before but that doesn't mean that sometimes I don't branch off and use other things. I even love Erin Condren's pens as well.

Washi tape - Washi tape is one of the things usually a person new to planners have never heard of when they first get their planner. "Washi tape is typically made from natural fibers, such as bamboo or hemp, but most commonly from the bark of trees that are native to Japan — the mulberry, the mitsumata shrub or the gampi tree." -- According to Google. Now not all washi tape is created equal. Some have really great quality while others leave something to wish for when using it to decorate. But the best thing is you can move this tape as much as you want without messing up your planner.

Scissors - Why scissors? You won't be cutting up your planner, no. But you might want to cut washi tape into a certain shape. You might be like me and want a straight cut on the washi instead of ripping it. You'll be amazed at the uses for for a small pair of scissors in your planner kit.

Decorative Stickers - There is a difference between decorative stickers and planner stickers. I suggest starting with decorative and then moving into planning stickers. These can be the dollar stickers you find at Walmart or Target. These below came from Target.

Stamps & Inks - There are some people who don't use stickers or washi instead they take to their planners with ink and stamps. I have used stamps as well. I use mostly during holidays and one some Disney trips instead of using stickers. It just a mood I get into sometimes. I have some Disney stamps which my best friend got for me and I love them! They are from LimeLife Planners and they are called Magic Mouse Stamp Set.  I used these while on my cruise.

Colored Pens - I briefly touched on pens, but color coding is also effective for lite decorating people as well. I like the idea of not having color coding, but not with pens but a person might. There are plenty options for colored pens.

Planner Stickers - I was hesitate about planner stickers. Spending that much money on stickers can be daunting. That's why I say start with decorative ones first. I did decorative ones for a long time. I went almost a year before even considering buy planner stickers. These are stickers specifically designed to use in a paper planner. These sets are from Planner Penny, LillieHenry, and Salty Planning.

Also you can get printable planner stickers and then cut them out yourself (great use of those scissors!) And then add adhesive or print them out on sticker paper.

Adhesive - Adhesive may make you think of glue, and you are right but glue has come a long way. Thanks to scrapbooking you can even have re-positional adhesive now! I have Xyron machine and an adhesive roller to use with my planner. Now I only have the Xyron machine at home on my desk but the roller goes with me everywhere!

Punches - Punches are another thing that is used in scrapbooking that has made it's way to the planner world. I use mine to cut out circle stickers. I have many different sizes of circle punches.

A bag - I use an Ipsy bag to store my tiny punch, scissors, adhesive roller, pens, pencil, and one roll of washi to carry around with me. My stickers are in a different pouch that I only take with me somtimes.

That's all that I think a first time decorative planner should start with when receiving their planner. Just find what works for you and enjoy the world of planners. I know I do! Also get $10 off your first order of Erin Condren when you use my link to the world of planners!

2016 Disney Tag

So a goal for me this year was to watch MORE Youtube. Yes, but I want to watch more uncommon people on YouTube. I am mainly going after more Disney people because that's what I am always going to be about because makeup kind of comes and goes with me. Granted things do change that's why it's not going away completely. But yes more YouTube!

So today I wanted to do another Disney Tag. Answering questions about Disney, and the movies are just something that I highly enjoy. It's really because sometimes I feel like if their wasn't Disney, I'm not sure where I would be. I mean can you imagine a world without the Disney company?! It's really hard to picture life without Disney somewhere.

Anyhow I found this video on YouTube...

 And I decided this was the perfect Disney Tag to do since I haven't answered some of these questions before which is odd! Because sometimes I feel like I'm answering the same questions time and time again.

1. A character, which first you did not like, but you took a liking to it at the end of the movie.

Julia Carey from Summer Magic -- Yes it's a Disney movie!

2. What do you prefer: CGI or hand drawn animation?

I'm torn but I believe I would choose hand drawn. I know there is more to be done with CGI like reflections and better shadows. But hand drawn just means more Disney to me.

3. Which story/tale would you like to see as the next Disney movie?

I agree with the video Stardust! Or something like Downton Abbey!

4. Would you like to have a Disney themed wedding? If there is a concrete movie for it, tell me which one it is!

I AM having a Disney wedding. We are doing part Haunted Mansion part Harry Potter

5. Which character did/do you have a serious crush on?

Treasure Planet's Jim Hawkins.... Oh my. Eugene was a close behind though.

6. What is your favorite Disney Villain song?

I had trouble picking just one... Not sure what that says about me...



7. What Disney girl is the prettiest?

Tinker Belle or Elsa or Belle

8. All time favorite Disney soundtrack?

Beauty & the Beast or Wishes

9. Scene in Disney film that makes you cry?

Up... Oh yeah. Better love story than Twilight in 18 minutes. Just saying.

10. First Disney film you saw?

I want to say either Peter Pan or Sleeping Beauty. One of those.

11. What is a animated non-Disney movie that you like?

Escape to Witch Mountain or Pollyanna

12. If you could be any Disney Princess who would you be?

Elsa because she isn't a princess she is a queen! Or Rapunzel

Handwriting Day!

It's national handwriting day, January 23! It's pretty interesting, because for people who are into the whole planner craze, planners are trying to improve their handwriting.

So the first Instagram picture is from 2015 when I was doing the Handwriting challenge. It was fun to challenge people and my friends. I had no idea it would be a great way to see how much my handwriting had changed for worse or for good!

A photo posted by The Girl From Alabama; Hunter (@hunterolltiderollov3) on

And next we have this year! I am surprised by this but also not happy with this. I want my handwriting to be better.

A photo posted by The Girl From Alabama; Hunter (@hunterolltiderollov3) on

So I have started venturing out looking for ways to improve my handwriting. I have found a few different ways of improving my handwriting:

Llamas Love Lettering - She's a bit eccentric, and sometimes she uses language I don't care for at points. But I seen a change in my handwriting in a week's time using her exercises.

Bring Back Handwriting - This is a great article that talks about how important handwriting is in the world. The benefits are remarkable for actually writing things down.

Adding Whimsy to Your Handwriting {#LoveYourLettering} - I like this approach to creating a whimsical handwriting style. It's really basic but still really good.

Creative Lettering and Beyond - This was recommended from a Youtuber. While I haven't bought it yet. I plan to do so soon! It looks really good!

Introducing the Rock Your Handwriting Challenge - This is an instagram challenge where you take pictures of your handwriting increasingly getting better. I like it!

Blog Update & Why I Backlog Blog Posts

You'll hear me talk about on social media. You see in my Lookback in my Erin Condren it's something that is always on my to-do list. What is backlogging and why do I do it?

Backlogging is taking a post I was suppose to have out on a certain date, but didn't get to finish. Heck sometimes I don't even start it. But I don't feel like moving those posts. Sure it can get confusing for readers off of my Facebook page. But trust me, marketing on Facebook tells you to post old content again and again.

I have had up to 50-something drafts at once and I felt like the worse loser there ever was. That was when I decided it was time to cut daily Mini Currents. And while the drafts have gotten better. I am fixing to change up a lot of things and ax some of the content I was going to backlog. Some of it I won't so you'll see a strangler from 2015 pop up.

First thing that will be changing is my posting schedule. I have been doing Thursday-Sunday. Sunday's content will remain Disney related. And I do plan to backlog all of that content. So no worries there. What will be changing is me posting on Thursdays. Thursday are just not good days for me to post. I am going to be changing to Friday-Monday. Monday will not be long posts at all. In fact Monday will always be lists. Listing is something I am loving right now. Friday and Saturday will still be whatever I want to post. These changes will be coming in February! So enjoy Thursdays while they still come around!

Second, I will be making minor changes to the blog over time. Just little things that I want to change. And hopefully by midyear I can do a whole makeover. This will be a learning process for me. And that's always fun.

Third, backlogging will be cut dramatically if this works out how I want it to work. So no more random posts from 5-9 months ago! Trust me I hate posting like that too. But it's ok for now. I will hopefully be redoing my list and tackling the ones that I really want  you to read!


Faith, Roll Tide & Pixie Dust!

ABCDE Reader Tag

Readers what do you feel like are your most read books? What author have you read the most books from? I answer these questions and more about the books I have read over my lifetime.

Author you’ve read the most books from:

That's tough. I've read all of the Baby Sitter's Club, Nancy Drew, Boxcar Children, Sweet Valley Twins.

I've read a good many things by JK Rowling.

But the author that came to mind the quickest was Elizabeth Chandler. I've read anything she has had published.
Drink of Choice While Reading:


E-reader or Physical Book?

Physical book, but hopefully will be moving into E-reader more and more

Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Actually Dated In High School:

Fred Weasley!!!

Glad You Gave This Book A Chance:

If I Asked You, Would You Stay? by Eve Bunting

Hidden Gem Book:

Her Mad Hatter (Kingdom #1) by Marie Hall

Important Moment in your Reading Life:

Last year deciding to tackle the 2015 Popsugar Reading Challenge

Just Finished:

Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

Kinds of Books You Won’t Read:

American Politics books

Longest Book You’ve Read:

I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb - 3 pages away from being 900 pages

Major book hangover because of:

I am still reeling over Harry Potter. I hate that it won't continue.

Number of Bookcases You Own:


One Book You Have Read Multiple Times:

Road To Romance (First Love from Silhouette, #193) by Nicole Hart

Preferred Place To Read:

In my favorite chair

Quote that inspires you/gives you all the feels from a book you’ve read:

Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exists, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.

Reading Regret:

I don't know that I have a "book" regret. I do wish that I had broaden my reading spectrum a lot sooner.

Series You Started And Need To Finish(all books are out in series):

Gossip Girls, Shadowhunters. etc...

Three of your All-Time Favorite Books:

Love & Sk8 by Nancy E. Krulik - I was hooked on Good Charolotte's third CD when this came out. Ghost of You was the song that I had on repeat while reading this.

At First Sight (Love Stories For Young Adults #32) by Elizabeth Chandler - There is no telling how many times I have read this. Book I read it every winter.

Something Out There (Moonstone Mystery Romance #5) by Leslie Davis - If the other book is one I read every winter. This book is one that I read every summer! Oh how I love this book!

Unapologetic Fangirl For:

Harry Potter

Very Excited For This Release More Than All The Others:

I'm not sure I have a book that I'm looking forward to the release of quite honestly.

Worst Bookish Habit:

Reading the end of the book first... Yeah I know. Bad bad bad

X Marks The Spot: Start at the top left of your shelf and pick the 27th book:

Life Lists for Teens: Tips, Steps, Hints, and How-Tos for Growing Up, Getting Along, Learning, and Having Fun by Pamela Espeland

Your latest book purchase:

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondō, Cathy Hirano

ZZZ-snatcher book (last book that kept you up WAY late):

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens - I was up until like 4 in the morning because I had to know what happened next! 

Favorite NCIS Quotes

(Team, discussing the hard drive)
Abby: "...its just a matter of Humpty Dumptying it."
Tony: "I thought they couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again?"
Kate: "That's because the King only had horses and men." (she and Abby share a look)


Gibbs: We're not FBI, dirtbag.


Gibbs: Put someone in a wedding dress.
Kate: Tony would look cute.
Gibbs: No. He's off interviewing the victim's parents.
Kate: Well, McGee then.
Gibbs: No, he's with Tony.
Kate: Abby.
Gibbs: No, up to her tatts in forensic tests.
Kate: Well, what about you? (Gibbs gives her a look) You won't have to wear the dress.


Ziva: This woman is a total turd! A geek, yes?
Tony: The term is nerd.
Ziva: Whatever.


Gibbs: Marital problems?
Ziva: Well, according to someone called Scuttle Butt, he caught his wife cheating on him.
Gibbs: Scuttlebutt’s not a person, Ziva. Scuttlebutt is what Marines call gossip.
Ziva: And then you wonder why I have a problem with your language.


Tony: Davy Jones. Used to sing with The Monkees.
Ziva: Real monkeys?
Tony: I envy your brain sometimes.


Diane: “It means you two aren’t the only one with a badge.”
Gibbs: “Wow.” 
Fornell: “My breakfast burrito is about to say ‘hello.'”
Fornell: “Agent? And the Lord wept.”

The episodes where Diane comes back into play are my favorite!

These are just fun and crazy quotes that I love from NCIS! What is your favorite show right now? And what are some of the quotes you love from it? Let me know! I love finding new shows and new quotes!

My RunDisney Disney World Marathon Playlist

Well today I completed the RunDisney Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. Yep I'm pure Dopey, 48.6 miles Dopey. So I'm sharing what I run to not just Disney races but when I'm training for them as well.

Alabama Football Thunderstruck - Roll Tide - I have to hear the ones about how many bowl victories. 

As you can see my running playlist has changed as my running has improved. Back in 2014 when I first pushed through The Glass Slipper Challenge I had a much shorter list. Songs change on this list all the time. I'm constantly finding songs that get me pumped up for something. 

Velvet Noir Marc Jacobs

Long, volume, lashes? Some would say that Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara is perfect for you if that's what you want. Could this mascara really be the one that is the difference for you? Was it for me?

How many stars? *** out of 5.

The Pros:

  • Volume - It does give volume! I really do believe that my lashes looked more apparent. 
  • Velvet texture - My lashes felt soft and didn't feel crispy.
  • The tube - I have a weird thing about the container of makeup. I think sometimes the packaging can make or break a product. This one does in fact help the product.

The Cons: 

  • Wet formula - I am not a wet formula person when it comes to mascara
  • Brush - I didn't care for the brush. I know some people loved the shape and bristles. I wan't one of them.
  • Dry time - This goes back to the wet formula. I just don't have time to wait 6-10 minutes for mascara to dry no matter how great the results are at the end.
  • Clumps - Yes it did in fact have clumps. This product also clumped my lashes together making it look like I didn't have as many lashes.

I will not be purchasing this. I actually prefer most drugstore mascara over high end anyhow. This just helped me to confirm it. If you want to see what others have to say about this product look for Influenster on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #velvetnoir. 

What's In My Every Day Purse?

Wallet? Keys? Chickfila honey mustard? Yep got them all! I've been asked to do this a while now. It's something that I have just been putting off doing because I wasn't really sure anyone would want to see what's in my purse. I know some people want to see what's in my Disney purse and that is coming.

Let's start off with what is my every day purse? Well it's Disney Dooney & Bourke Bag - Haunted Mansion Tote! I love it! I have had several other purses bought for me and by me but I have come back to this one again and again. The reason? It's sturdy and it's huge! I actually bought this purse/bag a year ago and it still looks that good! I'm in love with it. I hate that Disney has went to the nylon Haunted Mansion, but the company linked is a really good resource. I trust them.

Next is my cellphone. I have an Apple iPhone 5s 64GB (Gold) - AT&T. Trust me I asked for it instead of a 6 because I prefer a smaller phone. And protecting my iPhone is another Haunted Mansion product. Disney Iphone 5s Case Haunted Mansion Wallpaper is something I bought in November and I love it! I have dropped my phone several times and it has protected it well!

So let's start pulling things off the top of my purse. On top is something from the mailbox! This is the flyer poster from Lush showing their new items for Valentine's Day! I am not sure if I will be buying a whole lot from them. They don't have any new bath bombs.

Next up is my wallet. I bought this in November as well at the Kate Spade outlet store in Orlando. It's the Kate Spade Mavis Street Neda Continental Zip Wallet, Sparkle Rose Gold. I love how it sparkles and holds my phone! That's really important to me these days is that my wallet or wristlet can carry my phone.

Life Line #2 is up next out of my purse and that would be my Erin Condren Life Planner with my custom design Haunted Mansion cover. I cannot rave about this planner enough. I know some people go to other planners because of poor customer service, poor quality, or the price. But I still love it, and I've only had one incident with customer service and they fixed it. 

Let's dig a little deeper this time. Oh my "walking pharmacy!" This is just a pill case box from Charming Charlie. I'm positive they don't sell this particular one anymore but they have some similar like this one called BLOOMS ZIP TOP PILL BOX

It has the days of the week compartments but I just fill it up with OTC drugs I need the most. AdvilImodiumGas X, and Pepcid. I also have Whish Deodorant Inhibiting Odor Swipes, and Blister Band Aids. 

The next bag is one that I call my Planner Essentials Ipsy Bag. I used to carry a different pen bag but it was too bulky. This bag had my name all over it in my Ipsy subscription.

Next on the list is my Erin Condren Notebook. I bought the file for the cover. A lot of people have this cover. I am wanting another notebook because this one is almost filled up. And it's just time for me to have a new cover on anyhow. So we will see how this goes for me. If your want $10 off your first order use my link!

Yep we have another Ipsy bag! This time it's actually holding makeup and some other essentials. I like this because it does hold a good bit of makeup.

Hairbands, lip balm, chapstick, Bandaid Blister Stick, First Aide Beauty Lotion, NYX Lip butter, The Balm Liquid Lipstick, YSL Lipstick, Buxom Lip glosses. Yep it holds a lot.

Something that I love about my group of friends is that we have a Bible Study group. It's not with any church, it is just us having a good time. We really enjoy it. I have it with me during the week so I can work on the homework. This one is Kelly Minter's Ruth.

Apple 5W USB Power Adapter these are easy to decorate with finger nail polish. Some finger nail polishes are better than others. As clearly demonstrated here. I have three of these (which I was unaware of) because I throw one in occasionally when I'm headed to work. 

 Yes the next item is weird. But I am a huge Chickfila fan! Is there anywhere better to get chicken? I don't think so! I go to Chickfila atleast 4 times a week. Sometimes more! I keep honey mustard with me for places that don't have honey mustard and such craziness.

I am farsighted and so I have to wear glasses to read. Though my right eye is a mixture of both bad vision. It doesn't hold up well on it's own. So I have an extra pair of glasses, plus eye glass cleaner and cloth from my eye doctor. 

I have Lilly Pulitzer glasses. I love the case! The lady that helped me pick out my glasses actually told me that the case was hot pink which is my favorite color.

Nostrilla only at Walgreens now but that's ok. I'm so excited that it is still in business. I love this for helping me breath during the winter when people have their heat on. I am not able to breath well in warm weather.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Black 0.3mm is my favorite pens! I always have one around me somewhere. I have bought so many different packs of Staedtlers! I love the black and gray ones!

This lip gloss holder is no longer sold. It was a gift to me from a friend because she loved hers so much. I don't even think the lipgloss I have in there is even sold anymore. Though one that I am loving from Bath and Body Works now is Mentha Supreme x2!

My keys on my houndstooth lanyard and my name keyfob. My other keys for my car are hanging up. These are the ones to my house and other people's house. My car keys have my other shopping discounts on them. This just has my library card.

This was a gift from a student a couple of years ago. It comes in handy a lot. I found it on eBay; 5Pcs Nail Manicure Pedicure Tools Set Decoration Organizer Cute KIT Zebra Boot. It's great to have on hand. I just keep it in the zipper pocket.

These tissues were just bought at Hobby Lobby. I keep a small pack of tissues in my purse all the time. They come in handy!

I use mostly tampons during my girl time. To find my list of essentials for a period you can go to my popular post at Girl Talks Periods. Usually I keep a good supply on hand of tampons. All in different sizes, two body wipes, and some Midol.

Yes I love the humor in this bag when I'm on my period. It gives me that small smile each time. You can get yours here: Oh Bloody Hell Tampon Bag.

For my Listers Gotta List Challenge I chose the Moleskin Cahier Notebook. It's a pack of 3. I bought mine at Target. I decorated it with stickers from different places. And the paperclip was a gift!

As you can see in the last picture, every thing fits nicely. I love this purse for everyday. I know some might find it too big or bulky, but for me, I love it! I love having a purse that is huge and carries everything but the kitchen sink for me.

After Christmas Winter Tag

It's after Christmas, but winter is far from being over! People forget (okay most people do anyhow) that winter goes until April. That's why this is a winter tag for AFTER Christmas! You'll find out my preference!

What's your favorite winter activity?

Long walks in the cold watching my breath.

How does your skincare change in the winter?

Typically I use more moisturizer in the winter. I also use more acne fighting products because I break out more in the winter, because my skin realizes how happy I am and likes to make sure everything is in balance.

Do you have any winter traditions?
  • Goals
  • Purge makeup
  • Purge jeans and coats
  • Detail cleaning of my car

What books do you cozy up with in the winter months?

Winter Song - This one is one I really recommend for reading when it's cold.

Winter Garden – Kristin Hannah

Snow in Love by Claire Ray

Do you have any winter staples in your wardrobe?

Jumpers, Sweaters, Fleece leggings, boots, I'm a winter junkie...

What do you do at the first sign of winter?

Squeal! I am not even kidding... I am in a very good mood starting the first day of fall and it only gets better from there. And I also change out my mugs and teacups.

Being from the south how do you get your winter fix?

Pray for cold and snow. Turn the AC real low during the warmer days.

What are your favorite things to do in the snow?

I love to just watch, and take pictures. I also love sledding! Snowman building is ok.

Do you have a favorite memory in the snow?

Vin proposing because he wanted to so badly.
Being so little that it felt like it snowed 8 feet instead of the 3 feet it was.
Watching Theo play in the snow for the first time.
Snow angels with my kids.

How do you prepare for the winter months?

Buy lots of chocolate, chop a lot of firewood, buy lots of sweaters and fuzzy socks, and lots of blankets.

What are your favorite winter themed movies?

Little Women - Old & New


The Mighty Ducks

Snow Dogs

Baby Boom


White Christmas - Yes I know this is an after Christmas post. But there is just something magical about watching this movie while it's snowing and there is a fire in the fireplace.

Do you have a winter theme bucket list? If so what is it?

I don't have one. But one of the Youtubers I follow makes some up for her followers.


Favorite winter nail polish?

Formula X Divine Stardust - Nail Polish Effect

Most worn winter clothing piece?

White & Warren Beanie

Favorite winter lip product?

Dior Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm

Favorite winter scent/candle?

Winter - by Bath and Body Works

Anything apple, cinnamon, Bergamot, Balsam, cedar, birch, etc

Most worn winter accessory?

Scarves and headbands

Do you decorate your home for winter?

Yes I do, flocked trees, snowflakes, glitter, deer sculptures,

What do you most anticipate during winter?

The crisp air and comfy sweaters and blankets. I adore them!

What projects & hobbies do you do during the winter season?

I tend read and knit more in the winter. I also journal more!

How does your fitness workouts change for the winter?

I'm inside a little bit more. And my attire drastically changes!

Where would you like to travel during the winter?

LONDON! Norway...