Mini Currents 03.20.17

Hello everyone! I hope you have enjoyed the beginning of the week!

More information about my currents and Mini Currents: Why CurrentsCurrents
And why I no longer do currents daily: Tea Time with Hunter Volume 5

Disney Things I Am Looking Forward to This Year

There are so many exciting this to look forward to the rest of the year at Disney World! I'm not even sure I can contain my excitement!

Eight Tips & Pictures Of Disney World Spring 2017

We had a wonderful trip in Disney World to end February and start March! We did so many things this seasoned Disney Veteran had never done before in my many trips! So it's a lot of fun when you can really let go and see things that you haven't noticed before on trips!

I Broke My Own Disney Rules

Rules were meant to broken... Sometimes. Even if you made them yourself! I have rules about Disney, like Jethro Gibbs does on NCIS. However this trip I decided to be a rebel!

All of those things you read on Pinterest about Disney trips? Most you can break or mold to find your family and needs!