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Go for the gold this month for the children with cancer! Take a stand for them. With donations and awareness there could be a cure some day so that children won't just be their parents' child. They will become friends, lovers, aunts and uncles, heroes, heroines, etc. These kids have dreams to lives and keep on persevering through the world. Remember to eat a Chili's and color a pepper for St. Jude's this month! Make your meal count!

Kids say the darnest things, but so do our Golden Lady friends! That's why today I am telling you of my favorite Golden Girl quotes! I have been watching these four lovely ladies make sarcastic remarks and witty comebacks for over 10 years. These lines have stayed with me.

Dorothy: (Last line of the series) This has been an experience I'll hold very close to my heart. These are memories I'll wrap myself in when the world gets cold and when I forget that there are people who are warm and caring. Your friendship was something I never expected at this point in my life. ... I love you...always... You're angels, all of you... You'll always be my sisters... always.

(Yes you are reading that right the last word spoken on the Golden Girls was Always.)

Jimmy the Hippie: Get away!
Sophia: Okay, take it easy. [aside to Dorothy] Who's the macadamia?

Sophia: Rose, I need some advice too.
Rose: You need advice from ME?
Sophia: Yeah, frightening, isn't it.

Blanche: Dorothy, when I'm feeling low self-esteem, I do a little exercise. I say my name and then three positive things about myself. I'm Blanche Devereaux. I'm beautiful, men find me desirable, and people want to be my friend. Dorothy, now you try it.
Dorothy: Ah, I don't want to.
Blanche: Come on. Please.
Dorothy: Okay. I'm Dorothy Zbornak, I'm beautiful, men find me desirable and people want to be my friend.
Blanche: Oh no, I think I confused you there. I meant three things that apply to you. Like, I'm Dorothy Zbornak, I'm a good speller, and uh... I'm very prompt, and umm... Well, there's no law that says there have to be three good things.
Dorothy: Um... I just thought of a third one: she can break a friend's neck like a twig.

Rose: Dorothy, you're the smart one, and Blanche, you're the sexy one, and Sophia, you're the old one, and I'm the nice one. Everybody always likes me.
Sophia: The old one isn't so crazy about you.

Sophia [after a knock at her door]: Sorry, I'm not here right now, but you can leave a message after the beep–beep.
Rose: Hi, this is Rose, I...
Sophia: Rose, get in here!
Rose: Oh, I see you are with two backstabbing ex-friends of mine. I'll just come back later.
Sophia: What do you think this is, the Seven Eleven?! I'm not open all night!

Dorothy [to Rose]: So you're five years older, so am I, so is Blanche. Alright, so you have a few more wrinkles, so do I, so does Blanche. Okay, so you're a little thicker around the middle, so is Blanche.

Dorothy: Blanche could be in a coma, but put a man within five miles, she would roll over and shave her legs.

Rose: Blanche you've landed on your back more times than...the American gladiators... You've been under more drunken sailors than....a nautical toilet

Blanche: You know, girls, we are going on a romantic cruise with Jeff, Rich and Randy, and we may need to bring... you know... protection.
Rose: What do you mean?
Dorothy: Two armed guards, Rose. No, Blanche was talking about what's over there, those... [points to a counter]
Rose: A Hershey bar?
Dorothy: Over one.
Rose: A pack of gum?
Dorothy: To the left.
Rose: Hair dye?

Rose: Back in St. Olaf we would settle a dispute like this with some good old-fashioned log rolling.
Dorothy: Sorry, Rose. My log is in the shop.

Rose [ready to tell one of her stories]: I remember the time when –
Dorothy: Excuse me Rose, do I have the time to go run out and get hit by a bus?

Dorothy: Rose, what about that guy you dated last summer? The one who played Goofy at Disney World.
Rose: I remember the passion, yes.
Dorothy: Do you know why it didn't work out?
Rose: It just didn't.
Dorothy: Right, but why not?
Rose: I don't wanna talk about it.
Blanche: Rose, we're all adults, there's nothing to be ashamed of.
Rose: Well, he took off the Goofy head.
Dorothy: He took off the Goofy head... See, that's not so bad.

Blanche: Tramp!
Dorothy: I, I am a tramp?! Blanche, have you heard the latest ad campaigns? See the world, sleep with Blanche Devereaux. Join the army, Be All You Can Be and sleep with Blanche Devereaux. The marines are looking for a few good men who have NOT slept with Blanche Devereaux!
Blanche: Just what are you trying to imply?
Dorothy: Slut!
Blanche: Trash!
Rose: Now girls, settle down before you say something you'll both regret.

Dorothy Petrillo-Zbornak: Look, race is not even an issue. I mean, your daughter is twice my son's age. What could a woman in her forties possibly have in common with a boy in his twenties?
Blanche Devereaux: Sex! At twenty, a man is at his peak and a woman in her forties is also at her peak so when the two come together HOT DAMN!

There are plenty more that I love but this is all that I think you need to read to realize that everyone deserves a chance to get older to have this kind of wit and wisdom to pass onto others. So please go Gold for the children desperately wanting to grow old and gray and have a life!

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