Cora Review

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Cora Tampons
Cost: $9-18/MONTH
Ships To: United States only for now
Coupon Code: For $5 off your first order is CORA5HUNTER until July 15, 2016

Cora provides organic tampons with applicators in a customized delivery, with products donated to girls in need. Ships free, straight to your door. It can be customized to your flow. All the tampons are 100% organic cotton; no chemicals are being absorbed by your body. They bill you according to the payment schedule you select. You can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. No matter what payment schedule you choose, your Cora supplies will always be delivered quarterly (every three months).

Cora ships via USPS Priority Mail. It comes in a discrete box so no one will know that you are getting tampons in the mail. It doesn't take long to ship out at all.

The packaging for the beginning of your subscription is amazing. You have all these amazing goodies right away to help you enjoy your flow. Cora includes the card detailing you the story of why they started and what all you should have received.

So what is included with Cora starting kit? Fearless Fit Tampons (of course), Little Black Clutch, Little Black Box, and Stowaways. It also includes the instructions on how to insert a tampon.

Let's talk about the tampons first. I'm giving you my honest opinion. I tried them out because it's that time of the month for me already and I wanted to give an honest review. 

I have to wear Supers a lot. That is what is pictured above. I'll be honest the applicator is smooth which is great for an applicator, however, it's a little larger. I'm used to a more sleek bulb shape applicator and I could really tell a difference. The applicator is BPA free plastic though. Cora is working on making a biodegradable applicator which will be amazing for the environment!

The tampons themselves are again, 100% certified organic containing only premium cotton, uniquely woven for maximum absorbency. They are 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic. They have my favorite tampon shape! Their octagonal design ensures even expansion for a perfect fit to your vagina and better absorption, which is very true! Cord is interlocking—not glued—for extra absorbency and leak protection. And the tampons have no fragrances, deodorants, rayon or synthetics!

The wrappers are very quiet. They don't sound like you are opening up a bag of chips in the bathroom. It's also plastic as well. It has a nice pattern to it. 

They come packed in boxes. This is a box of regular tampons. The perforated sides are for the Little Black Box which we will get to soon. There is 18 per box which is great! 

They really make you feel like you are using "adult" tampons with the designs being so sleek and neutral color palette. 

This is the Little Black Box. Holds one cycle’s tampons all in one place. I love this concept! I mean something to organize tampons with? Yes please! Plus it's so chic.

 The inside isn't much to look at, but let's be real it's going to hold tampons. There shouldn't be in mirrors, glitter, or music coming from this box. 

This is the Little Black Box holding the box of Super size tampons. You can tear off the perforated sides and top to the box and just place it inside. Which is very convenient! It is really easy to open the box and pick up a few and go on about your day.

And when you go on about your day you can carry the clutch made of vegan leather and holds a day's supply of tampons for your convenience.

It's a very nice clutch. If this fell out of my purse I wouldn't be ashamed. I highly doubt anyone would know what it is even. It's gorgeous is what it is though!

And last but not least, the Stowaways. This to me is by far what makes Cora stand out from the rest. These are singular tampons in lipstick-sized cardboard capsules. If they fall out of your purse no one would know that a tampon just fell out. Plus it's hard cardboard that isn't going to get destroyed.

These stowaways feature a code: Help a Woman Out—give to a friend and you both earn free monthly supplies. What other tampon company allows you to do that?

Not just the fact that they are making our flow easier and more mature for us, they are helping girls around the world. Did you know that 100 million girls do not have adequate menstrual products around the globe (including the US), forcing them to miss school and lead to them not getting the proper education? What if that could be changed?

For every month’s supply of Cora you receive Cora donates a month’s supply of sustainable pads to a girl in a developing country so she can do anything during her period.

This is a subscription that I can use and really stand behind. There is something to be said about making myself feel better why also helping someone else's life better at the same time. I recommend this brand. Use the code CORA5HUNTER until July 15, 2016! And remember to live fearlessly with your Cora tampons! #fearlessperiod

Before You Go: Get in the Disney Know!

When I am taking a trip somewhere new or some place I go many times for vacation (Disney World) I research. When I lived with my dad that was our family time was hooking up my laptop to the TV and looking at the new menu items on Disney. I listen to about 4 Disney Podcasts while I'm driving different places. I follow over 40 Disney accounts on Twitter, and over 100 on Facebook because I like Disney information because it's something I do. Disney World has/is and will always be my favorite place to go.

Dangers of Disney to Know

When I travel to London, I have different books, and websites that are flagged so that I know about them. Which including the bad things about London. Cruises, California, New York, etc; I do research. This is why I have to disagree with travel agents push to get them to use them (including myself.) You lose so much when you don't research and do things yourself. And what happened to learning before you go?

When recent events happening I want my fellow vacationers to enjoy Disney as much as I do. Yes, Disney World is a place to have fun, but there isn't a dome around it (yes people really do believe this.) Disney World can't control animals or the weather. When they built their wedding pavilion they even had to make sure they didn't mess animal habitats in the water and had dig up even more because of laws.

Wildlife is very there at Disney World. Fish, alligators, snakes, deer, ducks, bears, they are all at Disney World and in Florida. Disney World was planted in a gigantic swamp area and they pride themselves on reserving land for animals not far from these wonderful parks (we should be proud of it too!) Disney World likes the fact that at a few resorts you get the feeling of being at the beach, a few resorts over you have the feeling of being in Hawaii, on down from there you can feel like you are in Africa, and then that you are in Louisiana's bayous. And that is an amazing feature of Disney World. People brag on EPCOT making you feel like you have entered different parts of the world, well you can do it for free by resort hopping.

Don't think I am a PETA person. I hunt for turkeys, deer, ducks, and pigs. But destroying our planet because of natural danger is bogus. Make yourself aware of dangers everywhere you go. Don't be naive and just think life is a gigantic video game where you have several lives. You have one, protect no matter where you are.

Insects are VERY prominent at Disney. I honestly heard someone say the other day that Disney World doesn't have mosquitoes. That's a lie-- they have huge ones! They are bigger than the ones in Alabama. And they are very common since Disney has bodies of water everywhere. There are also bees (because Disney likes their flowers!) Yellow jackets are also prominent around the pool areas. Spiders are also at Disney World and you'll find them hanging out around fencing and bridges mostly.

Bacteria is at Disney World. That many people with that heat there will be illnesses spread. People think that Disney cleans every surface after every single person touches it. Nope that doesn't. Disney does an excellent job about cleaning restrooms and cleaning up trash, but germs are spread really easily. Viruses are spread all the time through Disney World. I've been sick many times when returning home from a trip.

Sun just letting people know that 75% of the time on a trip (unless you are really unlucky like me at times) there will be sun. It will be hot, even in the winter when the characters are in winter clothing. Disney will give you a free cup of ice water at any counter service to help combat the heat or to drink with your meal.

Carbohydrate counts in food is a problem at Disney. Maybe not for everyone but as a mom with Type 1 diabetic pump wearer it can be difficult. There is also food allergies to look out for like any public place. And you can ask for specific dietary needs at most Disney food places.

Crime sometimes happens at Disney. People steal because they get greedy. It's a vacation spot and people take advantage of that like any tourist destination. Disney does what they can but they can't control people just like they can't control the weather.

Money traps are also at Disney. This is just a joke (sort of) about Disney World. They have those shops located very nicely. Just when you calm you child down about passing that first Mickey Mouse plush there is a store about 10 yards that has it again. I'm just kidding because it's a lot of fun to teach kids about what and really having a souvenir to enjoy. Prepare yourself and know those most items can be bought on the app Shop Disney Parks when you get home instead of cramming it in your suitcase that is already full.

Just be aware of your surrounding, and be safe. Pay attention to instructions-- and your kids!

Search, Select, Share and Set Up: Eventbrite

Envy: desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable attribute belonging to someone else. I have been known to be envious of people who do a lot of things. I'm a mom, who reads tons of mom bloggers and wants to do things with her kids. But then I realize don't know of things going on around area. Even when it comes to date nights how many time can a couple go to dinner and movie before even that feels stale.

That's all about to change with Eventbrite. Eventbrite is pretty simple to understand. They are the largest self-service ticketing platform in the world that helps people find and plan events. Things like restaurants, fun runs (YES!) and concerts will be shown to you for your area.

While concerts, races, and new restaurants are awesome, I like the fact that I can find conferences, conventions, and classes available to the public. I am a nerd like that though and find learning an adventure. While I could just binge watching Frankie and Grace, I would rather be bettering myself.

As for things to do with my kids or as a family, that's simple. I have learned of Family Movie night all around my area! So many that I actually get to choose which one we want to go to this weekend! Also some Vacation Bible School are on the website allowing me to see which ones are available that week and the week after!

The website lets you register for an event directly from the Eventbrite. One the feature that I really like is that it allows you to add it to your digital calendar. Yes, I rave about having a paper calendar, but my digital ones I share with family members which makes sharing events and turning family down when we have something already planned a breeze.

What else do they make easy for you? Sharing the event! So many website limit you to sharing with everyone on your Facebook or simple email. This website has Facebook messenger which allows you to directly send to your significant other or best friend the event you want to attend together without everyone knowing! That is a huge plus for me!

FOMO is the fear of missing out and Eventbrite is really changing that in our family to GOMO. That's the phrase of getting out more often! And I really think this will help our family get moving.

And last but not least Eventbrite allows you to do something else that other websites, don't... Create your own event and sell tickets to it for a low fee.

Eventbrite has a section specifically for you to create the events that you have in your life. The Event Planning Online is very easy to use. And if your event is free, so is the service for you to share your event! If you are teaching a class or if you are hosting a public party the ability to create an event is very easy!

It's create for local businesses the more I learn and read about it. Special sales and special events would be perfect for this website for just about any company. This is a forward thinking website making it so easy on everyone. It helps the host and the attendee with everything! Getting out more often is a thing for me and my family now!

Eventbrite is pretty easy to maneuver and remember with Search, Select, Share, and Set up!

Disney Reboot: Mousercise

My exercise regime isn't just for my health, but it's for my kids as well. I've had all of my kids at some put want to workout with me. I have two that run with me all the time. I have a few that love yoga. All of theme love to dance and act crazy. My kids do get a lot of exercise, even when they are homeschooling. And sometimes we have to take things indoor or be able to do it in a hotel room.

Our family loves Wii Fit Plus. The kids like competing and the fun games. But there are sometimes when feelings get hurt because they can't do certain games yet because the older ones have better mobility. My kids love the Wii game, Just Dance Disney, as well. Now the little ones can do this just like the older ones. However, there is only a limited number of songs that they can dance to on that game.

This is where the reboot comes into play! I remember watching reruns of Mousercise! It was amazing to do these exercises with Mickey and the gang! Wake up in the morning and stretch and get the blood pumping through the body.

How could Disney do a reboot for kids today? Simple! Youtube, Netflix, console game or application on a device! And they could even bring back Mousercise on all of those!  Three years old today know how operate a smartphone, tablet, and computer. In the past Disney had this programmed for 5 AM and released them on VHS; probably not a good idea for this to be on at 5 AM then or 5 AM now. Yes some kids do get up that early, but some don't. So make it accessible to everyone!

Don't just have aerobics and strength training either. Add in some yoga and dancing for the kids. Kids love doing yoga and there are a lot of benefits to kids doing yoga. Dancing also has several benefits for kids. A good warm up and cool down is essential as well. Also a few water breaks or like they used to have health breaks are perfect and safe!

So how do you keep the kids interested? While Mickey is once again becoming popular thanks to Mickey's Clubhouse. But add in princesses, pirates, Stitch, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Alice, etc; for captivating the audience of little children and older ones. Add in popular songs for really getting the little ones motivated to move. (Can you just see a routine Let It Go?) Include some original songs, but beloved and classic favorites is the key here! Even add a few songs from the parks to get the family thinking about a trip!

What else would be great is nutrition. Not the FDA standards but healthy options instead of other daily cravings. Plus talking about staying hydrated would be excellent as well. Starting these kind of habits in kids is a great way for it to continue later on in life.

Disney should really consider this because it is something parents are looking towards to these days; healthy foods and exercise for kids. They could even make fitness products for the whole family! I would so get a yoga mat with Disney characters on it! It would be fun for the whole family!

Sprout Voxbox Review

Influenster said it and I'm agreeing; "This is the box for the gym." Even though I don't go to the gym, but I'm very active and this box was amazing for me. I couldn't believe how perfect this box for someone who is conscious of what they are putting into the environment and in their body!

First of all, what is Influenster? Influenster is a community for social media hotshots to share news, products, and reviews. Join now and flex your influence for rewards! Sometimes you are sent samples (like this box) or you get a coupon to try a product. When you review the product on levels of social media you are entered for the big prize, whatever that might be.

When I was told I would receive this box, I wasn't sure what would be inside. I was mildly surprised by it. These are items I don't believe I would have tried on my own which is good thing, because it forces me out of my bubble of the same ol' thing. And I have to admit this is probably the first box I have ever bought everything that was in it again!

Curate Gluten-Free Snack Bars, Dark & Tempting Balsamic Fig & Hazelnut - This was the first thing that I used up completely, rather I ate it quite quickly. It was really good. I love anything balsamic and this was so tasty! I have ordered a box of these for myself while I'm out and about. They really help me stay full in between meals!

Organic Protein Powder Sweet Vanilla Bean - I was rather worried about this protein powder. I cannot stand grit with powder mixtures. This was surprisingly not! This I will continue to buy with my Perfect Fit that helps me also, but this is stuff is really good! I still cannot get over the amazing taste!

ECOS Laundry Detergent Scented - Magnolia & Lily - I liked this product because I basically used it just on my gym wear and underwear. Why? Because those are the clothes that need to be the most clean and the most chemical free. This really helped! This will become a staple in our house just for that!

Clairol Hair Food Honey Apricot Moisture Shampoo + Conditioner - This shampoo and conditioner has changed the game for me! Not just the honey and apricot moisture combo but several others from the Clairol's Hair Food line. My favorites so far are Hair Food Strawberry Ginger Root Clarifying Shampoo and Clairol Hair Food Kiwi Volume Shampoo + Conditioner. The reason these have changed the game for me is because they get my hair clean after a tough workout. It's wonderful to have such clean hair and know that it isn't bad for the environment!

Eatsmart Snacks Roasted Tortilla Chip, Spicy Black Bean - These were really good for random snacking. They had a tiny kick to them but they were not really spicy. They tasted great with cheese and salsa, but they were amazing on their own! I even ate the crumbs they were so good!

This was one of my favorite boxes from Influenster of things to try! I feel good about my reviews and I feel good about these products! There is just something to be said for a clean life style. I'm not completely changing to a green lifestyle but these are small things that can help!

What's This: Unusual Items I Pack for Walt Disney World Trips

Look at this stuff isn't it--- Weird. Yep, I pack some highly unusual things when going to Disney World. Whenever someone new comes with me to Disney they always raise their eyebrow at some of things that I have packed. But I promise them, and now I'm promising you that there is method to my madness!

Whitmor White Crystal Collection Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer, Clear - This is the object I get the most eyebrow raises from. I like to organize items this way instead of cluttering up the sink. I put this in the closet. I put toiletries in the compartments. This works really great for freeing up the sink. The only thing I keep on the sink is makeup brushes, mouthwash, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

HOLSEM Power Strip Surge Protector 8 Outlets & 2 Smart USB Charging Ports - I am a digital junkie. Fitbit, Apple Watch, Smartphone, digital camera, Power pack charging devices (more on that in a bit), iPad, and laptop. And it all needs to be charged up at some point. That's why I have several charging options I take with me. One is the Holsem mentioned above, but I also like Belkin SurgePlus 6-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports and Belkin 3-Outlet SurgePlus Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports. Disney only give a handful of wall outlets so these are great!

Portable Charger - RAVPower - This really isn't weird, but the fact that I bring three of these chargers with might be slightly weird. The reason being I like to have a back up for the afternoon. I may forget to plug up my phone with going to bed. I charge it in my purse in the morning, and then that night I don't have pack to charge so I keep Halo Pocket Power Starlight as a backup. And the other one I keep for the water parks is Portable Charger, RAVPower Waterproof Dustproof and Shockproof.

Wallflowers Fragrance Plug Nightlight Sand - I love picking out a different scent for each trip. Not only does it make it feel more like home; it helps with bathroom smells and chlorine smells from the pool. I cannot smell apple crumble smells anymore without thinking of my 22nd birthday trip. I'm instantly whisked away to Port Orleans Riverside.

Ziploc Bags - Why would you not bring these? Store left over food (snacks, meals, etc) in these and take home! Plan outfits for yourself and kids in these. Pack snacks in these. Tiny personal garbage bags is also what these can be used for in a pinch! And if you are like my cousin who didn't get a waterproof case, you can use these to store your phone during a water ride.

Pop-Up Hamper - I like these for the kids, especially. It leaves room in their suitcases for their souvenirs. It also makes laundry as breeze! Plus if we fly we just push the hamper of dirty clothes in the suitcase and souvenirs goes beside it.

iPhone Waterproof Case - I used to think it was a crazy idea to get a waterproof case when there are ziplock bags, but now I understand. Pools and water rides are a breeze now.

GLCON Wrist Strap Pack - These are for the Wii remotes but are also great for phones as well! I love these while traveling at Disney. They give me extra security for my phone. I have more freedom to take pictures around water. Another great product like this one is Hand Strap [5-Pack] Lanyard with Quick-Release for Camera & Cell Phone.

Collapsible Snap Basket by reisenthel - I love this for having at the hotel. There are times when we have several souvenirs waiting for us that we have sent back to the hotel. I also like it for using it with the hotel's pool. Bringing down pool accessories are a breeze with this basket.

Some of these items are stranger than most but I guarantee they make my trips to Disney a lot easier. I love these items; I have and will continue to use them throughout our coming trips to Disney. Are than any other items that I am missing out on?

May 2016 Favorites

Lipgloss? Check. Movies? Check! Creativity? Check! The Dale Tribe? Yes! Come on it's favorites for May time! And since it's been awhile that you've seen a favorites from me there are sure to be some new faces on this list! 

So May has been interesting for me with all that it has held for me and my family! First week of May was spent on getting the furniture and new light fixtures for the house renovations. The next little part was spent with me researching Bullet Journaling. And the last part of the first week was spent in Disneyland in California.

The beginning of the second week started with us at the new Hogwarts in California! We had a lot of fun! Then it was International Lupus Day and Vin had infusion which is his medicine to help with Lupus. The rest of the week went by okay for the most part. Ella Michael's birthday was this week and she turned the awesomeness of ONE! We did a practice runs for the kids triathlon, family game night, and date night was spent with me and Vin checking out me a new SUV!

Third week of May was interesting. I started on my high horse of wanting to make lunch for the kids even though they are homeschooled. Plus it was the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars! And I was just crushed when Wanya Morris was kicked off. Like I just kind of quit caring who won. Then it was Mouse Ears with a Mohawk's 29th birthday which just also happened to be Liv's recital! Then I test drove the Lexus SUV and the next day while volunteering for the Kid's Triathlon I bought it on the phone because they didn't have the package and customization I wanted. I helped with packing race bags and helped with early packet pick up! Saturday was freaking awesome! My kids were in and they all did great! Only one didn't place in their age group! It was also May Dawn's Birthday!

And the last day including the beginning of this one... Well it's jammed packed! I bought a SUV. Lexus 570 LX like the one had but I am buying this one. Not Vin or my dad, but me. We watched the final of DWTS. And then it was SEC Tournament time--Vin's requested Father's Day gift-- because we were once there but he was on the mound taking on Alabama. Vin and I enjoyed a lot of things together this week that I wouldn't change for anything. Crazy selfies, limbs getting tangled in excusable ways, nacho butt, and plenty of Gatorade gone into our systems. And Sunday, well Sunday we made the decision that I needed a break and here I am in Disney World writing this for you.

Now I will give you the heads up and tell you that no there will be no Lookback through my planner this time. Because I am going to compile a video of February through May for you and it will be released with my talk of the new Erin Condren line and what else is in my life now.

Eye Makeup Product -

Sephora Eyeshadow Minnie - I have always been caution of Sephora brand things. I mean I know Sephora is where all the name brand things are but I was caution just because it's the store brand. I regret not trying Sephora things out sooner! This eyeshadow is just amazing and you cannot beat the packaging!

Eye Makeup Brush -

Sigma E55 - When I go to put on eye shadow most mornings I reach for this brush. I have several of it in different collections, but it's because the brush just does what it is suppose to do. It's easy to clean and never have any bristles fall out.

Face Makeup Product -

Younique Minerals Concealer Correcteur - I didn't pay for this at all. This was a gift from a girl at work who was given the wrong shade a party of Younique she went to and couldn't return it. It is flawless make up! I was left in disbelief when I first tried it! I highly recommend it!

Face Makeup Brush -

Luxie 522 - Thanks to Ipsy for me finding this brush! It's great for the Concealer Correcteur! It's been a brush I have reached for more and more!

Lip Product -

Rimmel Show Off: Out Of This World - I couldn't wait for this product to get to the US!!!! I love the wand and the product itself really shines! I really feel like showing off when wearing this lip gloss!

Hair Care Product -

Briogeo Rosarco Milk - Thank you Popsugar Must Have for this! Oh I love what this does to my hair! I love how it smells and I love that it doesn't weigh my hair down at all! I makes my hair so airy and soft!

Skincare -

Royal Apothic Field Poppy - Another Popsugar Must Have product! This is so fancy and yet it is so good! It soaks into the skin without making you feel greasy. It is thick though. The scent is light but it stays on you for a while!

Shower/Bath Product -

Aromatherapy Luxury Bath Eucalyptus Tea - This was something that I wasn't sure about using but Vin gave it to me to try. I like it a lot. It was something that I wasn't expecting to like at all.

Game -

Miitomo - I have recently gotten sucked back into using my Wii more and this is like Wii for the iPhone! I love it! Vin and I get tickled while finding out all the features!

YouTube Channel/YouTuber -

The Dale Tribe - My best friend over at A Pop of Jess got me hooked on this family on Youtube. Since we both have family members with Type 1 diabetes we grew with Amy and her family when their daughter was diagnosed with it as well this year.

Book/Story -

Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote - I love my online book club! This is what we read for May. I love the movie, but I can say that I actually felt more like the book than the movie. It was interesting

Song/Album -

Hall of Fame - Script ft - I have Dancing with the Stars to thank for this song making the list. When Sharna and Antonio danced to it I was bowled over by how the lyrics struck something in me.

Movie -

Kiki's Delivery Service - This was a favorite from my childhood. I literally wore this VHS out. Now I can show it to my children as well. And since their aunt mixes herbs and oils it really made sense to them. I love that it shows to use the skills you have to your advantage.

Pinterest Pin -

Disney Moment -

I'm not sure which I loved more... Celebrating May 4th at Disneyland or moving to Disney World for the summer!

Running/Fitness -

Pound Workout - Vin's doctor told us that he needed to cut back on stress. Well Vin is not a yoga kind of guy. He will do some yoga, but he has aggression more than depression. Pound changed him instantly. I could see it before he could. He looked forward to it. He likes that he can release his frustration out through the sticks in his hands during the workout.

Food -

InnovAsian Frozen Chinese food - Super easy to make and taste delicious!

Spotlight Etsy Shop -

PrettySheepy - If I could buy all the stickers in a shop (literally) and know that I would use them; it would be hers.

Favorite Prompt from Listers Gotta List -