Word of 2018

Tonight is a big deal, tonight starts a fresh new journey. It's a journey that God has given me. While other people are talking about how bad 2017 was to them or how it was their most amazing year ever, I am just grateful that God gave me life. He brought me and my family through another year.

The righteous flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon. - Psalm 92:12

Final Update on Movie Challenge

Well it's almost the end of the year. And I have great plans of finishing this movie challenge. I am glad that I did this, but it's easy to say that I will not being doing this again next year. I do not care for searching for a film to watch like I thought I had. Perhaps in the future I will watch movies from a list, that have already been picked out.

Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater. - Roman Polanski

The Holly Jolly Christmas Tag

Merry Christmas Eve! It's almost time for the big guy himself! I hope yo are enjoying the holidays! Merry Christmas!

Non Traditional Christmas Songs

Christmas music has been playing through my speakers since November 1st. I'm not ashamed of that at all. But there has been a conversation I've had with a coworker, and I see his point. A lot of the Christmas music is the same songs, but different voices and styles singing them. He, however, claimed that there wasn't any new songs. I'm about to prove him wrong in saying, that all Christmas songs are redone and that they are not new songs released.

End of Year Book Tag

Welcome, welcome! We are slowly making our way towards Christmas, and towards the new year! What a reading year it has been! Pages have been flipping back in life and in some books.

I want to thank A Pop of Jess for tagging me for this. I love doing surveys and tags! This was just what I needed for the end of the year! Are you able to answer the questions below?

18 Before 2018

It's that time of year, when the year starts to dwindle. You can either look back and go 'what the heck?' or you can simply choose to look forward at what is left. When you look at ahead at what is left of the rest of the year you can you decide what you want to do with whatever time you have left. Like last year I have decided on doing some things before goals and resolutions take over at the beginning of the year.

“Dear world, I am excited to be alive in you, and I am thankful for another year.” ― Charlotte Eriksson

November 2017 Favorites

Wow, Hello December! You can now officially listen to Christmas music without getting ridiculed. Or if you are like me you have been listening to it the moment the last Trick or treat-er left your doorstep. Bring on the holiday season!

November - The last month of Autumn, but the beginning of a new adventure. Time to take risks and do the unexpected.

Thankful Thursday 2017 - Week 5

Welcome back to another week of Thankful Thursdays! This is week fifth and final week of Thankful Thursday 2017! If you don't know what Thankful Thursdays are on my blog, refer to this blog. There are always so many blessings right in front of us; we just have to open our eyes and hearts to receive them. So what am I thankful for this past week?

Many people claim to be loyal, but it is hard to find a trustworthy person. - Proberbs 20:6

Things I'm Loving Right Now!

Hello Everyone! It's been some time since I have done a favorites, but don't worry they will be coming soon. They will however, probably be coming without lookbacks, but a very long lookback will be coming at you in December! But I want to let you know what I am loving as of RIGHT NOW!

Find a reason to smiles every day.

Thankful Thursday - Week 4 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome back to another week of Thankful Thursdays! This is week four of Thankful Thursday 2017! If you don't know what Thankful Thursdays are on my blog, refer to this blog. There are always so many blessings right in front of us; we just have to open our eyes and hearts to receive them. So what am I thankful for this past week?

“Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever.” - Psalm 106:1

Movie Snacks: Healthy and Easy

It's movie season! Is there anything better to do in the winter than snuggling by a fire, munching on snacks and watching movie? I don't think there is. I love parties, but I love escaping reality with medias such as books and movies.

This holiday season there is no reason to claim that you put on ten pounds just because of the holiday season. I have a few movie marathon snacks you eat guilt free!

Thanksgiving Tag 2017

It's almost Thanksgiving Day! And while most are gearing for Christmas (myself included actually), I want to sit down and talk about Thanksgiving for just a second. It's day that I usually think; parade, food, and shopping.

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. - William Arthur Ward

Thankful Thursday 2017 - Week 3

Welcome back to another week of Thankful Thursdays! This is week three! If you don't know what Thankful Thursdays are on my blog, refer to this blog. There are always so many blessings right in front of us; we just have to open our eyes and hearts to receive them. So what am I thankful for this past week?

The answer is, if you eat or drink, or if you do anything, do it all for the glory of God. - 1st Corinthians 10:31

Thankful Thursday 2017 - Week Two

Welcome back to another week of Thankful Thursdays! This is week two! If you don't know what Thankful Thursdays are on my blog, refer to this blog post. There are always so many blessings right in front of us; we just have to open our eyes and hearts to receive them. So what am I thankful for this past week?

Some friends may ruin you, but a real friend will be more loyal than a brother. - Proverbs 18:24

October 2017 Favorites

Well, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Ok so you are thinking I'm nuts because it's just November. Well my tree is up! I'm actually at Disney right now, like right now. It was a great month that did not end like I had been planning it to end. And I'm really, really okay with that.

October is about trees revealing colors they've hidden all year. People have an october as well. - Jm Storm

Thankful Thursday 2017 - Week One

Welcome back to Thankful Thursdays! This is week one! If you don't know what Thankful Thursdays are on my blog, refer to this blog from last year. There are always so many blessings right in front of us; we just have to open our eyes and hearts to receive them. So what am I thankful for this past week?

The Lord’s love never ends; his mercies never stop. They are new every morning; Lord, your loyalty is great. I say to myself, “The Lord is mine, so I hope in him.” - Lamentations 3:22-24

Tea Time With Hunter: Moving On Without Comparing Chapters

Bay Lake is gorgeous tonight. I'm listening to the sounds of children and adults running up and down the dock at Disney's Wilderness Lodge. It's pretty cool for Florida which makes it chilly for me, who is also used to the humidity of the South. This weekend didn't go according to all the plans. This weekend I didn't get married, in fact Vin and I are no longer together.

Every day is a new day, and you'll never be able to find happiness if you don't move on. - Carrie Underwood

Boo! Dog Safety for Halloween with PuppySpot

Goblins, ghosts, witches, Darth Vader, Batman and many more creatures will be out and about on Halloween night. There will also be barking and howling from our four legged friends and we all love our friend. And Halloween can be fun for them, but it can also be scary, even down right harmful if you are not careful about your friend.

Thanks old pal - Charlie Brown "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"

The Spooky Halloween Questions

Halloween is coming, and coming quickly! But what about the things that scare throughout the year? Do you like the dark side of Halloween? Or are you more of a lighter, fun side of Halloween?

I love Halloween, and I love that feeling; the cold air, the spooky dangers lurking around the corner. - Evan Peters

September 2017 Favorites

Hello October! Or HAPPY HALLOWEEN MONTH! Also it's Happy Birthday Month to me! October is a very busy month for our family! And I love it that way! I look forward to September because that's when everything starts! Football, birthday, Halloween and so on.

We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer's wreckage. We will welcome summer's ghost. - Henry Rollins

My 27th Birthday

Today just another day, but it is also my birthday. It's a milestone birthday that many people I'm sure do not consider. While yes it is my 27th birthday, it's also my last birthday with this last name. While many cannot wait to change their last name, I however, have loved having this last name. It has been an amazing birthday as a Collins.

Every year without a headstone is a milestone! - Sophia Petrillo, The Golden Girls

New Obsession: Lipsense Review

New obsessions are constantly popping up for me lately! I am totally okay with following in love with new things! This time, it's all about the lips!

That's right, today it's about Lipsense! All of my own opinion, and trust me I'm giving it to ya!

Seasonal Decor: Where to Buy

It's almost time to decorate for the holidays. As you know I am a seasonal decorator. I believe each month regardless of if it has a holiday in it or not needs to have a theme. It helps keep life from being too boring. But what where do I get my things to decorate from?

“Life is defined by time and seasons.”  ― Lailah Gifty Akita

Finding the Positive in Today

Negative things are rough. And lately in the world there seems to be more and more negativity. And here lately it seems like there is so much negativity that I've been hitting. I know I can be negative. I get that, but I own up to sometimes I'm the problem too. It's the things and people who think they aren't the problem that get to me. And it's not just people, but situations too! But today, I'm saying no to that here is a list of positive things from my day!

The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. - Winston Churchwill

NICU Awareness Month + 5 Resources and Tips

Up until this year, I've always been go for the gold in September, and I still am. I am a strong believer in raising money for childhood cancer, and St. Jude's. However, this year a little boy and little girl changed that for me. Today is their story, and also how to help future preemies.

It's not the size of the [fighter] in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the [fighter]. - Mark Twain

Maple Holistics: Teatree Oil Shampoo Review

Finding a good shampoo is hard. Finding one that is good for you and good for the planet even more hard. But perhaps, I have found one that trades in these conflicts and makes it easier.

While I was given this as a free sample, these opinions are my own.

3 Football Traditions in My Family

Underwear!? Yep, in my family there are some strange American football traditions, and superstitions we have believed in through the years. Everyone has their own traditions with holidays, but my family, well we are from the south, and football is like religion!

Traditions are always a fun idea, especially when you throw in some wacky ones...

August 2017 Favorites

Hello September! It's now officially time to bust out the pumpkin spice, finds some pumpkins and prepare for the holidays. Yep! I am that kind of person! But it's here and there is no time to wait!

Au Revoir August

Book Review: Stay by Riley Hart

Book review time! I am so excited to bring this book to you! If you don't care for male/male romance, please just skip.

Dare to stay?

Parties to Have Before You Get Married

The countdown is getting real y'all. Soon I'll be married in the sunny state of Florida, and boom life will change. Life will be one big party!

Speaking of parties though, did you know that many people choose to have other parties leading up to their big special day?! I have a compiled a list of the ones I love and the ones I considered!

4 Resources for Lunch Inspiration

I tell everyone how crazy busy I am, while that's true. I really love taking the time out of my day to fix the kids lunches, even though they are homeschooled. Our children are all over the place with different schedules and different levels of school. I'm grateful to have this time to hopefully convey that I love them so much with food.

“A man may be a pessimistic determinist before lunch and an optimistic believer in the will's freedom after it.”  ― Aldous Huxley

End of Summer Questions

Well school is back in session in lots of places! Which means the end of summer season and festivities. Though here in Alabama it will stay hot until the end of September and maybe on into October. But I want to end summer on a high note!

Every summer has a song...

Summer 2017 Favorites

Back to school used to bring this feeling of dread through me. I even know parents who dread first day of school because their children are a year older and a grade higher. Summer isn't my favorite season (let's be real it's my least favorite), but there are some incredible memories made while the air is warmer.

And just because it's not my favorite season doesn't mean I have do not have some things from this summer!

College Dorm Ideas and 6 Back to School Resources

If you are just starting out with college, congratulations! If you are returning, welcome back to campus! The buzz is still very different than high school and it's amazing. Trust me, there are times I miss the rush of going back to school over every day lives. Only sometimes.

Resources helped me through college and I hope they can you as well!

Top 5 Products of a Preemie Twin Mom: 2 Months

Becoming a mom of twins wasn't what I was expecting at all. Granted I have been the caregiver for twins before but never while they were babies and especially those that are preemies. Queenie and Freddie are so tiny, but so loveable. I love trying new products with them, finding out what works best for my babies.

July 2017 Favorites & Flip Through of the Month in Life Planner

Yes! It's another month closer to fall! It's the end of July! Back to school sales are in full swing, and the last of the sand needs to be shook from your bags and feet, because crunchy leaves are coming!

I hope you enjoy the new monthly favorites & Flip Through of my Erin Condren for the month of July.

Currents 07.29.17

Hello Everyone! It's been a very long time since I have shown a complete currents instead of a mini one. But it's a treat and an apology. 

Vin's and Mine 6 Favorite Tuscaloosa Date Ideas

Around here people think there isn't much to do in Tuscaloosa. They think because we don't have amusement parks or anything like but I do feel like we have some of the most romantic spots. But what if there was something different beside just going to a restaurant?

The only thing people around here are all excited because a date night means going out to eat to them. And sure that's fun, but what about something outside the normal?

My Travel Bucket List

People talk about my countless trips to London because I adore London. I have visited France, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Australia. But there are so many other places that I want to see in my lifetime. And I'm not waiting until I retire, that is crazy!

Phrases I Remember From College

Words can haunt us. Most of the time the words that haunt are linked with bad memories. But there are the phrases and advice that make us think. There are phrases that we listen to and realize that it was great information.

While most people dwell on being a well rounded person and making sure you pick all the right answers, remember you are human. 

Walking into A Dream-- My Dream Closet

When you get the closet of your dreams and you think you have do everything like everyone else you eventually realize that you should have decorated how you like. Your style can even suffer from pigmented walls. And if you have no theme; crazy things can end up in a room.

Welcome Foolish Mortals...

Top 10 of My Facebook Groups

I always feel bored or anxious when in a group. I'm never able to relax or anything like that. But Facebook Groups are ingenious! I can talk to people all over the world in a relative safe place about a common subject! It's amazing!

I'm a member of over 50 groups on Facebook, but these are mostly my top 10. You'll see what I mean...

Movie Challenge 2017 - How Am I Doing?

A few years ago I complained because I wanted a movie challenge like Popsugar does book challenges. Then this year I discovered the answer to that problem on Pinterest. A movie challenge with a bunch of different categories that aren't just genre types to try out!

Tea Time with Hunter: Q & A

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I appreciate your patience as I have went through some seasons of my life. They've been rather trying for me. And I'm going to be very real and raw in this post, because there is no other way to be for this post.

So pull up a seat and get you some tea (or something stronger.)

My Top 6 Products for the First Half of the Year

Where did the favorites go? Yeah I slacked off blogging my favorites. I've slacked on blogging in general but that for tea time soon. So instead of boring everyone with a lengthy list of products why not do a top six products that have helped me through the first six month of this year.

These are the products that have really changed my year around for the better.

Mini Currents 06.21.17

Hello Everyone! I meant to post this on June 21, butttt I came down with the stomach flu that is all the rage right now! So this post was delayed until I could get ready for it! But there are new things coming and I'm so sorry for the break in posts- again.

More information about my currents and Mini Currents: Why CurrentsCurrents
And why I no longer do currents daily: Tea Time with Hunter Volume 5

Wedding Guest: Style Guide to Looking Your Best

You know what's worse than trying to figure out how to dress for your wedding? Dressing up for someone else's wedding. You try to gauge the event type by the invitation, and you find out it's black tie optional. You are a woman, what does black tie optional mean for you?

I have the answer to that and more today!

3 Southern Rules for Buying from a Wedding Registry

It's that time of year! You can hear the bells--wedding bells that is. Actually, do people do bells at weddings anymore? At any rate, there is a lot of weddings going on this time of year. Except for mine, I am getting married in the later part of the year. We have started on our wedding registry.

Father's Day Uncommon Gift Guide

My dad is a very simple man. He isn't geeky. He doesn't play golf. And as far as his drinking goes, that's simple too. So finding him something he doesn't already have, and will like or use is exhausting for gift giving holidays. Though I think I have finally found the solution. 

The company that has solved my problems with selecting a gift for my dad is Uncommon Goods. They have so many different ways to help find the perfect gift, for anyone really.

The Mirror is Not the Enemy: Be Confident & Bold

Regardless of what anyone says, they have insecurities. Sure, theirs might not be appearances, but something else. We all have them. However, we can all agree that clothes can make us feel better or worse. A starchy blouse is great for the office, but how quickly does that person take off the blouse once she is home? I know I did when I was working as a teacher. Then I started teaching children under the age of 5. Starchy blouses and 4 years old children do not mix well. I learned to dress comfortable. Even then I still felt self conscious. But there are ways to make you feel amazing!

And do not just stick to the same old things!