Neiman Marcus Popsugar Special Edition Must Have Box

Neiman Marcus Popsugar

Maribelle Aztec Hot Chocolate Tin - I love tins like this because they make great decorative pieces while and after the food is gone in them. These are usually so decadent chocolates or cookies in these. It's perfect for this box!

Supreme Clis Mascara - Granted I buy some expensive make up. But $52 for mascara is incredible! I am going to wait to open because it is so expensive and a huge luxury like most of the box.

Lancer, The Method: Nourish - The cost of the box is so there. At $125 this better make me look three years old. It's suppose to really help nourish the skin and make you look younger.

Monica Rich Kosann Cream Enamel Frame - This is going into cabin living room of the pictures I had made of the girls in Disney World. I love it. Those little dumplings are my world.

Chantecaille Brillant Gloss (Love) - I like this gloss but honestly it's fall y'all I would have loved a darker color or something more shimmery.

Missoni Home by Apothia Candle - PopSugar once sent us a very expensive diffuser in a monthly box and I wondered “who really needs a $90 diffuser”? Turns out I did. It was awesome. And this candle is the same way. It smells good and the container? Well I think that’s the best part. I am going to use the holder afterwards. I love using candle jars after candle is gone.

Clare V Foldover Leather Clutch - The leather on this bag is incredible. I know some people are comparing it to the blue clutch we received in the Limited Edition Resort Box, but there is just no comparison. At all. This is a soft buttery leather and is just gorgeous. I think this bag in a deep red or a winter ivory would have been even more amazing and may not have drawn as many comparisons to the resort clutch we received. But, I’m telling you though, this is nice bag. Plus, it goes great with the blue scarf we got another limited edition Fall Popsugar Box we got not long ago.

Swing Design Mia Glass Storage Box (Medium) - This is the medium sized box (there are small, medium and large boxes in this design) and I think it’s the perfect size. It could hold jewelry, watches or whatever you like. I absolutely love this box and think it’s gorgeous. Plus, it’s like nothing we have ever received before which is always nice. This is headed directly for nightstand.

All totaled I came up with a value of $671 for the Neiman Marcus PopSugar Must Have Box.

October Favorites and October Erin Condren Life Planner Layouts


Rose Lace Waistband Leggings - I am not sure if they are available anymore. But I love these! They are super comfy. Sure they don't show up on my currents as often as I wear them because I have moments where I lounge around.

Hogwarts House Yoga Pant - Gryffindor - I love that Vin bought me these! I don't have the Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw but I have Gryffindor and Slytherin!

Fair Isle Nightdress - I feel in love with this! I just adore it!

Toms Black Suede Women's Desert Wedge Highs - Everyone knows I love booties and these are from TOMS which makes them super comfy!

Harry Potter Parseltongue Women's Fitted T-Shirt - I rock this shirt a lot because I think it's hilarious when people ask what it is and I answer in a hissing noise or my daughter, Luna, does.

Converse All Star Lace Sneakers for Women - They are purple and lace? What's not to love?

Jack Skellington Tank Top for Women - I love this and will continue to love it! Dress it up or dress it down! It can be done.

Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows Sleep Set - I wore a lot of HP without knowing it in October...

Steve Madden Animall - These... These make me feel like a bada** not even going to lie.

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Staff Shirt - I love love love this shirt. It's just such awesomeness!

Marlene Riding Boot - I love Tory Burch shoes....

Oatmeal mixed stitch marled sweater dress - This dress from Maurice's fits wonderfully. I love it's clinging to my curves.

Aerie Flannel Boxer - These are my favorite!!!! I love that they are comfy and warm!

Keds x kate spade new york champion glitter - I love these! I have serious obsession with Keds. Can a girl look more polished?

Favorite Outfit:


TOO FACED Sugar & Spice - Such a cute palette that I am in love with and used again and again.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick - I bought a ton of these and have no regrets spending over hundred dollars on lipstick alone.

NARS Super Orgasm - I love the Orgasm but the super one has more glitter and shimmer!

Beauty for Real true Color Lip Cream “Always There”  - This color is awesome, but the packaging is what I like best. It’s got a little mirror on the side and a built in LED light! So neat.

Urban Decay Vice3  - This is actually better than Vice 2 in my opinion.

Nars Orgasm Lip Gloss - This is such an amazing color! Almost like a rose gold.

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette - This was great for the more darker face I wanted to do on the days I wore this.

OCC Lip Tar Matte Blackened Purple - Not just this color but the Lip Tars in general are amazing! Pigmented beyond all imaginable!

MicaBeauty Mineral Eye Shadow Harlequin - IPSY has been doing a lot better lately! Give it props! I love this mineral eye shadow!

LORAC Unzipped Palette - A simple palette but it's very versatile and awesome to have!

NARS Dragon Girl - This is what I call a BAM! lip!

Too Faced Rock N Roll Rock Candy Eye Shadow Collection - I think this has been a different month's favorite but I brought it back out and rocked it some more.

Clean Up

Ayres Patagonia Body Butter - Not really a clean product but this... Is probably my favorite favorite of the entire month! I have bought the full size of this.

The Hair Doctor - I really loved how this made my hair feel after all the stuff my hair goes through!

First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Face Cream SPF 30 - Time in the air on the plane and mountain air? I needed this really badly. I love it!

Northern Lights - Not my favorite bath bomb but I did enjoy the color and the sparkle.

Bite Beauty Bite Lush Lip Wipes - I will always buy these! I love these!

Fekkai Apple Cider Shampoo - Quite the obsession with this. I used to have a huge obsession with this back when I was in high school and by golly it has returned!

Veganese - A good conditioner to use to give hair back shine and bounce!

Fairy Ring - It's made with real mushrooms! I love this soap! I feel all squeaky!

Lord of Misrule - Awesome color and it was like a show in the bath water!

Albertini Warm Love Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask - I love love love love this! I am buying a full size! It's delicious smelling!


Owl’s Brew Coco-Lada Cocktail Mixer - When Vin and I used this the outcome was delicious. Pretty sure we are going to buy some more.

PastaBella Chocolate Fettuccine - We made this for a delicious dessert! I loved it and so did the girls!

Sweet Sams Black & White Cookie - Super delicious cookie! Want more!

Rainy Days Kitchen Biscotti - Being a biscotti lover these were delicious!

The Gracious Gourmet Hatch Chile Pesto - This was delicious in chili!

Bee’s Knees Food Co. Chipotle Lime Peanuts - These were delicious! I want more! Seriously!

Corkers Natural British Crunch - Soooo makes me want to go back to London...


The 1975

Keith Urban

Shiny Toy Guns

Shannon LaBrie

Maroon 5

Taylor Swift


Smell Goods


Buddha Nose Awaken Yoga Mat Spray - This really helped my Yoga mat

Salt Cellar - This really confused me when I got it but I really love it! Not really sure why it just looks like it's a special piece in the kitchen!

Mason Jar Shot Glasses - Adorable! Plus functional. Come on I'm a Southern Girl who has to have mason jar everything!

Gramr Gratitude Sealing Wax & Wax Press - I really did enjoy this and I so need to buy some more wax!

FitFusion 3-Month Digital Subscription - Addicted to this. I got a 3 month subscription free but I am so buying more when I run out!

Cool Shooters - Who doesn't want little ice shot glasses? I loved that I got this in a subscription.

"There's No Place Like Home" Foaming Hand Soap from FCS - This hand soap is just incredible! I want more but it's sold out!

Best surprises

The Naked Vault - Knowing Vinny took the time to go get me this for our anniversary was amazing.

And for my Erin Condren Life Planner Layouts for the month of October!


Currents 11.1. 14

Journal Moment:

Well we made it ahead of the snow! Just barely, we spent the day wandering through the shops and making it cozy in our cabin in the mountains. We enjoyed games and spending time thinking about All Saints Day. I worked on my final project for my childcare class. I really have enjoyed that class. Vin and I watched some Youtube videos and I wrote out the last few thank you notes. 

Currently Eating...

Breakfast: Vanilla Bean Scones

Lunch: Lulu's On Main - Krabby Patties

Supper: Rocky Mountain Crock Pot Pork Green Chili

Currently Snacking on...

Candy-- Duh

Currently Drinking...


Currently Baking...

No Bake Chocolate Chia Power Balls

Currently Wearing...

Currently Wearing Make Up...

Foundation - Revlon ColorStay

Currently Wearing Nail Polish...

Currently Wearing Scent...

Currently Wearing Hairstyle...

Down with extensions

Currently Burning...

Candle: Ski Lodge
Wallflower: Bergamont Woods

Currently Using in My Wash Room...

Currently On My "To Do" List...

Start working on Childcare final binder
Quizzes for Marketing
Move organized for Tuscaloosa
Work on blog
Work on Planner

Currently Feeling Emotionally & Physically...

Emotionally: Happy
Physically: Amazing

Currently Watching....

Golden Girls: Ma Makes Three

Currently Listening To....

Luke Conrad

Currently Reading....

Currently Doing for Fitness...


Currently Loving...

My job!

Currently Anxious and Praying About...

Jessica and her family
Mrs. Daphne
Nathaniel's Grandma
Odette's dad
Brittany's grandma
My friend who is having twin boys!

Currently Blessed By....

Our family arriving safely

Currently Grateful For...

The love in this town

Currently Excited About...

The Christmas music

Current Favorite Quote, Verse, Line...

Ezekiel 25:17: I will carry out great vengeance on them and punish them in my wrath. Then they will know that I am the LORD, when I take vengeance on them.'"

Currently Buying....


Currently Lusting After....

Currently Playing...


Currently Loving Apps...

iPhone: Google Drive

iPad: Kindle

Currently Crocheting, Sewing, or Knitting...


Current Picture of the Day... 

Snowing on us and the train!