Disney Day 8: A Surprise, Hollywood Studios, and Date Night

DATE DAY!!! Yep that was my first thoughts in my head Friday morning at Disney. Second thoughts? I was seriously bummed we wouldn't get to see Magic Kingdom until the next trip. I literally just wanted to curl back up in the bed and cry. I really despise not having the Magic Kingdom being in my last two days at the parks. It's my link to happiness. It saved my sanity back in November. 

I managed to get up and walked in to the kitchen. Vin was sitting at the bar in the kitchen with hot water already made for me. I remember shyly smiling at him. Edwin was still snoring on the couch bed. We retreated to the outside to drink our tea and coffee. I told him how badly I wanted to go back to Magic Kingdom and he said well why not. I told him because I didn't have it worked into the schedule and he grinned. He took my iPad and tapped on it a lot. Then handed it back. All of our Fast Passes for Hollywood Studio had been changed. I knew he and I had decided not to eat at character breakfast in Hollywood Studio. It had become quite clear Rain no longer had an obsession with Sophia the First. 

I went to go get ready in a lot more happier mood than when I awoke about 30 minutes beforehand. Rain was up and was pulling off her pajamas and I tossed her into the air and told her we were going back to the Magic Kingdom after all. She squealed, which I think woke up Edwin. 

We all had a very rushed breakfast at the food court and made our way onto the bus for Magic Kingdom! 
I was extra excited because were going to see Mickey open up the park! 
Rain was amazed watching it. The dressed up characters arrived by train and after they sing the Magic Kingdom anthem. Sparks fly from Mickey's glove (not going to lie that's another chilling moment) and the rope is dropped welcoming you to the Magic Kingdom!

We didn't have a specific plan so we just walked through the Main Street and then on into Liberty Square.

We stopped and watched the Dapper Dans. Rain just loved them singing!

Rain wanted to ride the Haunted Mansion. She said it was her favorite ride. She loves it when the ride has you going backwards through the graveyard. She loves the music too.

Afterwards she wanted something to drink. Vin told us to go ahead and ride Big Thunder Mtn again. My boss was laughing so hard by the end of Big Thunder Mountain. We all rode Splash Mountain though thankfully none of us rode in the front to get soaking wet. It was really dead in that part of the park still. We had free roam to do whatever we wanted to do really. We watched the Country Bear Jamboree and walked through the general store.

Yep below is what the ride is for Big Thunder Mtn. A run away train!

We walked on to Adventureland with Rain doing her cute priss walk. She begged to ride the Magic Carpets again. So we did. 

Next was something I begged to do. The Tikki Room. I play this in my classroom when it's time for lunch. The kids love it and I love it. Sometimes I will look up the video of the attraction on Youtube for my students and sometimes I just play the music. I know the whole 15-20 minute show by heart! Complete word for word.

Next was Vin's request. The Pirates of the Caribbean! Rain loves this ride. Vin loves the gift shop at the end of this ride. What do I love? Why seeing Johnny Depp of course! 

Ok so it wasn't actually Johnny Depp but hey the castmember looks freakishly like him though! And I have met Tom Cruise before in Disney World. Not once but twice! Different vacations.

We decided to get Dole Whip. Dole Whip is awesome. Creamy, cold delicious pineapple ice cream that is only available at Disney parks and Hawaii. YUM! (Can you see how much I love Dolewhip?) We decided to leave and go ahead and go to Hollywood Studios.

Rain completely freaked out when she got to meet Marie. "Mommy! Mommy! It's little marie!" She was super happy. I elbowed Vin and grinned. Magic Kingdom isn't Magic Kingdom without magic. 

Below was the last look I had walking away from the Magic Kingdom.

We took the monorail to the Transportation Center and got a bus to Hollywood Studios! Rain was wiggling the entire bus ride. 

We all enjoyed the tall trees.

We caught up with some of our friends from the group in the park. We were in the bathroom and I noticed Rain was laughing and I turned around to find Hannah, Celeste, Noelle, Brittany P. and Ridge. We talked for a minute and looked at some of the shops together and then went our separate ways.

I grinned at Vin. He was about to get to drop 13 stories.. repeatedly!

After we rode the Tower of Terror, which was instantly Vin's favorite ride of Walt Disney World, we rode the Rockin' Roller Coaster. Vin liked it but not near as much as he loved the Tower of Terror. We walked through the shops and watch Beauty and the Beast Live.

We still had a little bit of time to kill before our reservations. So we walked into some shops.

We arrived early at 50's Prime Time Cafe. This is an unique restaurant that gives you a 50's feel and the waitress or waiter yells at you if you have bad table manners. No elbows on the table. No "walkie-talkie" gadgets out while eating and waiting. And the throw the plates and utensils down and tell the youngest one to set the table. And they will embarrass some members of the family. When I was younger my dad got put into the corner for not finishing his green beans. 

We even got a tv table!!! It shows old episode of 50's tv shows. Vin and I both loved Father's Know Best episodes!

As I keep saying Disney really knows how to decorate and keep a theme going.

Next was the The Great Movie Ride. All of us, Carolina, Edwin, Madame, Vin, Rain and myself were excited about this ride together. 

We watched the Muppets 3D next! I love the 3D shows at Disney. I love the preshow on this one. I got a huge shock though on my favorite part where Gonzo starts singing "By the Light of the Silvery Moon." I wasn't the only one singing with it. I looked up and Vin was singing it right along with me. I grinned.

And we had to run to Toy Story Mania before our Fast Passes went passed the time. We made it though.

I went easy since I was playing against Rain but Lil Bit can hold on with the shooter. Yep that's my stepdaughter.

We went to the Voyage Little Mermaid show. Rain loved it with all the bubbles. This child made me see the magic of Disney even more than I already do. It was so refreshing.

We stopped for a cupcake to eat later and we left Hollywood Studios.

We rode back on the bus and the little Princess fell asleep. I don't think I will ever get used to her holding onto me like I am the one she has chosen to protect her. We had so many moments on this trip of her calling me mommy when I least expected it. 

We got back to the room and I knew she would get no sleep while all the rest of us started getting ready for date night. My boss, Madame, took Rain down to the lobby of the villas to the sitting room. It was a room with old games and rocking chairs by the fire. 

Carolina and I took over the bathroom that Rain and I shared and the boys took over the one that Carolina and Madame shared. Edwin would use theirs and Vin usually would use ours when getting ready in the morning.

I was excited. More excited than I was willing to admit back then. And I am going to write this because I want to be honest. When first arranging this trip I was suppose to bring my exboyfriend and we were going to eat at Mexico in Epcot. I didn't want that for me and Vin. So I let Vin look up places and let him decide. He picked out one that I had never had. In all 40 something times of going to Disney World I had never eaten at Boatwright. I was very intrigued and excited. 

Boatwrights is located at Port Orleans Riverside which is the Gone with the Wind resort/The Princess Frog resort. Seriously you can either stay in building that look like they are from Gone with the Wind or stay in the Bayou. So it's a lot of fun and it's all one resort! It's sister Resort was where we were on Sunday at the Port Orleans French Quarter.

We got seated next to the fireplace!!!!!

I was so excited! The waitress was super nice and she was from Louisiana herself! When she was going through the beverages I know my mouth fell open.... PRAISE GOD SWEET ICED TEA!!! Vin told her laughing that she just made my vacation. Don't get me wrong I loooove Disney World with my whole heart but for the love of God either get some Mr. Pibb (since they are Coke sponsored) or give me me some sweet tea!!! I guzzled it! I had the first glass gone by the time she came around to take our order. I got the porkchop on a bed of grits with bourbon sauce and onion straws. I am not going to lie I didn't get to take a picture because I was inhaling the food. I loved it and I got the pecan pie as dessert.

We went to the River River Roost Lounge at the Port Orleans Riverside. Yeehaw Bob was doing his usual performance. Now I had seen him before and he is hilarious and super energetic. His piano rocks on rockers while he plays it and he stands up and gets the crowd going. Vin and I ordered a couple of drinks and laughed and really got into the music. He played oldies, Christmas music, and Disney melodies. We left afterwards.

They had a really pretty resort but it was nice to go back home to ours and crash because it had been a long day and we had a few drinks in us. I silently laughed myself to sleep because as I pressed play on my iPad I heard the faint sounds of the same theme song drifting into our bedroom "Thank you for being a friend travel down the road and back again..."

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