Father's Day Uncommon Gift Guide

My dad is a very simple man. He isn't geeky. He doesn't play golf. And as far as his drinking goes, that's simple too. So finding him something he doesn't already have, and will like or use is exhausting for gift giving holidays. Though I think I have finally found the solution. 

The company that has solved my problems with selecting a gift for my dad is Uncommon Goods. They have so many different ways to help find the perfect gift, for anyone really.

The Mirror is Not the Enemy: Be Confident & Bold

Regardless of what anyone says, they have insecurities. Sure, theirs might not be appearances, but something else. We all have them. However, we can all agree that clothes can make us feel better or worse. A starchy blouse is great for the office, but how quickly does that person take off the blouse once she is home? I know I did when I was working as a teacher. Then I started teaching children under the age of 5. Starchy blouses and 4 years old children do not mix well. I learned to dress comfortable. Even then I still felt self conscious. But there are ways to make you feel amazing!

And do not just stick to the same old things!

Wedding Registry - But We Already Have That

Vinny and I are rapidly planning our wedding together. We hit a snag when we started thinking about our wedding registry. We already live together and we pretty much buy what we want. So, what do you get for the people that buy what they want?

We sat down on night with a list of common wedding registry lists and realized most of the stuff on the lists, we already have! So we are gonna have to get creative!