Book Review: Stay by Riley Hart

Book review time! I am so excited to bring this book to you! If you don't care for male/male romance, please just skip.

Dare to stay?

Parties to Have Before You Get Married

The countdown is getting real y'all. Soon I'll be married in the sunny state of Florida, and boom life will change. Life will be one big party!

Speaking of parties though, did you know that many people choose to have other parties leading up to their big special day?! I have a compiled a list of the ones I love and the ones I considered!

4 Resources for Lunch Inspiration

I tell everyone how crazy busy I am, while that's true. I really love taking the time out of my day to fix the kids lunches, even though they are homeschooled. Our children are all over the place with different schedules and different levels of school. I'm grateful to have this time to hopefully convey that I love them so much with food.

“A man may be a pessimistic determinist before lunch and an optimistic believer in the will's freedom after it.”  ― Aldous Huxley

End of Summer Questions

Well school is back in session in lots of places! Which means the end of summer season and festivities. Though here in Alabama it will stay hot until the end of September and maybe on into October. But I want to end summer on a high note!

Every summer has a song...

Summer 2017 Favorites

Back to school used to bring this feeling of dread through me. I even know parents who dread first day of school because their children are a year older and a grade higher. Summer isn't my favorite season (let's be real it's my least favorite), but there are some incredible memories made while the air is warmer.

And just because it's not my favorite season doesn't mean I have do not have some things from this summer!

College Dorm Ideas and 6 Back to School Resources

If you are just starting out with college, congratulations! If you are returning, welcome back to campus! The buzz is still very different than high school and it's amazing. Trust me, there are times I miss the rush of going back to school over every day lives. Only sometimes.

Resources helped me through college and I hope they can you as well!

Top 5 Products of a Preemie Twin Mom: 2 Months

Becoming a mom of twins wasn't what I was expecting at all. Granted I have been the caregiver for twins before but never while they were babies and especially those that are preemies. Queenie and Freddie are so tiny, but so loveable. I love trying new products with them, finding out what works best for my babies.

July 2017 Favorites & Flip Through of the Month in Life Planner

Yes! It's another month closer to fall! It's the end of July! Back to school sales are in full swing, and the last of the sand needs to be shook from your bags and feet, because crunchy leaves are coming!

I hope you enjoy the new monthly favorites & Flip Through of my Erin Condren for the month of July.