Life Aspirations

Thanks to Lisamarie over Paper & Glam, I have been inspired to make a list of things to challenge myself. I am also going to include some of the things that I have already accomplished in my life that were once on this list that I've kept since high school.

a. Earn Masters Degree - April 2011 I graduated from the University of Alabama with my Masters in Teaching. It was such a thrill in all of the despair of April 2011.

b. Become a Business Partner - September 2013 my boss asked if I wanted in on the company and I went for it.

c. Help Save a Life - May 2013 - This picture was actually him getting his scans after he had finished up the last round of chemo after I gave him bone marrow and stem cells. This is his and my favorite picture. SIEMENS is a sponsor of Disney at EPCOT and we both laughed because we knew it was a sign.

d. Become a Home Owner - 2014 January

e. Become a Mom - 2014

f. Become a Boss - 2015

g. Visit London - 2013

h. Visit every continents - So far 6 out of 7!

i. Gone on a mission trip - 2004

j. Work for Disney - 2014

k. Started a Blog - 2013

l. Ran a Half Marathon - 2014

m. Run a Disney race - 2014

n. Run a Marathon - 2015

o. Go to a fashion week - 2013

p. Live abroad for at least half a year

q. Live in a RV for a year

r. Complete an Iron Man

s. Complete a Triathlon

t. Learn cake decorating

u. Go hiking in Hawaii

v. Visit all 50 states

w. Write a Novella

x. Ride the tallest roller coaster in the World



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