Thanksgiving Day 2015 Mini Currents

I know this is out of character for me to do this. I am posting this the day after, but I thought it would a be a nice change to things. We had a really great Thanksgiving. We watched the parade. The whole family came over. We ate too much. We watched Christmas movies. It was a really good time.

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Marilyn Hair Treatment

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Chickfila Chicken nuggets (Do not judge me)

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We Gather Together

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Thankful Thursday; November 26, 2015: Happy Thanksgiving

Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving

"And you will say in that day: “Give thanks to the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the peoples, proclaim that his name is exalted. “Sing praises to the Lord, for he has done gloriously; let this be made known in all the earth." Isaiah 12:4-5

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Today is the last day of Thankful Thursday! It's so crazy to me to know that November 2015 is coming to a close already! It has been a month of traveling but don't worry next Thursday you'll find out all about my travels for the month when I do my monthly favorites and more. Today has been a day that has brought light to many blessings of my year!

Like I said I have done a lot of traveling this month and that is something that I am thankful for this year. Not just that I was able to travel to places, but because I had safe travels. That's really important to me. I'm always more nervous traveling during the holidays, because people are rushing so much. But we had many trips and we arrived safely everywhere so that is a huge blessings.

The next thing I am thankful for is rather odd, but when I told my Bible study group that when we did Thankful Thursday for it to be a deeper gratefulness it was things like this. I am grateful for taxes. Yes, I know there is a huge debate on who should have to pay what and why, and who. But those tax dollar go to things that I do care about in my life. And, yes, I do know that they go to things that they probably shouldn't. Regardless I see roads being paved, kids learning, and libraries. So yes I am thankful for taxes.

The weather has been beautiful in Alabama. It hot, rainy, and humid in Florida while we were there. We were glad when we got to Alabama after being in the humidity. But just like one of our favorite rides at Disney World each weather situation helps. Like the rain forest, "Beneath the surface of the land, roots trap water from the flowing mud, extracting nutrients and minerals. These elements, combined with sunlight, create the diverse living systems of Earth. Although the rain forests make up only a small portion of our planet, they contain more than half of its plant and wildlife species." And that helps the world.

There is a lady that I know who has diabetes, and her eyesight is failing. She has hemorrhaging in both eyes and she cannot see. She has had the problem in one eye for a long time, but not it's occurring in both eyes. She has surgery to hopefully fix the problem on December 2nd. Please pray for her. And this is why I am very thankful that I have all of my senses. I was thinking about while on EPCOT's Journey into the Imagination with Figment. He goes through all of the senses and how it affects your imagination. And without senses sometimes the imagination is halted. And I love having an imagination.

Next on my list is something I sometimes grumble about, but that I am thankful for nevertheless, my job. I love my jobs that I have. I am fortunate to have four paying jobs that I can overlap. Partnering with real estate company and a daycare company, owning a wedding company, and being education consultant to a very well known company these are the things that I love doing. And I also have this blog. I am grateful for the opportunities to work the way that I do!

And finally the last thing I am thankful for this week is family traditions. Sweet potato pies, and pumpkin pies this morning cooking smelled wonderful just like they always have on Thanksgiving morning while watching the parade. There is nothing like watching the Rockettes kick up their feet while sipping hot chocolate. Planning out Black Friday plan of attack after eating so much that you end up more stuffed than the turkey. That's what I am thankful for.

And also today Mewmaw may not have been with us physically, but she was with us. She was with us, but not in pain. For that I am really grateful. My little brother is another year cancer free. My family has grown, but that's okay. The more the merrier.

I hope your Thanksgiving was a blessing! Happy Thanksgiving and remember each day is a day to be thankful for in this life!

Popsugar AND Ipsy November 2015

Hey everyone! I want to let you in on a little secret.... I'm in DISNEY WORLD! Yeah, yeah, I'm here a lot. But this time I'm here with the fam! Like most all of my family! Kids, siblings, aunts, uncles, and a few cousins! But I didn't want to leave you hanging for the weekend, so here is a review!

Let's start with Ipsy! I haven't done a review on Ipsy in a while because so many people do Ipsy reviews. But I figured I would give you a review of the cosmetics that was in this month's bag. Without furtherance here we go!

Coolway Stronghold Spray - This is a product that I didn't realize I needed until I received it. They won't let you bring other kinds of hairspray but they will let bring this kind. I am just wondering how well this will hold up. I will use it and let you know it.

INSPR Beauty Eye Shadow in Carnival - This is a really nice eyeshadow. I love the pigment and the color of it. The shimmer is wonderful with the color. When applied it really layers well or even wearing it sheer is amazing.

ModelCo HIGHLIGHTING TRIO Champagne, Peach Bellini, and Bronze Shimmer - This is probably the product that I love the most. I love trying new highlighters, and this is new and interesting. I think these will be a great for wearing everywhere.

Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure Mascara - This is product is the second most one that I am looking forward to using more. This is guaranteed to lengthen, curl, and volume increase. I would have preferred a more waterproof version.

Crown Brush Deluxe Pointed Crease Brush - Ipsy asks me each time what I product I love the most and I adore brushes. I really think I have an obsession with collecting and using makeup brushes. I buy brushes all the time and test to find the perfect ones. This one is great for a crease brush!

Now onto the Popsugar Must Have Box for the month of November of the year 2015. This box is much better than the October 2015 Must Have Box. I think I enjoy it more because it is getting closer to the holiday season! I love it!

The box had its usual tissue paper and filler for the box of surprises. Though the sticker got a little wayward but that's okay. Everything came in one piece and well protected with bubble wrap. This bunch of products is fantastic! 

Inkdot Gift Card - Inkdot allows you to turn your digital photos into prints, coasters, iPhone cases and more. The information card suggests using this for holiday gifts so this is the “Gifting” part of the box. I think this would be neat for our Disney photos.

Gramr Gratitude Exclusive Thanksgiving Postcard Pack - These are amazing and the box also includes a coupon code for $15 off a Gramr subscription! I am really considering doing this if all the postcards look this amazing! I like things like this for my planner anyhow...

Deepa Gurnani Katie Crystal Headband - This is my favorite in the box... I have already worn it and it's absolutely gorgeous. I really love it. It stays in my hair! Plus with it being real crystals it shimmers!

Capri Blue Mercury Jewel Box in Rain - The Rain scent is okay, but the handblown recycled glass box is incredible. They suggest using it as a jewelry box after you are done with the candle! Plus they sent a discount code for flat $5 shipping and 20% off the entire website!

West Emory Bingo Set -This is totally the “Friends & Family” item from the theme. I am ridiculously excited by this because I LOVE to play Bingo and it’s a game everyone in our household can play. The bingo cards are made from a thick sturdy cardboard which is also what the silver markers and numbers are made out of. It also includes a master board that you can use to mark the numbers that have been called. I do wish that this set included a bag to pull the bingo numbers out of though.

Terrapin Ridge Farms Pecan Honey Mustard - I love different flavored mustards! I know to some people that's really weird, but this with some summer sausages with some cheeses just sound like heaven to me. Which is why I like Hickory Farms so good.

Tarte Cosmetics Beauty & The Box Amazonian Clay Eye Shadow Quad (Apple of My Eye) - I am loving this palette! Omg it is amazing! I am a huge fan of Tarte already! But this is beautiful colors! The fact that you can't buy this actually makes me happy. It's limited edition! It's fantastic! I am wearing this at Disney and loving it!

I hope you enjoyed the unboxing of my Ipsy and Popsugar! I hope you are having an amazing weekend!

Thanksgiving Outfits

Happy Friday Everyone!!!! Another week of 2015 has come and has just about gone! I hope you all have had a wonderful week! I have so far! This grateful girl is learning new things to be thankful for all the time.

Speaking of being thankful, less than a week away is Thanksgiving! Yep, Tom the Turkey and Santa, will (hopefully) be on your screen announcing that the Christmas season is upon us! And that's pretty special to me this year. Since this year has passed as it has I have learned to really cherish my family, new and old. I am not guaranteed tomorrow and neither are any of them.

So I have found a few outfits for the big Turkey Day! I am linking the Polyvore links below each picture. Enjoy!

This is exactly what a southern girl needs when it comes to Thanksgiving outfits... Outfits that are breathable. Its not cold in the south when Thanksgiving comes around, and if it is, it's not very cold. So these are perfect options, and a great start to the sets I have picked out!

I really love 2-4 in this set! Don't get me wrong one is okay, but it's not my stile. The rest of the outfits I see me wearing on Thanksgiving Day scoping everything out. Plus the rest are very functional. This is my favorite set!

This set is unique! I like the edgy vibe I get from the entire set. Yet it has hints of preppy girl mixed in. These would also work well for Black Friday shopping as well.

I love how this set is really laid back. Even the more dressy outfits still have a comfort aspect to them. And I love that on Thanksgiving Day. Room to grow with all that turkey! Gobble gobble!

I hope you enjoyed this selection of outfits for Thanksgiving! Let me know if you want to see more of these time outfits in the comments. And Happy Friday!

Thankful Thursday, November 19, 2015

What's up ya'll? It is Thursday again already! Wow this month is really flying by! I mean hello did it not just seem like I was writing my first Thankful Thursday? And we are now on our third week! Soon it will be the fourth, which means the big day of being thankful!

I thank my God every time I remember you,  always praying with joy for all of you. - Philippians 1:3-4

First on my list this week is slightly cliche, but I am really grateful for this. My family, who really is my backbone. Not just the family I grew up with, or the family that I have now. I mean all of my family, friends, cousins, aunts, uncles. I am very grateful that we might fight and bicker, but it's our way of love. And we stand unitedly together. We are each other's safety net.

Secondly, my best friend... I know you are probably tire of hearing about her on here because I talk about her a lot. But I don't know where I would be without my best friend. We spend hours together, talking, brainstorming, swapping ideas, and coming up with unforgettable memories. Jessica, is the one of the few people I trust with just about any secret I have. 

The safety of the Lord. I feel at peace even with all the world's events going on. God gives me the peace I need to just let go and be. I know I have already said that I am grateful for the gift of prayer. But I am also thankful for the peace the Lord gives me in times of need. 

Memories of my Mewmaw are on my list this week. Many of the memories don't have a true significance other than I smile when thinking about them. Like the time she bought me and my cousin water guns and we soaked my brothers and his sisters. Just a lot of memories have hit and sometimes I just feel like curling up and crying, I know that isn't what she would want me to do. 

Medicine is on my my list this week because I have been dealing with sinus crud that has really been annoying. I mean me and my left nostril have went rounds because it decides when it wants to build up and dry up. And finally it decided to throw a tantrum and run and run down the back of my throat! But thanks to Mucinex I am keeping it at bay! YAY!

My amazing coworkers have really shown me love and support all year long. I have had coworkers in the past come back into my life this year and they have been there for me. From being at my Mewmaw's funeral to having my back when there is an argument at work. My new coworkers are amazing. They put up with working for me and with me. They are a good Christian bunch and have a really good attitude.

And last but not least for this week I am grateful for the chance to go on vacation with my family. So many families either can't do that or some don't even want to do get together. Sometimes our family members do something that we aren't proud of and that's ok. They are human just like you are. I am grateful that God gave me the family that He did. Even if they do streak from time to time.

Beautiful Lengths

When Influenster announced to me that I had a new campaign starting I was excited, especially since it was Pantene! But it wasn't just for the brand. Its about a project of Pantene's.

"Pantene created Beautiful Lengths because healthy hair means a lot to us, and the appearance of healthy hair means so much to women battling cancer. Since the program began in 2006, Pantene Beautiful Lengths has created more than 42,000 wigs from more than 800,000 generous hair donations from people across the United States and Canada, which have been the driving force behind the cause." To me this is amazing! Every woman deserves beautiful hair with or without cancer and this is proves it!

To begin with I decided on just donating $8 to the project. But as the days went on and my hair grew longer and I was reminded about the campaign I decided to go for the cut. I was ready for something new with my hair anyhow. Because I have been unsatisfied with my hair for awhile. I usually have someone in my family or sometimes one of my friends cut my hair. But I decided to sign up for a salon and let them cut my hair into layers.

I absolutely love the fact that I did this and that the donation is going to a good cause! For my inspiration of the cut I wanted I went for two different pictures. One was the type of cut and one for true inspiration of why I was doing the cut.

These both really made me feel better about the cut I wanted. Children with cancer are something I truly understand. And little boys hate losing their hair as well. I strongly recommend joining this cause and for more information on it check out this website; Pantene Beautiful Lengths Fund

Thankful Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Now, our God, we thank you and praise your glorious name."
- 1 Chronicles 29:13

Welcome back for another week of giving thanks. If you missed the first week, that's alright. I understand and if it's your first time here, welcome! Last week's post was very direct and very much about God. Because that's who I give my thanks to every day. This week, as I wrote down what I was grateful for each day out of all the blessings for that day, I found myself writing down the things that once again I take for granted. It was amazing to see how the impact of my life is changing because I am breaking down the things that I take for granted.

Traveling is something that I have always loved. From the moment I was born I have been traveling. My parents were set on getting me to Disney within the first 3 months of my life, and they succeeded. And here I am 25 years later still traveling to all the Disney Parks. That is something that I really do take for granted. I am constantly hearing people talk about how it would be a once in a lifetime trip to go to Disney World. Realizing that I just popped into the parks in Disney World any ole time because I am an annual passholder sometimes I get lost in that. And right now I am in Disneyland writing this.

Safety is my next grateful subject because this week started off shaky. Our private plane crashed. No one was hurt, but it was scary. I succeeded in brushing it off as nothing, but I was scared to begin with when I first heard the alarm. Then I prayed and this wave of calm just fell on me. I am grateful for the safety of God's hands. I also grateful to be traveling with my running buddy, Chris at the time.

Speaking of running, that's next on my list. I am so grateful for finally getting into fitness. Fitness is something that I love, and I love finding new ways to implement it into my life. Right now I am looking into Pure Barre, and starting to train for a triathlon. Being able to try out these fitness regime is something that I take for granted. But God has given me this body and I intend to take care of it while having fun!

Cloudy, cold, and the wind blowing, doesn't sound like a good day to a lot of people, but for me, those are the best days. I feel more alert. I can breath better, and the sun is blaring in my face so I can enjoy the daylight a little bit more. Though those days have been few for me lately. But I am grateful for the rain God gives us, (I am having a hard time not singing Rain Is a Good Thing by Luke Bryan) because there are so many blessings God gives us through the weather. And its not just the whiskey.

Have you ever watched a child play pretend? It's an amazing feature to watch. Especially as toddlers, they can turn anything into whatever they want it to be. A regular wooden block can be turned in to a phone. Imagination is something that is being forgotten into today tech world. Sure sometimes imagination can be a bad thing where your mind goes wild with worry. But a good daydream is can relieve stress. I am grateful that I do have an imagination and I haven't lost that at all.

Keeping up with children, work, friends, and family can be exhausting. But God gives me so much energy. I see so many moms caving into doing things that they shouldn't because they are tired. I am not mom bashing, but don't do things for your children that they have responsibility to do themselves. Help them, teach them, and grow with them. Find life's energy to be a good mom and help your children. Take care of your body, and have the energy to take care of your family and yourself.

And last but not least, Vincent Mallone, actually made it on my list this week. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for him each and every single day, but this week was different. Vin and I have a different kind of relationship. We can be in the same room, and yet we talk through a screen because it's quieter that way. But he surprised me by coming out to Disneyland to support me in this week's races. He brought new music with him. And we have actually talked. Now if some people heard what we have talked about, they wouldn't say it's romantic, but to us it is. We have been discussing an OTP, one that you should know if you read my blog; Fremione. This makes us both come alive. God really knew what he was doing when he gave me this man as a friend and then as significant other.

That's all for this week folks! Let me know what you are thankful. If you want to read more of thankfulness hop over to my bestie's page and read her Thankful Thursday. Like I said our Bible Study group is doing Thankful Thursdays all November long!

October 2015 Favorites & More

Happy November Everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! We had a blast! It was perfect weather for a huge Fall Festival in the mountains! I'm in Disney World right. It's the Food and Wine Half Marathon Weekend! I will fill you in come Sunday how the races are going!

There are a lot of food items on here, but I was able to sit down and enjoy some of the treats from my subscription boxes this month instead of letting the kids and Vinny have everything!

Pho Lawless Jerky - This is so delicious. Granted I love Pho, but this jerky was amazing! I love jerky even more when it becomes cold weather because it just feels nice.

Masala Pop - We tried all the flavors and loved all of them. It was fun to try different flavors of popcorn.

Oozing Eyeballs 2.8oz Bags Assorted Jelly-Filled Marshmallows Eyeballs - These were really fun for me and the kids both. They were good for little lunch pick me ups!

Nikki's Cookies Halloween 2 Cookie Pack - I received these in a subscription box, and I also bought a bunch for the fall festival. These were super delicious!

Erin Baker's Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Cookie - These are awesome! I am so glad I went ahead and bought these too after getting them in a subscription box. I will be ordering more of these because they are perfect with tea and coffee. I really enjoyed mine with a banana every morning.

WarPaintGoods Bride Tote Bag - The etsy shop this is from was closed through the 31st, but she has reopened. I received this in my Bridal Box. I am now using this tote to carry all wedding essentials.

Spruce and Fresh Golden Girl  - This is the first out the scrubs I fell in love with during this month! It's citrus and just feels and smells so good! 

Honest Company Lavender Vanilla Salt & Sugar Scrub - THIS IS AN AMAZING SCRUB!!! It's amazing. It looks like apple sauce and is so hydrating! This is a year favorite for sure!

Onto books for the month (YES I READ IN OCTOBER!)

The Wizard of Oz - This was never really on my radar to read, but it was a free banned book. I actually caught myself reading this over doing other things. It's actually quite long and different from the movie so it kept my attention!

Winter Song - I received this books as part of a giveaway. The author is super nice and she signed the book. Plus she sent me her ebook which I have yet to read. But I'm sure it will be good. Check out +Jennifer McMurrain's other books here; Goodreads Author Jenniver McMurrain.

Haunted on Bourbon Street - This book just didn't keep my attention like I was hoping it would. I did like it, but I didn't love it. I love more history in my books these days. This might actually be too modern? I know that sounds weird, but it's true.

The Time Machine - This books is pretty old. It was first published in 1895! It really kept my attention. I was holding my breath. This books was wonderful for me. I was glad to read it for my book of the future! 

And of course my lookback for the month of October in my Erin Condren!

Thankful Thursday: November 5, 2015

Let the peace that Christ gives control your thinking, because you were all called together in one body to have peace. Always be thankful. (Colossians 3:15)

As promised from last week I am starting Thankful Thursdays where I recap everything that has happened to make me grateful for the life that I have. Each day I am giving praises to God for so many things, but I want to really stress one thing each day to Him. The things that I may overlook every other day. 

Starting off my list is something that has really been weighing in on my mind. So many countries don't allow people to freely declare they are Christian. Granted it is getting harder to do in the USA, because people are being murdered for saying that they are. But I am still grateful to say that I am. I can boldly say that I believe in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. I believe that He died to save us from sin.

To follow up after that on my list I have that I can read my Bible publicly. People don't understand the amazing thing that is to be able to freely take your Bible and read it. To find comfort in God's word all the time is extraordinary. There is a reason it is the most read book of all time.

That being said, I live in a country where I have the freedom to choose what I read in my life. I have shelves of bookstores and libraries filled with different opinions, imaginations, and history. Having the freedom to read all of those words is a blessing that so many Americans take for granted. People find it amazing the things that I have learned from the Golden Girls, but one of the many things is when Stan's cousin visits. She arrives with her country just coming out from communism, she isn't sure how to deal with life. And she talks about the freedom to read books.

My education is always (and should always be) on my list of things I am thankful for all the time. This week it stood out to me, because my education was very different from today's education. I learned to write cursive, I knew my address before starting 1st grade, and I knew how to spell over 3000 words before the 3rd grade. That isn't the same anymore. So at the end of the day while I am reading horrendous stories about the education today I just silently praise the Lord for my education, and give Him an extra thank you for allowing me to homeschool my children.

The next them on my list for this week may come as a shock to many. I am known for not trusting to many doctors, nurses, etc. I am the one that will get three different opinions before believing anyone or what they have to say if I think they are quack. But I am grateful for the nurses and therapists that have really helped my children with special needs. They have been a saving grace for us. To really help our children strive where other children with the same things are lacking. It warms my heart to see my children achieving so many goals when other people said that they couldn't. 

Speaking of health, I might have a cold, but I am grateful that's really the only thing ailing me. I have low blood sugar and seizures, but God has really prevented any of those from being a hindrance to me. My health could be a lot worse because I see the little children fighting for their lives. The people that are in comas or trying to survive cancer. I pray that they may find healing. 

And last but not least, that I am able to provide nutritional food for my family. Notice I didn't say healthy or whole, vegan, paleo, etc... I provide food for my family. That should be enough for anyone. People are seriously getting ridiculed each day for what they purchase. Yes I have problem if all your child eats is things from a Little Debbie boxed along with fast food items, then yes I have a problem with that. But just because fruits and stuff aren't organic? No be grateful for the food on the table. Just make sure it's nutritional especially if the child[ren] are those with special needs. 

Thank you for reading my post today! What's on your thankful list?