My Weekly Errands

Being a mom ( a woman in general) usually means you have some errands to run. I make me a list out at the beginning of the week of places I need to go. Most of the time there are a few more that pop up that I have to do on a whim. Sometimes the whim ones don't show up in my planner. But sometimes they do.

Flylady recommends having an Errands Day. I tried my hardest to set a day each week to do errands. That didn't happen for me. So I write my errands to do for that week. This is usually based on my shopping list that I make on Sundays and the coupons I clip out as well. Sometimes there is a special item in quest for me and that's why a certain place makes it on my errand list.

This was the week of Valentine's Day; February 8th through February 14. This was before we went to Disney World so I had several things to pick up for our upcoming trips. We were also still in North Carolina for most of this as well. Which is another reason why an Errand Day didn't work out for me.

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This is from New Year's Week. I was preparing for the new year by redecorating. Finding the devotional that my Facebook group is doing this year, and shopping for groceries.

Weekly the places that show up on my "Errands/Places To Go" are:
  • Target - This is ALWAYS in my planner. I go to Target two times a week. I have to literally be out of the country to not go to Target. I am truly a Target addict. I will admit that
  • Micheals/Joann's/Hobby Lobby - I love craft stores and I go quite often. This is for crafts, decor, and planner things.
  • Aldi/Trader Joe's/Whole Foods/Fresh Market - I like to grocery shop. I like that Tuscaloosa is slowly bringing more options for grocery shopping. However, for Whole Foods and Trader Joe's I still have to go to Hoover, but I do it!
  • Ulta/Sephora - Being a makeup addict I am constantly going in here to see what's new. I love these stores. I am a huge member of their beauty clubs. 
  • Credit Union - Sometimes I will run to the bank for my sister, but everyone else I know uses the credit union that I do so it's easy for me to run through there for everyone.
These are the ones that show up most often. I usually have few things like Bath and Body Works, Bama Fever. Just places that pop up with a coupon or I need a certain item.

Now I will admit that I love Errand Day videos on Youtube. I don't know why I love to just curl up at watch Youtube videos of things that I do. It makes me wonder about what other products people use and such. I just love daily vloggers and vloggers in general.

Where are your weekly errands to? Do you like to watch Errand Day videos? Who do you like to watch the most?

Where I like to be "Goofy" While at Disney!


There is so much to do at Disney. There is really something for everyone. But what about some quiet time. Time to just be goofy and have a vacation? Disney has that too! The pools are mostly hopping with tiny humans, that people call their children, including my own, so it's not as quiet. These are my little nuggets of quietness!

The arcades - Many of the resorts have arcades. I have played some of my best air hockey games at the arcades! They are very spacious and have several different games. Sometimes if you have older children and younger children in the same room it's better to take the older

Trails - Sometimes I really need to get away from the hustle and bustle that Disney sometime can produce. Even my resort room or villa can seem to make me feel claustrophobic. So I like to go for a stroll. Even at some resorts there are hammocks.

Monorail - Sometimes it's just nice to ride the monorail around and look at other deluxe resorts. I always used to have a park hopper, but now that I am an Annual Passholder I just walk through EPCOT and walk through the loop of Deluxe hotels there as well. It's nice and refreshing and still lots to see and do!

Gift Shop - Since I ALWAYS stay on Disney property I love the fact that you can have the things that you buy sent back to the resort and you pick it up at your gift shop of the resort! I think they do this to sucker you into buying more things while you are there, which I don't mind. I love it. I love spending a few minutes in the gift shop each day.

Lobby - Sometimes if I am tired of walking I don't feel like standing at the arcade or the gift shop, or walking trails or to the parks to get the monorail I simply just relax in the lobby. I stake me out a good chair most of the it's an area where no one is. Just a chair put there for someone like me who takes her planner or a book and has some time to herself while at Disney.

She's Got A Dream

At the beginning of the year I joined the rest of the Paper & Glam: God & Glam group on reading two books: Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are  and Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort of Joy. Simple Abundance is the one I want to talk about today. One of the things it talks about is finding your authentic self.

Authentic self? Am I honest with myself? Do I pick things based on magazines and media? Who does my authentic self look like? The fact is something unique I realized. I am my unique self for the most part. Sure there are days that I have to bite back what I normally would say if the situation was different.

I have dreams like everyone else. My deepest dreams are  too personal to post, but rest assure I do not have the perfect life that is in my subconscious. But who of us is perfect?

I've a got dream; I want to dance on stage one more time in my life. I have several times in my life, but I want to a few more times. I love the heat of the lights and buzzing of the music in my feet. I love the control of dance. You know a dance is good when you don't even have to think about the moves you just move.

That is one of the reasons I am looking forward to my wedding because I know there will be tons of dancing that night. That is one of the things I love about Vin we don't have to have all the things choreographed.

What is a dream you want so bad? One that only you know about? I'm willing to help anyone feel encouraged to go after their dream!

Mini Currents 02.13.16

Sometimes it's better to just be nice and work the best way you can. Working on a Saturday right before we leave was not something I had entirely planned but I was glad that I did. Considering my entire staff was working, I was kind of glad for the heart shaped biscuits. It kind of implied that I really appreciated the staff working the whole weekend! We did run by some stores before heading to the mountains for the weekend.

More information about my currents and Mini Currents: Why CurrentsCurrents
And why I no longer do currents daily: Tea Time with Hunter Volume 5


Favorite Beauty Product:

Favorite Hair Product:

Fekkia Apple Cider Shampoo

Favorite Food of the Day: 

Chickfila biscuit

Favorite Song:

Favorite Line from the book I'm reading:

"When you love someone, its never over. You move on, because you have to but you take them with you in your heart." - Kissed by an Angel (Kissed by an Angel #1-3) by Elizabeth Chandler

Favorite Pin I Found on Pinterest or Favorite YouTube Video of the day:

Favorite thing taking place in the future:

Princess Half Marathon

My Morning Routine

What are some of the rituals that you have in the mornings? What is your routine that your ritual is a part of? How long do you have to yourself and God?

My days might be crazy but I can assure that you no matter where I am my mornings look similar. To me it's the best way for my, crazy busy or extremely laid back, days to start the same. It is still evolving in some parts, but for now it's what I love.

  • First off I start my day by simply praying. This was a ritual that took forever to get down because sometimes I just wanted to start my day or go to the bathroom.
  • Then it's time for me to take my temperature since I have started charting for when we start trying for a family I can know my body well. If you want to know more about our TTC journey you can go to the blogs called: Surprise: TTC Journey Begins! and Our Prenatal Journey is Beginning
  • Potty break time!
  • Wipe time! No not from the bathroom but my face and body gets a wipe over with a wipe before start getting ready for a workout. I use Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes for my face to get all of my grime of sleep off of me. And I use Honest Wipes for my body.
  • Especially during the cold months I make sure I am moisturizing my face and lips in the brisk cold air. I am loving First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer and Chapstick Total Hydration Soothing Oasis.
  • I suit up after that. I have mostly been running lately so that's what we will go with for this post. I have also been doing the Tone It Up (TIU) workouts as well. So my running counts as my Booty Call which is really about getting your heart rate up.
  • As I make a peanut butter and oatmeal smoothie, I wake up my daughters that like to run with me. I make sure they are suiting up and getting ready.
  • I give them each a peanut butter bagel. (Note: Not all of my children get up at this time. I take the ones that want to go. I have some that are just as serious about working out as I am. I do give them the option to get up and exercise with me, but it's not mandatory for them to get up and run.)
  • Everyone has their water bottles ready and I make sure I have both my running one and my resting one.
  • We all stretch and I strap on my ankle weights and wrist weights.
  • They run their amount with their daddy (Vin) and I keep going on my training runs. If I am not recovering my usual is for 8-10 miles. I push for 10 because I get the most out of it.
  • Stretching afterwards makes me realize that I have pushed my body. I read my First 5 while making my bed.
  • At this point I either go for my TIU workout or I go get a shower. Either way the next step involves a shower at some point.
  • Now my getting ready routine is still being hashed out at this point. I usually put a leave-in conditioner and catch up on Facebook while enjoying a post workout smoothie.
  • I dry my hair first before I do anything else. I don't know I'm weird. Products on my hands from lotion and makeup make me squirm when touching my hair.
  • After that it's time for me to moisturize! All over!
  • I dress and get ready.
  • Brush those teeth!
  • The kids are usually all up at the point that I'm down the stairs. I usually don't get to eat with them if I'm working that day. If I'm not working I sit down with them.
And that's really the start to my morning. My alone time comes at night. When I can get really enjoy being quiet and still. How does your mornings go? 

The Big Game, Followed By the Big Question

So every where I have looked today people are talking about the super bowl. The kittens and puppies have their bowl. There is a debate on whether that bowl of chips is really worth the break in your diet (it is!) But me I'm not a huge Panthers' fan or a huge Broncos' fan, meh. What I am a fan of is after the game....

When you wish upon a star make no difference who you are...

"I'm going to go to Disney World!"

That's what I'm excited about!

Because I can remember being a little kid and watching the super bowl game with my dad. I can always remember the big question after the big game! Now I get to share that love with my children!

So who are you hoping goes to Disney World?

Disney Reads Day

It's Disney Reads Day! Disney stores, almost, everywhere are having storytelling time! It's a chance to get children excited about reading. Plus, if you haven't check out some of the books Disney releases you need. Yes, Disney releases books as well every year, not just movies!

An idea came to after I search for a Disney reading challenge. I took one and made it my own. I love challenges that I sign up throughout life. It's fun to test what's possible for me. I cannot wait to expand on this idea! 

Why a Disney reading challenge? Well there are plenty books to read if you want to know what the movies are based on. You could even some of the fairy-tales they are based on. But instead I thought it would be interesting to take whatever genre you prefer and make it Disney! This is something that I love doing it turning everyday moments and things into something Disney related!

I hope you join me on this celebration!

★ Disney Inspired Challenge ★
Will you accept this magical challenge?

How it works

-You may use books from other challenges
-You may NOT use books you read prior to the start date.
-You may choose your books before hand or as you go.
-All or nothing; no picking and choosing from each category

Posting format: Book Link (rating) Date completed

Duration: 6 months from start date

Start Date: Person's Discretion

Difficulty Levels
Easy: One story category
Medium: Two story categories
Hard: Three story categories
Boss: All four story categories

The Challenge

Snow White & The Seven Dwarves
A book with a cover that has fruit on it
A book with a white cover
A book whose main character is extremely beautiful
A book which the main characters' love interest rescues them in some way

The Little Mermaid
A book that features a mermaid, siren, etc.
A book with a cover that features water
A book that features a forbidden relationship
A book that features a main character leaving an old life behind

The Beauty & The Beast
A book with a yellow cover
A book that features a characters insecurities
A book which the title has rose or roses in it.
A book that takes place in the past (historical)

Peter Pan
A book that features trees or is green
A book about fairies or fae
A coming of age story
A book that features jealousy

What other categories would you like to see made? I am thinking of adding several other movies as time goes on! Some of the categories I'm already involve the Disney Parks and their resorts as well!
  • Overview Disney World
  • Overview Disneyland
  • EPCOT: Future World
  • EPCOT: World Showcase
  • California Adventure
  • Pop Century Resort
  • Polynesian Village Resort
  • Frozen
  • Lilo & Stitch
Let me know how you like this idea! Plus, I want to know what you read and how you rate it! I'll keep you updated on mine as well. Who knows we may ditch the time duration and just let it be an ongoing reading challenge!

January 2016 Favorites & Lookback

IT'S FEBRUARY!!!!! Which means it's time for January favorites!

Let's see where to start? Because this month has lead me coast to coast, out of the country, sledding, skating, etc. It has been a beautiful month.

The year/month started out with me making major goals. Not just seeing something on Instagram and writing goals. I mean like thought provoking, changing my life up goals. I was in the mountains for the beginning of the year so I had plenty of space to think about everything.

Arriving back into Tuscaloosa for a short while I was offered a side job with someone I respect and admire. We are still talking about it. But it's still exciting part of my new year. Then we left for Disney World the first full week of January.

I ran the Dopey Challenge which is 48.6 miles in 4 days. I loved every second of it, but I wasn't done yet. We boarded the Disney Dream and enjoyed the Bahamas and Castaway Cay. This is where I ran the Castaway Challenge--- Twice.

Now this is a bit of story, because it makes me look like an idiot. We ran that morning after getting off the ship. I ran it and had breakfast. Then I apparently slept. When I woke up and was wifi talking to my friend I for some reason thought we were just docking and was having to run again. I wasn't suited up or anything just ran. Poor Vin was chasing after me, screaming. We aren't really sure what was wrong with me. But it's a great story to tell everyone.

When we finished up our cruise we hoped on a plane and headed for California. We picked up a fellow runner-who is just as of addicted to running as we are. We ran the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend the Light Side. Not only did we do the Rebel Challenge which was the half marathon and the 10K but we also did the 5K. So by the time I got home I had put 73.1 miles on those poor shoes, (76.2 if you want to get technical.)

We arrived home in Alabama for a short while. We were there for like 3 days until we decided to go back to North Carolina... We got to endure Blizzard Jonas 2016! It was a blast! I went from one week enjoying the relaxing 75 degree beach to 19 degrees 14 inches of snow! We went sledding, ice skating, made snowmen, and made igloos.

Vin went Orlando the last weekend in January. He was there for Harry Potter Celebration Weekend. It was his third year in a row. He loves it. 

That sums up my month. Below are my favorites and of course the Lookback!

Eye Makeup Product - Chocolate Bon Bons Too Faced Palette - I received this for Christmas and I just fell in love with it. I love the colors. The mattes and the sparkles. I love the heart shape boxes for getting the product on the brush too!

Eye Makeup Brush Coast Scents Eye Shadow Brush BR-C-N02 - This brush came in some Ipsy bag, but I really love it. It's great size and holds the product well! Loose or pressed shadow works with this brush!

Face Makeup Product - Tarte Smooth Operator - I have been using a cream based highlighter, bronzer and blush so this has been fantastic to soak up excess oils.

Face Makeup Brush -Ecotools Complexion Collection Mattifying Finish Brush - I have a whole series of things about this brush. It's fantastic and is staying a favorite for face powder!

Lip ProductChapstick Total Hydration Soothing Oasis - This is a first for me. One because I have been able to keep up with this. Two, because I'm not constantly reapplying it. Twice a day and I love it! It doesn't dry out my lips!

Hair Care ProductHead & Shoulders Strong and Full - I have been having hair trouble with all the traveling, my immune system, and the climate changes. This is helping my hair get back to normal.

SkincareFirst Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer - This is something that I wanted to test out while I'm running in frigid temperatures. This has saved my skin this winter! I love it!

Shower/Bath ProductGlazed Apple Feel Good Tin - This set was gift to me for Christmas. It smells heavenly! I love the scrub and the body wash!

Game - Oregon Trail - I haven't played this as much this month. I just got kind of tired of it. But I have still played it some.

YouTube Channel/YouTuberPaper & Glam - Her videos are inspiring. Her groups on Facebook have changed my life.

Book/StoryThe Drake Series Complete Collection: Book 1 - 3 of the Drake Series by S. E. Lund. Oh this series was recommended to me from a good old friend of me. He loves <free> books and the series was free. It's a little like Fifty Shades of Grey, but not entirely.

Song/Album - Haunted Mansion Song - It's more than usual this month that I have been listening to it. I have even been running to it.

MovieStar Wars: The Force Awakens - I finally seen this aboard the cruise ship one morning. It was amazing!

Pinterest Pin -

Disney Moment - I think my major Disney moment was when Vin surprised me in California since he was suppose to go home and stay at home after the cruise.

Running/FitnessNike Air Zoom Pegasus 23 Flash iD - I know these are expensive but these are shoes I now swear by again and again. They withstood sand, snow, dirt, and all kinds of pavement for me. I have already purchased three more pairs because I'm that addicted to running in these.

Food - I would have to say A Strawberry Walks into a Bar. These are so delicious and the apples ones are amazing too!

Spotlight Etsy ShopMeeDigiScrap - I fell in love with printable planner stickers. This was just the start of my addiction to the cheapness of the stickers and I can print them as often as I want!

Favorite Prompt from Listers Gotta List - My Big Accomplishments - It was awesome to see what I have conquered in my life!

February 2016 Goals

It's the start of the new month which means Monday blog posts! I am excited to share this with all of you. These are my goals for February. They aren't gigantic life changing goals, but they are on the way to changing my life and that's what matters.

  • Read 4 books -- Including the one for The Paper & Glam Book Club
  • Overcome a huge obstacle that I'm not looking forward to dealing with.
  • Pray more
  • Dig deeper into God's Will with my friends!
  • Plan out health visits again
  • Clean up bedroom
  • Make more meals
  • Enjoy a pampering night every week
  • Backlog Blogs that really need to go up!