April 2016 Goals

So long March! April is here and I'm loving it so far. There are few bumps in my plans, but naturally things are more green for everyone these days! So I have a few goals for the month! This month will go by quick for me because two weeks out of the month I'll be Disney "vacaying!" So this is my list!

  • Go home to my dad's for supper on Tuesday nights.
  • Find a few new hats. Wear them! I love hats and I love wearing them. So why I don't wear them? Because I'm afraid of the backlash, but I'm tired of living timidly.
  • Sew something. Knit, or crochet even! I miss this. I really do, because I was making so many things that I loved!
  • Go through and clean out my clothes! Lets be real how many times am I really going to wear neon things? Not too many so why do I have a whole section of neon things?
  • Clean out and up makeup collection. Shop for new! Do I need this as a goal? Yes.
  • Find some new music. I have downloading a grand total of 11 songs since the beginning of the year. That's unacceptable.
  • Collect rain water and wash my hair with it. Apparently Victorian women thought this made your hair soft. Oh well why not?
  • Vintage finds everywhere! Embrace my love for things vintage and make it a little modern (and a little Disney.) That way the vintage things will be completely me.
  • Get back into Listersgottalist
  • Be a part of the book talk.
  • Feel accomplished with the new Bible Study system!
That's all I have for this month! What are some of your goals for the month?

What I Love About My Friendship with A Pop of Jess

You've seen her before in my post, but this post is going to be different. We are friends on the blogging world, but in real life it's hard to put a piece of paper between us. We are that close.

Jessica, of A Pop of Jess, and I met three years ago. We met through mutual friends and an our ex. Well our ex now, at the time he was just her ex. Which made for interesting conversation right off the bat. We clicked instantly. Some would say I clung onto her for dear life. I probably drove her crazy messaging her all the time.

Regardless of what happened something happened and it was instant friendship. I think we became even more close once he dumped me. And then the one night that I called her. I won't ever forget her going "You have a cute voice." Oh dear lord she got to hear my "professional" voice. Now she gets the rowdy down in the dirt country voice.

So what is it about her I love? Well technically my personality pretty much that makes that easy for me to answer you. I have a checklist in my head in order for you to get "close friend" status.

  • Jessica didn't question anything. She was just there for me. She wasn't nosey just curious and I love that about her to this day. If she thinks is going to set me off by asking she usually goes into the question slowly.
  • She doesn't comment about things that everyone else seems to. Which kind of goes beside the first one. She just accepted that I am crazy whackadoodle that loves Disney and therefor, goes all the time.
  • She has huge passion for creativity. And she has unique tastes too. Where she likes abstract and florals, I prefer straight lines and whimsical things. It's an interesting combination.
  • She isn't one for just up and trying things. She has to be coaxed and I'll about pushing her off that cliff. Peer pressure friendship! It's a joke. Trust me.
  • It's hard on us both to go without talking to each other every single day. I mean like every single day. Whether it is a few messages on Facebook messenger or a phone call we will hear from each other.
  • Pinterest parties is something we started and love doing. We have slacked off some, but maybe we will get back into it.
  • Planner... Seriously that was something extremely dangerous to give us. Did we really start the planner thing back in 2014?!? Gawd we are getting old!
  • Stickers... again this goes along with the one before it.
  • Amanda... When Jessica's child came up with Amanda I swear part of me died laughing. Nothing beats Amanda... Though I wish someone would. I will pay! Oh and beat with a stop sign and frozen water balloons.
  • Some people refuse to pass gas in front of their friends like Jessica. But she just knows my awesomeness is escaping.
  • She accepts the fact that my cousin uses emojies that look like condoms licking the screen during our online Bible study.
  • She is gorgeous in her own way. While she has low body image I adore her for what she is and how she looks. Which is why I am a strong supporter of stopping body shaming.
  • She respects my lists and my personal bubble. She knows where the limits are.
  • She's super smart. Sure there are small mistakes, but we all make them. And there are some things we just aren't meant to remember.
  • She reads and I love that. But she also reads to her kids and my kids and pretty much the whole freaking neighborhood.
  • Most selfies aren't posted without sharing with each other first. "Profile worthy." "You sure?" "Okay.."
  • Dancing with the Stars... Those moments are epic.
  • The tears that are easily cleared up with reminders of our blunders.
  • The calls about "serious" stuff with our guys.
  • Gripes about people who grind on our nerves and the name calling ensuing and plots to kick their butts without actually physical.
  • The sibling list... Best friend made a list of my siblings... And my kids... I'm sure when she moves in beside there will be a list of my pets...
  • Knowing what is actually in Chris's shoe in the closet or was it Frankie's?
  • She rarely uses conversation fuller with me. And when we do we try to keep the conversation. Plus we under the need to not say "Cool."
  • Dragon Breath is not a wax tart.. (Though it would be an interesting one for sure.)
  • Happier posts about each other.
  • We are each other's biggest fans when it comes to anything and everything. 
  • Prayers for each other over the tiniest little things.

So what are some of the things you love about your best friend? The inside jokes? The things you can't be completely truthful about?

This Belle and Tink will be friends for a long time.