Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!

Enjoy this survey! Enjoy the witching hour!!

Disney Halloween 2016 Survey

We are home from Disney World and we had a blast! We enjoyed a few days as a huge big family. This was one of our shortest trips ever. But we still packed in a lot of things. I thought to get us ready for tomorrow why not answer some Disney Halloween Questions.

12 Ideas for a Night with Your Best Friend

There is something I look forward to every day and that is talking my talking to my best friend. And spending time with her is amazing! So why not compile a list of things to do with a best friend for a night because having a spa night or Netflix and chill is so over done by now. So here are some ideas that A Pop of Jess and I would be totally down for anytime!

Thankful Thursdays Will Be Back in November!

Only one more week left of October! That's so crazy to me! Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I've decided to bring Thankful Thursday back to my blog this year. Last year it was really amazing to see that I could come up with an entire blog post about what I was thankful for in a week. It made me happy and helped me see so many wonderful things.

Thankful Thursdays include one Bible verse, and six to seven thankful thoughts. I usually try to do one paragraph per thankful thought. Sometimes, the thoughts are small, sometimes they are big. It just depends for me. But this is a big deal for me. Because after this year I am going to and do a daily gratitude list.

Speaking of keeping a daily gratitude list next year, I am going to be keeping my gratitude list in my planner again this year. The one I have been using and will be using again is from DigiScrapsDelight. She has great freebies, however, she no longer has the one I use! She does have one for purchase where you can get the planner stickers.

Disney Instagram Accounts I Follow And You Should Too!

Instagram is a wonderful way of sharing daily pictures of daily life or things that are important to you. Some people do specific accounts for specific hobbies and interests. I mix mine up like my blog here! But like blogs, there are some people that just have Disney accounts.

Following different accounts is a lot of fun for me. It gives me inspiration, and reminds me of things I want to try or do. I am still working on my own Instagram style, but go ahead and follow me! Mine is not strictly Disney, but a nice mixture of things I love!

Welcome to Our Haunted Mansion: ProtectThePumpkins

Do you decorate for Halloween? Do you go all out or do you decorate just a little bit? Or do you only decorate the inside only? How do protect your house?

When do you think the most vandalism insurance claims are filed? If you said, Halloween, you guessed correctly! Which is scary to think about, but I can believe it! So find out some ways to have a safe and happy Halloween for everyone!

Here are few simple tips that I have learned over the years:

Disney Wedding Q & A

There is some changing in my life right now, and you'll find out about them soon. However, right now you'll be seeing a very non- surprising idea that I am actually venturing into with my best friend over at A Pop of Jess. She and I are answering the same questions about Disney Weddings! And I'll post her direct link right HERE.

Period: Things That I Have Found Helpful

Since my last Period Post was so long this one will be very quick and to the point. Because here in the past few month my period has drastically changed. My life was slightly flipped and I had to adjust. These were the products that seriously helped me through a very scary part of my life.

Stripped Down to the Bone: Boudoir Playlist

Tic-toc-tic-toc... Time is flying by for me! It's exciting but it's nerve wrecking as well. And as luck would have it I have been asked to be a photographers boudoir model. I agreed on the idea if I could have long sessions and two different ones with each having to Holiday themes in the middle, and again she agreed. Adore Me is the lingerie brand I am using with these pictures mostly and I'll have links at the bottom of the pieces I bought.

1.Pillowtalk - Zayn 
2.Bottoms Up (feat T.I.) - Brantley Gilbert 
3.Birthday - Katy Perry 
4.The Phantom of the Opera - Lindsey Stirling 
5.Feeling Good - Michael Buble 
6.I Get Off - Halestorm 
7.With All My Heart - Dream Street 
8. All I Want for Christmas Is You - Michael Buble
9.Don't Ever It End - Nickelback
10.Autumn Leaves - Bing Crosby
11.What She Likes - Evan and Jaron
12.Beautiful - Jim Brickman
13.Style - Taylor Swift
14.Sweet Home Alabama - Jewel
15.You're Body Is a Wonderland - John Mayer
16.For You I Will - Teddy Geiger
17.You'll Be In My Heart - Teddy Geiger
19.In Your Arms - Stanfour feat Jill
20.Rule the World - Take That

And for the second session here are the other 20 songs;

1.Bombshell Blonde - Owl City
2.Once Upon A Dream - Lana Del Rey
3.America - XYLO
4.Stripped - Shiny Toy Guns
5.Wizard Love - Luke Conard
6.Birthday - Selena Gomez
7.Calls Me Home - Shannon LaBrie
8.Daylight - Maroon 5
9. Merry Christmas Darling - The Carpenters
10.Carousel - Buckcherry
11.Wanted - Hunter Hayes
12.Dirty Water - The Standells
13.Bailamos - Enrique Iglesias
14.The Reason - Hoobastank
15.I'll Try - Jesse McCartney
16.Photobooth - Death Cab for Cutie
17.Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
18.Love Somebody Like You - Keith Urban
19.Marry You - Bruno Mars
20.God Gave Me You - Dave Barnes

And since I did a post a few months back with Adore Me, I bought a lot of the things I'll be wearing for these photo shoots on their website. I'll list a few of my favorites below:



Wylma Bra




I'm very glad for this opportunity, because this is something I would NEVER do for a living at all. I like to be the nice, quiet girl that just as a wild side. But since there were no "good" boudoir playlist online I thought it would be interesting to create my own. Mine even have a holiday twist! I hope this will "inspire" you for your boudoir pictures if that's why you are here.

Disney World Meets Hurricane Matthew

"Are you Florida still? Will this affect your upcoming trip? Will the animals at Animal Kingdom be alright?" I was bombarded with questions about Disney World and Hurricane Matthew all last week. While I don't mind answering Disney questions, these seemed to get on my nerve. Let me explain.

Friends and family sometimes get behind on information, that I get, but not knowing where I am at kind of hurts. It's been on my past blog posts that state where I am usually. Facebook and Instagram, as well, stated that I was back home in Alabama. Yes I realize you are trying to make sure I'm safe, but do research before just asking. I'm sure I am not alone in this. Having social media helps not have to tell people where I am, and I'm annoyed when people don't use it to it's full potential. Yes, I sound like a whiny person but that's how I feel on this point.

My family does two "Collins Crash Disney" trips a year. Our trip starts October 26. I can sort of see how someone would ask if this would affect our trip, but at the same time a nerve is twinging. My trip at the time of Hurricane Matthew is a month away. I know how Disney operates. They bounce back quickly as possible. They can't build things that are new fast, but if something is damaged they go out of their way to make it bright and as new as possible. So no, even if damage had been done we would still be trucking it to Disney World.

The next question I know will seem like I'm a great big grumpy person, but this is why I usually only hang out with Disney fanatics. They are aware of things like I am. Animals, at Animal Kingdom, sleep in barns at night, especially the larger animals. They have barns and structures that can withstand winds up to 400 mph. Just like the Tree of Life that stands in the center of Animal Kingdom. Many do not realize it is an oil rig (yep not a real tree), so it can really stand up to hurricane winds.

So what if I had of been at Disney World, in the middle of a trip? Would I have come home? Short answer, no. Disney has so many things put into place for any kind of emergency. It's amazing what they are prepared for, and they have to keep things like hurricanes in mind. Disney made the people happy during the hurricane, except for the ones complaining about the food.

The day after Hurricane Matthew. 10/08/16
Disney had characters come to the hotels, that are usually not there. They had games and activities in the lobbies of the resorts. Plus, the first ones back at Disney Springs after Hurricane Matthew had past? ONLY Disney resorts' guests. Which makes me want to tell people that there is another bonus to staying on property. None of the other hotels made accommodations in the lobbies, but Disney. That's why I stand with Disney on so many things!

Halloween 2016 Costume Options

Halloween is vastly approaching. We are already so a week into October! This year I know of four Halloween parties I will be attending, and so instead of waiting around to decide I compiled a list. I went looking and searching. These were the result below. Please let me know what you think!

Judy Hopps - First on my list is a movie I love!! The theme song from it was a song I drove into the ground. There was not another song for me. It gave me a lot of drive and energy through some crucial points. So this costume is great for me.
Frankie has already agreed to go as Nick Wilde on this one.

Witch - Every year since I was about 3 I have loved being a witch for Halloween. I grew up watching the cute Halloween shows and cartoons and there was always a witch. My favorites being The Halloween That Almost Wasn't, and The Worst Witch. I was a witch a lot as a child, and lately I have just want to give into my inner in my child. 

Elizabeth Swann White Gown - I have always loved the Pirates of the Caribbean, especially Keira Knightley's costumes. The first movie in that series will always be my favorite. And the costumes of hers while she is stuck on the island with Jack Sparrow is my favorite!

Greek Goddess - This is just came up randomly and I wanted to do something like it. Bangles, different hair combs in my hair and gladiator sandals or heels. It just sounds really elegant to me. Something different for a change.

Taylor Swift (or 1, 2) - This has actually been settled that I'm wearing this to the workplace Halloween party. Which works out well since it's every day clothes so this should be fun. I love being Taylor Swift. I have actually ran as Taylor Swift for a marathon costume. 

Haunted Mansion Maid or Bride Constance - My absolute favorite ride at Disney! Why not be something from it? Plus I have some excellent memories from the Haunted Mansion this year! And I know the maid costume is a running costume, but I have little children that I'll be chasing.

Halloween costumes are important to me, because you get one Halloween per year and that marks the memories of that Halloween. Those memories are the best! What kind of costumes do you like the best? What are some of the things you want to be?

September 2016 Favorites

Hello Everybody and welcome to another Favorites blog! Sorry that this has taken a bit more time than usual for me to get this up. I just haven't been feeling that well and trying to get my life together and ready for my favorite time of year!

I started the month in California! We actually started it at Hogwarts in Universal Studios Hollywood. Vincent had been wanting to visit it again and so what better day to go to Hogwarts than September 1st? It was magical. We had the Disneyland Half Marathon and it went off without a hitch! It was so much fun. I love that Rain runs with me now and all the races!

After California it was home for a day then back for my last week in Orlando working. I did apply for the Mom Panelist on the Disney website. I never heard a call back so I'll try again next year. Basically I worked and did every day things while back in Orlando.

With the arrival of September, came the arrival of Alabama football season and it has been amazing season so far! Lots of talents, and some ego. And even an ax wielding player on the side lines this year! Alabama is never predictable, not sure why people try to predict us.

The week after that I went back home for a 5 and half days. I went to work, and enjoyed my regular life back in Alabama. Well semi normal. Because one of my jobs took me on a field (charter bus style) to Mississippi to visit Ashley Furniture warehouse and factory. It was unreal to know that the factory is one of the biggest in the world and it is growing!

Then came something I have been looking forward for over a year. My trip to Paris to run the inaugural Disneyland Paris Half Marathon. So much has happened in the world since they announced it. I was scared I wouldn't be able to go and there quite a few that didn't want me to go. But I did. In tow was Frankie and Rain. We had a blast in London AND Paris! It couldn't have been more perfect. And if you want my complete review of it go here to my post: Disneyland Paris Weekend Questions Answered.

Our flight back home was quick to me. I still slept a lot and managed to make a list of costumes that I can choose from this year (and more on that later.) I did in fact head on to work that afternoon. I do not regret going straight in to work. The last Thursday of September I helped with the soup kitchen and it was very shocking. Knowing that I helped fill 130 plates in 30 minutes is astounding to me. I do believe that I will be helping in the future as well.

Something that has been in the works for a while, but it just now coming to fruition is mine and A Pop of Jess's family going full time RV living with some friends and family of ours next year. We have been researching a lot and having nightly meetings, watching videos, and talking to people about their RVs. 

Eye Makeup Product -

Too Faced Cat Eyes - It has been a Too Faced year for me. This palette traveled the globe with me. It was perfect because Europe already felt and looked like fall. This went well with the outfits I had packed and the scenery. Perfect harmony!

Makeup Brush -

Coastal Scents Classic Blender Brush Natural - This is one that I received in my ipsy. I really like it for what it is intended for, blending! It does the job just like I need it to. I really don't care for craziness in brushes. Just get the job done!

Face Makeup Product -

BORN THIS WAY UNDETECTABLE MEDIUM-TO-FULL COVERAGE FOUNDATION - This is newly found for me! I finally ran out of the foundation I was wearing and switched to this. I love it! It gives a very nice matte finish and is very lightweight for it to be a medium to full coverage.

Lip Product -

Smith and Cult Lip Gloss The Warning - I adore this lip lacquer. I am in love with this formula and the color. The shine that comes with this product is amazing! I want it in all colors... NOW! I will be purchasing more!

Hair Care Product -

Bumble and Bumble Full potential travel set - I don't mind trying new products on the go. I know a lot of people are oppose to it. But I like to try new hair stuff. This was awesome for the trip to California at the beginning. I did not take this to London or Paris. I used different stuff on that trip

Skincare -

GINZING™ ENERGY-BOOSTING MOISTURIZER - My skin is back to looking more alive. I have started purchasing from Origins again and I glad I have. My skin is happy again. It really wakes up with this moisturizer.

Shower/Bath Product -

Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb - I picked up a bunch of Lush goodies while we were in London! I bought the entire Fall line from Lush because I have a problem and I am fully admitting it. I am a Lushie through and through. This gives the bathtub an amazing color and was fun!

Game -

Bubble Witch Saga - I have been playing this game for years. I also play the second one but I return to this one every year around this time. There is nothing like playing this during the Halloween season. It's spooky and a lot of fun.

YouTube Channel/YouTuber -

SACCONEJOLYs - I go back and forth on this family. I will watch for a little bit then I'll stop. I really like it that they are pregnant again. They take such good care of their children!

Book/Story -

The Morning Miracle - I heard about this book long before I had heard of Boho Berry. I had heard about this book for "business," "life," and "family." But it was thanks to Boho Berry that I finally took the plunge and read it. I really like it and the ways of setting of life goals and making sure I can achieve things one level at a time.

Song/Album -

The Phantom of the Opera - I prefer the original recording cast. But when we seen the Phantom of the Opera in London, I felt the music in my bones. There is just something about seeing it in person. I will forever love the experience we had watching it in person.

Movie -

Practical Magic - Frankie and I both love witchy things and this movie is amazing! Plus I have a soft spot for Sandra Bullock movies and this is one of my favorites of hers. It got me into the Halloween spirit for sure!

Pinterest Pin -

Disney Moment -

Disneyland Paris with Frankie! It was amazingly romantic and fun for us. We enjoyed the sites and the different to us Disneyland park. I cannot wait to go back.

Running/Fitness -

Running the inaugural Disneyland Paris half marathon! I made history! How amazing is that?! It feels amazing to have that medal in my collection now. Running in a different country was so wonderful.

Food -

Salsa... I promise ever since I went on my medicine to help with my female trouble, I have been craving anything with tomato... Pizza, salsa, cheese sticks with marina. It is has been an ongoing craving. Arby's is my friend and a jar of salsa is the next best thing.

Spotlight Etsy Shop -

BeyondPaperFlowers - Her stickers are so freaking cute and unique. I bought a ton from her and loved the a lot. I know I am going to purchase again, and very soon. Her grab bags are so amazing!!!! Plus the sampler she has for sale is also amazing!

Lookback -

Disney Birthday: Celebrating at Disney & Disney Gifts

So yesterday was my birthday... It was also Disney World's birthday. It is 19 years older than me, but we share the same birthday. And also EPCOT as well! And you know what I spent my birthday at Disney World. So why spend your birthday at Disney World? And what do you get for the person that loves Disney?

Spending your birthday at Disney World includes:

  • Birthday Pin: Everyone and their dog will wish you a happy birthday!
  • Fun interaction with characters: They notice the pin and fun things happen.
  • Fun interaction with the castmembers: The conductor yesterday announced it was my birthday to the entire train! Also the guy working Dumbo lead us straight to the front!
  • If you tell on the reservation you'll get a fun birthday cupcake! And sometimes the entire restaurant will sing happy birthday to you! Over a hundred people who don't know your name so they murmur during that part can't be beat!
  • Birthday pictures are amazing Disney!
  • They will announce your birthday on the bus! 

I really recommend Disney World for your birthday! It's amazing! And Disney allows you to "celebrate" your birthday six months before or six month after! So go ahead and have a blast and celebrate you!

So what do you get for a person that loves Disney?

  • Tickets to Disney World
  • A Disney Cruise
  • A Disney painting
  • Tickets to Disney World
  • A puppy with tickets to Disney attached to the collar with an engagement ring... 
I'm kidding on the last one... Slightly. If these suggestions are too pricey opt for something else.

  • Go to Disney Store online: Find that person's favorite character or get anything off the website. Or a Disney gift card
  • Download the Shop the Parks App: Again search the things you know they love.
  • Etsy: Click right here. No over there <--- I have made this easy, a direct link to searching Disney things on Etsy! Want to narrow it down further? Yeti cup, Mickey ears, and/or scarf.
  • Disney tshirts
  • Disney coffee mugs
  • Hot Topic usually has a lot of Disney things go there: Here I'll make it easy on you, CLICK HERE.
  • Latest Disney DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Tickets to the last Disney movie in theater!

I really hoped this helped you. Disney birthdays are the best! And even an unbirthday is pretty darn special!

Mini Currents 10.01.16

Okay I was planning on writing this huge Michaelmas post. All about learning about it, and the activities that my family did for it. It would have been maybe two paragraphs. So instead I'm giving you a mini currents!