Mascara Beat Down: Better Than Sex Vs Perversion

I was super excited to see in my Glam Room on Ipsy that I got the Urban Decay Perversion mascara. I wanted something new to try and was interested to see how it compared to my other favorite higher end mascara. 


BTS: This brush is easy to get the outer lashes with and has a great shape for applying it.
P: This one is a little bit harder to reach the lashes but does give you a good coat of mascara.


BTS: I have to say that I love this formula. Even though it's not water proof it holds up well against water.
P: This transferred big time on my face by the end of the day. I knew when it said that the formula was creamy I was in trouble.


BTS: I love the color of this. It's a perfect black.
P: This was okay it's not what I was really expecting. It dried a little ash like to me.


BTS: I feel like this covers the entire spectrum of what you want in a mascara. Fuller, thicker, volume and length!
P: I do think that it made them longer. I do not think it made them look fuller or thicker unless you count the clumping.


BTS: This RARELY clumps. But that has been me putting on three layers of it so naturally it will clump some.
P: Clumped on the brush. Nothing makes me so mad like clumps on the brush. I was very disappointed in the fact that it clumped so much.

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