Kids Shouldn't Have Cancer Foundation

There is no label or word to describe a parent that loses a child because that's an unbearable thing that shouldn't even be happening, It leaves behind a hole that incapable of being filled. Almost every day there is a thought that nags me. How do mothers go on after losing their child? Could I do it?

The answer is that I would try to go on. Kimberly Wade would be the person that I would look up to for guidance in moving on if I have to that. Her sons, Jonny and Jacky, really changed how I handle things in my own life.

Valentine's Day 2018

Happy Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day, and Chinese New Year week!!! WOOHOO PARTY WEEK! So this week is the big week of love! And it's a special time!

1 thing
2 do
3 words
4 you

Tea Time With Hunter: Winter/Spring 2018

Sit back in a wing back chair, a small fire is crackling and there is a small table in front of you and I. It's tea time! The new year has been an interesting one, with many new habits, discoveries, and adventures already.

Tea, church, simply being, and love let's get sipping!

Morning and Night Routines

Lara Casey's PowerSheets have had a huge impact on my life, and it's only February! I have wanted to set some rituals and routines for a couple of years now. I decided this was the time. I can make little by little progress on these goals. I've been happy with the results so far!

“I want to caution you against the idea that balance has to be a routine that looks the same week in and week out.”  ― Kevin Thoman

January 2018 Favorites

Hello everyone! I hope your January has been great so far! I'm so excited for this year. So many blessings have already happened this year. Best one? Finding out so much about myself and making progress on things! But let's give February a big welcome applause and much love!

2017 Popsugar Reading Challenge Completed

2017 is long over with, but I did accomplish some things I am proud of in the past year. One of those things? The 2017 Popsugar Reading Challenge. I completed it and still read a few other book inbetween and after!

Top 7 Books of 2017

Oh how I love to read! I will totally admit that I had fun last year reading! I would spend days wasting away in a book. Last year I won a Kindle Fire HD 8 from my work place and the rest was history when I signed up for Bookbub. So out of my 85 books exactly for the year I have picked out 7 that stand above the rest. There will be two honorable mentions that didn't make the picture at the end.

Choosing this list was not an easy task for me. Having ready over 26,000 pages it was difficult to simplify this list. But I did it.