My Travel Bucket List

People talk about my countless trips to London because I adore London. I have visited France, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Australia. But there are so many other places that I want to see in my lifetime. And I'm not waiting until I retire, that is crazy!

Phrases I Remember From College

Words can haunt us. Most of the time the words that haunt are linked with bad memories. But there are the phrases and advice that make us think. There are phrases that we listen to and realize that it was great information.

While most people dwell on being a well rounded person and making sure you pick all the right answers, remember you are human. 

Walking into A Dream-- My Dream Closet

When you get the closet of your dreams and you think you have do everything like everyone else you eventually realize that you should have decorated how you like. Your style can even suffer from pigmented walls. And if you have no theme; crazy things can end up in a room.

Welcome Foolish Mortals...

Tea Time with Hunter: Q & A

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I appreciate your patience as I have went through some seasons of my life. They've been rather trying for me. And I'm going to be very real and raw in this post, because there is no other way to be for this post.

So pull up a seat and get you some tea (or something stronger.)

My Top 6 Products for the First Half of the Year

Where did the favorites go? Yeah I slacked off blogging my favorites. I've slacked on blogging in general but that for tea time soon. So instead of boring everyone with a lengthy list of products why not do a top six products that have helped me through the first six month of this year.

These are the products that have really changed my year around for the better.