My 5 Favorites from Last Week, Feb. 10th- 16th

The past week was the week we returned from an awesome family vacation at Disney World! However, it didn't as great as the week before it ended. I am sick as a dog! An upper respiratory infection is no joking matter and it totally sucks. I honestly take for granted breathing out of my nose!

These are the things that helped me through the week and made it great!

Christian Girl Tag with A Pop of Jess

Hey everyone! I'm coming to you with an unusual questionnaire today. One of the goals on here is to show my faith more. I really want to start giving God all the glory, because he deserves it.

I am proud to be a Christian. I realize many Facebook posts, and sometimes, the media paints us in a bad light. I promise. I love you, whoever you are. I am praying for your soul if you are reading this.

January 2019 Favorites

Hello February! The month of love! I'm so excited! January has been an interesting month. Nothing radical happened. I just realized I learned more about myself and my surroundings this month.

And now let us welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been. - Rainer Maria Rilke

Best Friend Adventures

If you have been around here before you probably know that my best friend is my other half besides the half that is my husband. She and I became friends in the most bizarre way possible, but we just clicked. It wasn't one of those where you try to one-up the other one. We swapped stories and actually listened to the other one. Our friendship has grown during the last six years! She's my bestie!

We have our ups and our downs like most. We've yelled, cried, laughed and vented to each other like you wouldn't believe. So, thanks to the dork that dumped us both, you gave us a great gift and it wasn't memories of you!

Winter 2019 Tag

Winter is my absolute favorite season. Seriously, I love the cold. I know a lot of people don't. I just embrace the coziness. The seeing things so bare you can see through them, and not having to worry about cutting the grass.

To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold. - Aristotle

Winter 2019 Outfits

You know how September 1st rolls around and everyone is excited about fall finally being here except the people who love summer. Those people start fussing about how they have until September 21st? Well, those same people for whatever reason, don't understand that about winter! I have winter until March 20-22. Winter doesn't end with the new year. And I love getting to relish the cold nights that may seem dreary to those who do not practice seasonal living. And I have outfits for this time of year right now!

Enjoy a snowball fight, a good cup of hot chocolate, and relax on fluffy blankets.

My 2019 Map: Word, Goals and Bucket List

Happy New Year Everyone! It was almost sad to see 2018 end. I had a lot of lows, but I had some serious highs in 2018. I got married for one thing. I faced fears. It was honestly bittersweet. But here we are in a new year. My year hasn't quite gotten off to the start I thought it would have, but I'm not letting it get me down. Because I know God has quite the jam-packed year for me.

What is your word of the year? Have you decided? I promise it will set a theme for your year!