Podcast List - Part 2

It's the end of this month and I've been listening again! Amongst everything else, I have still listened to these for you! I'm going to let you know about these three podcasts! This month was very sassy, slightly nerdy and fun filled!

You Gotta Listen!

2018 Summer Haul - Part 2

Yep! I bought even more! It's a wild ride around here. I have a feeling I'll be embracing a throwback summer! Bring it on!

Shop til you drop!

Healthy Habits I've Added This Year

This year has been going great for me! I have really felt the joys of getting it together. What's been working for me and what hasn't been working for me and what's coming up in the wellness aspect of my life is really important to me.

Who knows maybe you'll discover new wellness resources in this post!

My Top 6 Instagrammers to Follow Right Now

Hello Everyone! Today it's all about my favorite Instagrammers at the moment! The best part is they ALL have blogs (or a website) too! These people have really inspired me to either look at something different, try something different or even just do something different! Motivation at its finest!

Pictures and stories galore!

You're Invited: Tending List Tuesday

Hello everyone! Today I'm excited about tomorrow. I know, I know don't wish your life away. I'm not actually, I'm living my life. If you've been reading my blog you know that I'm obsessed and loving my Powersheet Goal Planner. Tending List is a part of that.

This is your invitation to get to tending your goals!

Shopping for the Summer

Shopping spree? I haven't been done a huge shopping spree in a long time. I have been dealing with somethings personally. But this shopping spree is my start over. I will not be in Alabama much this summer. I'm excited about this transition. Now I didn't purchase all of this on my own. I have supportive friends, family and lot of leftover gift cards through the years that I'm putting to good use now!

Yes, this is a link heavy post. You don't have to click on everything. Just click what you want to in this post!

Tea Time with Hunter May 2018

Hello friends! Spring is so here in Alabama! Heck, this week looks a lot like summer, welcome to the 90s. Which y'all know how happy that has me, not. Tea time is a little different. I'm drinking some sweet iced tea. So, pour you a glass and let's chat.

Relax... Eyes closed... Deep breath...