Quarterly Book Talk: January - March 2018

How long would it take to go through a list of 75 books? A long time. And that list might be even longer. I realized that instead of talking about the books I read at the end of the year, why not do it throughout the year in a timely manner. This will not include the books from this month (April), but January through March only.

"Plain will never do. You are like a fine gem; you deserve a setting that will compliment you." - A Masquerade of Muerto ~ Patrice Greenwood

Mini Currents: 04.21.18 + Three Things for Earth Day

We live in a beautiful world. It's a gorgeous place if you take the time to look around. Sure, that restaurant might look lovely there, but what about the trees? Are you going to preserve some or just knock them all down?

More information about my currents and Mini Currents: Why CurrentsCurrents
And why I no longer do currents daily: Tea Time with Hunter Volume 5

Spring 2018 Outfits

Like I've said recently spring is not my favorite season. It's why I have a hard time transitioning into a spring wardrobe because I love my winter wardrobe. So today I'm taking four spring activities and giving you outfits to go with each of them.

What are your favorite activities for spring?

My 2018 Spring Bucket List (with Printable)

Spring has already sprung, I know. But I am just now getting around to fully developing my spring bucket list. I want to do some things that are out of my comfort zone. To fully embrace the season that I hate the most. That's the real reason I'm doing it because it's my least favorite season.

Let's embrace spring, shall we?

Top 10 New Apps on My iPhone

Soooo I got my income tax money back and I got a new phone and a few other things. But the phone is a pretty big deal. I was still using and still enjoying my iPhone 5. So moving up to an iPhone 8 was a huge transition! And I not only upgraded the phone, but I did the storage as well. I now have the biggest phone capacity for an iPhone and I'm loving it! I take a ton of screenshots of things to remind me to check into things further. And I have a ton more room for storage of apps! So here are my new top 10 apps!

There's an app for that, yes there is!

March 2018 Favorites

Hello April! Yesterday was Easter! Did you enjoy some eggs and some pranks too? Pranks? But of course, it was April Fools too! March was a very long month for me. It seems like that might be the pattern of the year, slow month, fast month, slow month, etc. But let's talk about March today, shall we?

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. - Charles Dickens

Recipes to Try This Spring/Summer

You know how people have a pile of books called To-Be-Read pile or list? I have a something similar. It's a stack of papers that are piling high called Recipes-to-Make. I have picked out my top 5 recipes that I want to this spring and summer.