Tea Time with Hunter: Vintage Teacup and Talk

Hello Everyone! Welcome back! I am sorry it has been so long since a teatime. The reason being what I haven't done a teatime in a long time. Life, again! So pour you a good cup of tea and enjoy this talk with me!

For me, I have a vintage cup of Princess Breakfast Tea which is a signature Disney blend. It was created exclusively for the Afternoon Tea at the Garden View Tearoom. And I'll be honest Vin fixed this tea perfectly so I am in a state of bliss because I have on some really good comfort clothes, a nice fire, and really nice perfume and the tea.

I will tell you quick how tea is "properly" made and how to enjoy a cup and pot of tea like I am enjoying tonight:

* Warm the pot to remove any chill.
* Add one teaspoon full of tea per person plus one for the pot. (Vin added another one for good measure.)
* Add water that has just come to a boil
* Let the tea steep for a good five minutes... Pour and enjoy!

Disclaimer: I know for different kinds of tea there are different steep times and temperatures but this is mostly the general idea.

So let's begin with what has weighed on my heart the most. Lupus... Commonly known as a woman's disease, but men and children can have it as well. My man does. He was actually diagnose a little bit after Christmas. He has had trouble with his thyroid for many years, but now we know that is the Lupus flare up causing that sort of trouble.

He has good days and bad days just like any chronic and autoimmune disease. Yep his poor body is attacking itself. And some days you can really tell that he is hurting and other days he can be full of energy. The days where he can't managed to even raise his hand out from under the cover are the hardest on him. He has to be helped to the bathroom because those days he can't even walk.

Is there a cure? No. Is there medicine? Yes, sort of. There are really just beta drugs for Lupus. Which is scary since Lupus affects most organs. That's the scary part in this, is that he is hurting and I don't know what to do and the doctors sometimes have limited answers. Though, we are changing his doctor because Vin wants someone who really knows Lupus and has dealt with it more and more. So please keep us in your prayers. Right now he is feeling really good (and I'm sure the new Mustang Convertible he got has nothing to do with it, hehe.)

Next, right after we got back from Disney World with my family, Vin told me he thought Luna (age 4) was showing the signs of diabetes. While I knew Vin knew the signs of diabetes I told him it was just the aftermath of a full week Disney trip with spring arriving while we were down there. So I took her blood sugar... 578. That's not only high, it's dangerous. We rushed to Birmingham with police escort to Children's Hospital. She was admitted instantly.

When I realized I had went through the hospital doors without needing to cover my nose and gasp to get over the hospital smell, I knew what unconditional love that most mothers talk about. That was it. I am highly sensitive to hospital smells and I did eventually have to start smelling perfumes and hand santizer but that initial reaction I didn't even blanch at all.

She has Type 1 diabetes, and they are starting her on an insulin pump in a few months. She is for the most part doing okay with it. She HATES, loathes having to tell us every single little thing she eats. The shots don't bother her, but they bother me. I have had surgeries, stem cells transplant for Bryant, and tattoos, but an insulin shot scares me. I think it's because I am petrified of hurting her. I did fine in the hospital, but at home it's awful. I am working so hard of over coming this for her.

So, usually when I don't blog there is family being added so we are usually adjusting. However, this time is different. The adoptions of Pixie and Nyxie changed. Being heart broken is understatement, but I know they are going to amazing homes that can take care of them. That's what I want is for my children's needs to be met. That's what is the most important to me.

Also, I'm having some house changes. I know my family reading this probably just fell out of their chairs. Don't worry it's mostly just paint that I am changing. I want a more airy dining room so I am changing the furniture and color in there. And what shocked me about my own self is the sitting room I am changing to a silver/gray combination. I am just tired of blues. I want something peppy like in my office, closet, and kitchen. 

And for the finale surprise, while on our family Disney excursion I met a few people. People that really introduced me to a "vintage" style. I have ordered a few books and a few clothing pieces. This will be a process for me, but I do love doing vintage things. What recommendations do you have for me? Please, I love to try new things.

Until later,

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust (and Roll Tide!)

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