This Or That Summer Edition Questions

1. Ocean or Pool - I love the pool the most because you can have fun or just relax.

2. Beach Vacation or Wilderness - I prefer the beach during the summer. I hate camping during the summer.

3. Watermelon or Strawberries - Can I have both? I love them both so much.

4. Bikini or 1-piece - Bikinis are my usual, but I'm not opposed to a 1-piece.

5. Lemonade or Iced Tea - Ice tea is part of my heritage. I am a southern girl after all.

6. Hotdogs…grilled or over a fire - Uhhhh how about boil?

7. Hat or Sunglasses - Both preferably, but sunglasses if either or. 

8. Windows Down or AC all the way - During the day windows down but AC at night.

9. Tanning Lotion or Sunscreen - Tanning oil with some SPF.

10. Baseball Game or Concert - BOTH!!!! 

11. Ice Cream or Popsicle - Popsicle are so delicious!

12. Fireworks or Fireflies - Fireworks because it reminds me of Disney World.

13. Flip Flops or Bare Feet - Flip Flops for a good fashion statement!

14. Water Balloons or Squirt Guns - Squirt guns because I have great aim!

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