Mini Currents 02.20.17

Hello! It's Monday-- insert groans and whines. That's just what a new week kind of feels like when you have to be at work before your Disney trip! Yep I'm leaving Wednesday for Orlando!

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Confession time: I gave up on ListersGottaList... But there is no reason not use a list prompt from time to time as blog post. So why not today?

This is sort of like my currents but much shorter and more deep.

Products We Have Used with a Sinus Infection

The soundtrack of my house right now? Cough, sneeze, cough, sneeze, sniff, cough, cough, sniff and sneeze. My ENTIRE household has come down with sinus issues. Not all of us have an infection, some just have sniffles and/or chest colds.

By no means are we a crunchy house at all. We love the stuff that people deem "bad for you." Some things we do healthy and others we don't. But these are the products that have made a difference in our house over the last week.