Currents 2.28.14

I hybrid this one to be part of yesterday and today sorry it's late. I had started on it and I finished the parts I hadn't finished until today.

Currently Burning...

Burning beside me is my Candle's by Victoria Apple Jack N Orange Peel Coffee Cup Candle
My wall flower of course is still Paris Daydream from Bath and Body works.
And in the bathroom is melting Soarin Wax

Currently Watching...

Hangman's Curse

Currently On My “To Do” List…

Work on other blog posts.
Work on the house.
Make packing lists.

Currently Excited About…

Being in my own house

Currently Lusting After…

Running gear..... I think a new obsession is busting through me.

Currently Loving…

Aden and Anais Starstruck organic dream blanket - I have heard sooooo many people rave about these and I bought Rain one. And omg it's soooo soft so I bought two more!

Aden and Anais lovely - ellie + starburst classic dream blankets - These are the soft blankets!

Currently Anxious About…

Painsley and Viv

Currently Buying…

Fight Gear 4 U Power Body Wash - Really been wanting some of this!

Minnie Mouse Limited Edition Notebook - +Jessica Upton  thanks a lot....

Currently Drinking...

Tea Pig's Rooibos crème caramel

Currently Wearing clothes...

During the day I wore Gap Essential stripe V-neck TBar III Jacket, Three-Quarter Open-Front Draped BlazerStelle Extreme Stretch Jean LeggingTory Burch 'Brita' Riding Boot, and Echo Damask Infinity Loop Scarf

I am wearing Sleeping All Day Women's Graphic Terry Tee, Danskin leggings, Orange infinity scarf, and UGG Andi Slipper

Currently Wearing make up...

Moisturizer - Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer
Primer - Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
Eye Cream - Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream
Foundation - CoverGirl Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation
Powder- NYX Stay Matte Not Flat
Blush- Clinque Cheek Pop in Ginger
Bronzer - Jouer Perfect Tan
Highlighter-  Mary Lou Manizer
Eye Primer - NARS eye primer
Eyeshadow - I did this tutorial: HERE using the Naked 3 Palette
Eyeliner- Stila All Day Eyeliner, and NYX Cottage Cheese
Mascara - Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara
Lip products - Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee

Currently Wearing nail polish...

Essie Topless and Barefoot

Currently Wearing scent...

Britney Spears Fantasy

Currently Reading...

Ironman by Chris Crutcher

Currently Listening to...

Britney Spears, Tyga, A7X, and Framing Hanley

Currently Using in my bath...

In my bath last night I used a piece of Amandopondo, the whole thing of Tisty Tosty and a FCS Sugar Skull Bath Melt

Currently Snacking on...

Barefruit Crunch Sea Salt Caramel Apple Chips - These are freaking delicious!

Currently Blessed by...

That God gave me people skills and the ability to speak different languages

Currently Hairstyle and accessories...

I wore my hair in a poof on top and in a ponytail with my extension and L. Erickson Fairy Bow Barrette

Currently Loving App...

Beautylish - I don't care for the forums and such but knowing what's coming up at IMATs gets me excited!
Evernote on my iPad.... Evernote just has great products!

Currently Playing...

Lynes - I can't get over this game!!!

Currently Crocheting or Knitting...


Currently Teaching...


Currently Cooking or Baking...


♕February Favorites♕

This song has over 5,780 plays on my iTunes. So you can say that it has a been a favorite since the movie and I want this song played at my funeral.


Kikki K


TeachersPayTeachers - I have been using this since last June but I seriously love it a whole more now.

Frugal Beautiful

TheNotSoOrdinaryWife - I have fell in love with her stuff! She does Dollar Tree Hauls.

Decoding Odette - She's coming back! Her new look is up!


(MALIN+GOETZ) Mojito Lip Balm - Seriously just love this stuff so much!

MAC Lip Conditioner - I have loved this instead of a lip stick and lip balm. It's a two in one steal.

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Big Bang - If you can get any of the Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers I HIGHLY recommend it! It's highly pigmented lip gloss so it dubs as a complete lip look!

Face Products

Maybelline Baby Skin - I won't go as far as to say it's a COMPLETE dupe for the Benefits Porefessional primer but it's close.

TARTE Mineral Powder Bronzer Park Ave Princess - I have loved this a lot. It's perfect for a quick sun kissed looked on the days when I want a sun kissed look.

Mary Lou Manizer - As far highlighters go this is now my favorite.

Clinque Cheek Pops - They are so freaking cute and have a lot of pigment!

H2O + Oasis Body Cleansing Water - I have found a new cleansing water and praise God I can buy it at Disney!!!!!


Amazonian clay Brow Mousse - Some days my brows need this. Other days I don't use this.

Maybelline Bad to the Bronze  - I use this sometimes as a eyeshadow primer like I do MAC's painterly paint pot.

Loreal Color Rich Quads - These are awesome shadows!! I cannot rave about them enough! The ones I love are; Cookies & Cream, Snooze Addict, Skinny Jeans, Cuppa Joe, Perfume ID, and my all time favorite: Good Luck Charm!

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara - I have reached for this over my Maybelline the Falsies several times and that's huge! However I am about to try out Maybelline's the rocket.

CoverGirl & Olay Ageless Eye Concealer - I use this on my non-make up days around my eyes so I don't look like I stayed up to 3 AM only to get up at 5 AM.

Brazen Cosmetics Eyeshadows - All of these are FREAKING AMAZING!


Sigma F80 - I don't know this brush just really stood out to me. I have been using a thicker foundation and it really smooths it out for me.

BeautyBlender Solid Sponge Cleanser - I don't think I will ever use another spot brush cleaner! This is freaking awesome for travel too!

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Brushes - The Face brush is awesome for face powder! And the contouring one is well awesome for contouring!

Nail Polish

OPI My Favorite Ornament - I didn't think I would like it since it's textured but I freaking adore it and it's not too difficult to take off!

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel Spun Sugar - I am addicted to these just for the simple fact they make my fingers smell good.

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel Suff Spray - This is a Rain favorite... Can't imagine why....

Maybelline Colorshow Brocade  - I love Gilded Rose and Beaming Blue

Body Products

The Body Shop Strawberry - Loving it! Strawberry shortcake tub of yummy goodness!

Tokyo Milk Chance Body Souffle  - It's so luxurious!

Hair Products

Macadamia No Tangle Spray - Don't be freaked out by the consistency of this! It's nourishing to the ends of your hair! I love it!

Shower and Bath

EOS Pomegranate Raspberry Shave Cream - Seriously Jessica I have become addicted!!!

Oasis Body Scrub - H2O is a company that is partnered with Disney and I tried this out while we were there.... Um new fan of H2O products!!!

H2O + Spa Sea Moss Replenishing Body Wash - It felt so good after my races. I really do feel like it helped my skin afterwards!


Sydney Leggings (Black / Raspberry) - I got these in Fablitics in my January box. They were perfect training ones leggings.

Harrods Glitter Heart T-Shirt - I have loved pairing this with jeggings and ballet flats.

House Smells


Comfort Heart Pac - It's a great addition to the hot water bottle!

Neck Wrap - These herbal wraps were gifts from my cousin Kayleigha!

Non Favorites

I didn't have anything this month that I didn't really like. 

Fabulous Friday 2.28.14

WOW!!! What a week this has been! I have loved loved loved this week! It's almost heartbreaking that it has to end!

Saturday, February 22 ~
I was awake at 3:30 A.M. putting Body Glide and Band Aid Blister Stick all over me. I was suiting up and having two bananas and a small bowl of oatmeal. Why? Well this girl was fixing to run her first RunDisney event. Yup, this girl did the Enchanted 10k on Saturday.

Sunday, February 23~
I was up again at 3 again putting on my running gear. Why in the world was I running again? Because I wanted the medal for the Glass Slipper challenge. I ran my first ever half marathon. Thirteen point one miles first thing in the morning at 5:30 but this girl finished those miles in just an hour and twenty-five minutes!!!!!!!! I came and I conquered my fears of running that huge distant and I survived running 24,000 other participates that morning!!! It was so awesome running and getting cheered for by others. I do not think I will do anything like Boston or Chicago which I am sure is so boring that I would cry from boredom. I would rather run these again or for a cause! 

Monday, February 24 ~

I slept in on Monday, but I got up and managed to pull on some clothes and walked around Disney with my two favorite people in the world! We went to Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. We didn't spend too long in the parks. Vin knew I was tired and that we have all summer to explore the parks while I am working. I came in and tried to map out what I want to happen through my blog.

Tuesday, February 25 ~

We did go to Magic Kingdom that morning for a tiny bit. It was nice to look at everyone smiling and showing off the medal that they had one. My own three weighed heavy around my neck but I wouldn't have traded them for anything at that moment. We piled up in the car and headed home. Disney and I understand each other. Disney and I have been through so much together. I have conquered fear, hurt, and hate at Disney World. Nobody can take Disney away from me it's in my heart. It knows I will be back. 

Wednesday, February 26 ~ Seriously, snow dusting on the ground. (Ahem, Spann buddy that's what a dusting looks like!). Temperature shock... UGH! But work was awesome! I looked through pictures of the weekend and smiled knowing what I had accomplished!

Thursday, February 27 ~ Thursday was a work day that ended in a meeting. A meeting about the future. The future... Yup house is 97% finished (including painting and wallpapering and lightening). The facility where the daycare is moving to is huge and almost finished. I signed up for two more Disney races. One in Disney World and one in Disneyland. The future is huge and I'm excited.

Friday, February 28 ~ Today at work should be fun. I'm looking forward to our field trip to the Space Center. It should be a promising day. Also I have a lot blogs to write for you guys so here's hoping everything goes smoothly!

Disney Day 3: Hollywood Studios with the Girls!

Carolina, Mary Ann and I all screamed like teeny boppers when we heard Chris's voice! Oh we went crazy! Want to talk about those crazy 20 year old dancing in the middle of Hollywood Studios? Uh yeah that was us!

Some things never change from trip to trip. Like getting up when it's dark! Nope never changes! Up and out of the door by 6:45 A.M. I was super excited see I had MOST of my best friends with me. And this time Odette was talking to me because she knew I wasn't going to be on the phone with nosy ass people. Yup I wrote that and I am not regretting it! Life goes on because you know what? Life is a highway!!!

We got to the gate and we were the first people in line. Carolina and I were in one lane and Gene and Claudette was in the one beside us. I grinned at Gene right before they scanned our wristbands and I told her "Race you to Toy Story Mania?" We literally took off. Let it be known Genevieve can really runs when she wants to run with all that she has. We grinned because you know? I got to do something I had never got to do in all 48 times at Disney World (ok so Toy Story Mania hasn't even been open 10 years but you get the idea), I was the first freaking person in line for Toy Story Mania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCORE!!! A ride that usually has either the second or the first longest wait of Disney world (Seriously think New Year's Eve was like a 6 hour wait in line to ride this!) But this ride is a blast! It's 3D, it moves, you get to shoot things, and you get to challenge the person in the cart with you!

We had to let A LOT of people in front of us so the others could catch up with us but being able to say I was first is a feeling I will never forget! Carolina was riding with me once she caught up with all of us. I know she can't run or work out like the rest of us for at least three more weeks to recover from her miscarriage. I didn't give her too much gripe about being so slow. We played a pretty good game.... Pffft since I wasn't playing against Rain this time I didn't hold back. I had the highest score of the hour!!! And my prize? A deer!!! We all belly laughed at that. And laughed even harder when Carolina got a beaver.

We decided to ride Star Tours after that. I was getting hungry but I didn't voice that until after this ride because sometimes Star Tours can jolt you a little harshly. It's 3D, the seats move, and the box that you are in moves so it's a motion ride at the best. 

I love the guys' faces when I can talk Star Wars with them. However, this time I was protected from the embarrassment of having to stumble that I don't want to walk around with them. I can now wag my finger with it's glittery diamond ring on it and say sorry.

We opted for fruit for breakfast but I spied one of my favorite places... Starring Rolls Cafe. Let me show you instead of tell you why it's one of my favorite places in all of Disney World!

Ever had a Gigi Cupcake? This Butterfinger cupcake at Starring Rolls Cafe is twice as big as one of those! Yup I had half of this for breakfast! I am not ashamed of it either. Of course Mary Ann got the chocolate peanut butter one too.

We went to The Magic of Disney Animation and I was really excited that it wasn't the same character has the ones I have done in the past! This time it was Donald Duck!!!!

Not bad if say so myself. 

"But you have heard of me." Yes Captain Jack Sparrow we have. Ahhh I love this new part to Disney! Anything with Johnny Depp I'm all over it.

Tower of Terror got the next vote of the ride to ride. Diana had never rode it. Genevieve said usually she chickens out at the last minute. She was very brave about it to me. 

Have I ever said I love how much detail Disney puts into things? I think I may have somewhere. But rest assure I freaking love it!

We all voted to ride the Rockin Roller Coaster before going back to the room for a break.

"Threeeee, twooooo,....." Yeah they never actually say one.... You just start flying! Zero to sixty in 5 seconds. And you almost automatically go upside down! 

This girl needed a snack... I know I know I constantly eat. I got me a Micky Pretzel!

And back to the room we went after finishing up our snacks for the morning! Genevieve and Diana left to go pick up their iBags and their race bibs. 

Yes this is my haven while at Disney at night!!! This girl can lay in the tub and watch tv. 

We didn't stay in the room long. Just long enough to freshen up and head back to Hollywood Studios! Genevieve and Diana met us back at Hollywood Studios telling me how awesome the Expo was.

This was what Odette and I bought while we were at the bakery! Jack is mine!!

We watched One Man's Dream. I always find this fascinating no matter how many time I watch it. 

Of course after this we had Fast Pass + to go ride Toy Story Mania. Diana wanted to ride with me this time so I let her win. She grumbled because she knew I let her win. 

And after riding Toy Story Mania we decided to go watch the Great Movie Ride! I always get enjoyment out of the ride too. I find it informative and entertaining.

I had a serious case of the munchies after this ride. I think it is all those movies and no popcorn!
Min and Bill's Diner hit the spot! I love the new bread cones! 

After that it was Muppets 3D up next for us!

After that we watch Indiana Jones Stunts. I always find this so boring. It's not even really Indiana Jones they show you how the movie is brought to life. I got bored of this even as a child. I really think it's time for this to become an archive for Disney World. Bring on Star Wars Land and Cars Land!

We did watch the last show of Beauty and the Beast. Mary Ann gets all excited about it. After watching it we did some shopping. We mostly laughed at Odette who can hum or sing the entire Hollywood Studio soundtrack! She loves vintage and it shows!

We decided that after that we would watch the Voyage of the Little Mermaid!

We had reservations at one of my favorite Disney World Restaurants! Sci-Fi Drive In. Now let me explain. They make it look like it's a Drive In.... but inside! No matter if it's raining, hailing, snowing, etc you can still eat in the car-table while watching mini movies on the big screen!

And that was pretty much our day. We watch Fantasmic and left. 

Currents 2.26.14

Currently Burning...

Marshmallow Fireside is burning beside me.
My wall flower of course is still Paris Daydream from Bath and Body works.
And in the bathroom is melting Dragon's Blood.

Currently Watching...

Frozen! I can watch it whenever now! I own it!!!

Currently On My “To Do” List…

Move things into my new house
Start tanning
Start packing for Thailand!

Currently Excited About…

Thailand! Real Pho!!!!

Currently Lusting After…

Work out stuff, and spring time clothes...

Currently Loving…

Meal Planner from May Designs!

Currently Anxious About…

Field trip on Friday.

Currently Buying…

Running gear...

Currently Drinking...

Tea Forte Swiss Apple

Currently Wearing clothes...

During the day I wore Pikolinos Brujas BootsSparkle & Fade 3/4 Sleeve Knit Skater Dresskate spade new york 'glitter bow' belt, and Fuzzy Hooded Cardigan. Seriously going from 70 F at 5:30 A.M. in Florida to 21 F at 5:30 A.M. was a shock and a half.

I am wearing ISF Vday Slim Fit ShirtWomen's Cropped Skinny Sweatpants and some fuzzy socks!

Currently Wearing make up...

Let me say that I want to do an expensive look today since it was after all Valentine's day. Trust me it makes you feel like a gazillion bucks.

Moisturizer - G-1 moisturizing Face cream
Primer - Maybelline Baby Skin
Eye Cream - Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Eye Cream
Foundation - CoverGirl Stay Fabulous 3 in 1  I decided to try this again for a while. I may have judged it too quickly!
Powder- NYX Stay Matte Not Flat
Blush- Rimmels Pink Sorbet
Bronzer - Jouer Perfect Tan
Highlighter-  Mary Lou Manizer
Eye Primer - NARS eye primer, MAC Painterly Paint Pot
Eyeshadow - Urban Decay Virgin, Sin, Toasted, Naked, Sugarpill Love+, Lime Crime Fly Dragon Fly
Eyeliner- Stila All Day Liquid Eyeliner
Mascara - Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System
Lip products - Maybelline Color Whisper in Made It Mauve, and YSL Lip Gloss in Golden Sand

Currently Wearing nail polish...

Magazine Cover Mouse

Currently Wearing scent...

Coach Poppy Blossom

Currently Reading...

The Story - My daddy gave me this, the Bible in book form. It's pretty awesome!

Currently Listening to...

Savage Garden, Stanfour, Rascal Flatts, and BBMak

Currently Using in my bath...

In my bath tonight I used a piece of Dorothy, a piece of Marshmallow Moment and half of Sex Bomb.

Currently Snacking on...

Hippie Chow Mocha Hazelnut

Currently Blessed by...

That my friends are freaking amazing!

Currently Hairstyle and accessories...

I went complete bombshell blow out with a side part with my present from Elizabeth, my Fellow Runner Flower! The flower itself stands for overcoming your fears. The white stands for a dreamer. It was very fitting. Elizabeth her self wears a gratitude flower which is a light pink.

Currently Loving App...

For my phone: Disney Movies!!! OMG!!! I HAVE FROZEN IN THE PALM OF MY HAND!!!!

For my iPad: Planner Plus & Good Notes

Currently Playing...

Lynes.... Seriously addicted!!!!!

Currently Crocheting or Knitting...

A pair of mittens for Rain.

Currently Teaching...

We have started a unit about germs.

Currently Cooking or Baking...

Corn Chowder

Disney Day 2: Epcot Baby!

There is something about getting up for Disney World. I am a much more pleasant person when the phone rings on the nightstand beside me and I pick up the receiver and Mickey tells me to wake up. The group of us decided that we would spend the day in Epcot and come back and spend some time at the resort.

We ran to Soarin' and we rode it without having to worry about a FP+. I swear I never get tired of "soarin'" over California. The ride takes you 80ft above the ground while your feet dangle and you see images, smell the smells, and  hear sounds from California. Your seat moves with the images to really get the feeling you are hang gliding.

We rode Living with Land which could be boring to some people. But I love learning about hybrid plants and what new things Disney is doing. My favorite thing is that Disney serves some of the new inventions in the food court of The Land where this ride and Soarin' are located.

We did eat the Sunshine Season. I got the Spicy Cashew Chicken it was delicious and I was glad I got it. I love trying new things at Disney!

We walked back to the innovative parts of Epcot. And I begged everyone if we could go to Club Cool. Club Cool is sponsored by Coca Cola. It's the different flavors of Coke for the different countries. There are twelve different ones. You get mini coke cups. And you press for the flavor you want to try the most. Sample them all! My favorites are Mezzo and of course Beverly! (Real Disney Fans picked up on the sarcasm.)

We went around the worlds after that. We are saving Test Track for when the guys arrive this weekend. 

It was sooooo strange meeting Elsa and Anna without my Rain droplet. I had tears almost the whole time while meeting them. They even asked me was I was ok. I told them that my daughter wasn't there and they were her favorite. I had them sign the book for her Easter basket. 

We walked around the worlds. We tried different snack credits from all the different worlds. We left went to the room and took some naps that were well needed.

We walked around the worlds again and we had a lot of fun. I bought a ton of snacks in Japan and the cutest Hello Kitty phone case and pillow!!! We watched the fireworks as we were leaving.

Remember walking around the different parts of Disney World is a lot of walking anyhow! This was just 3 hours at the Epcot park. 

We went back to the resort and watched the Electrical Water Pageant from our resort beach!

Currents 2.24.14

Currently Burning...

Skull tart  - Getting our Haunted Mansion on!

Currently Watching...

I watch Brave with Rain earlier.

Currently On My “To Do” List…

Pack for Thailand.
Prep blog posts.

Currently Excited About…

Traveling with Madame!

Currently Lusting After…

CW-X Endurance Generator Tight - Women's

Currently Loving…

My new shoes!!!

Currently Anxious About…

My cousin Stacie being in labor still!!!

Currently Buying…

Phone cases off of

Currently Drinking...

Chocolate Milk!!! Yup! It's suppose to be awesome for post running. Who knew right?

Currently Wearing clothes...

During the day I wore: Fitted strapless sundress, Crochet TOMS, and a big smile!

I am wearing Danskin Leggings , MUK LUKS Chunky Tall Slipper Boot, my Got the Blues Until There Is Cure 5k shirt.

Currently Wearing make up...

Moisturizer - Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer
Primer - De Slick Urban Decay, Benefits Poreless Primer
Eye Cream - Michael Todd Eye Cream
Foundation - Jouer 'Luminizing' Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
Powder- Benefits Poreless No shine
Blush- NARS in Orgasm
Bronzer - TooFaced Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer
Highlighter-  Mary Lou Manizer
Eye Primer - Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight
Eyeshadow - NYX Cosmetics Infinite Shadow Sticks in the colors: Rose Gold, along with Kat Von D's True Romance Palette with the colors Shiba, Wonderland and You Alone
Eyeliner- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
Mascara - Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara
Lip products - MAC Dazzleglass in Girl's Delight

Currently Wearing nail polish...

Bare nails

Currently Wearing scent...

One Direction Roller Ball Our Moment

Currently Reading...

Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

Currently Listening to...

Owl City, Eminem , Britney Spears, and Ke$ha

Currently Using in my bath...

In my bath tonight I am used some Lush products from my Orlando locker box; Snow Fairy Wand, Penguin Bubble Bar (yes two different bubble bars, Blackberry BombCeridwen's Cauldron, and Ice Blue Soap

Currently Snacking on...

Disney Chip & Dale Snack Co. - Mickey Puffs Cheese Crackers

Disney Chip & Dale Snack Co. - Mountain Mix

Currently Blessed by...

That I have friends and family that support me through all endeavors! I love you all and greatly appreciate all the support this weekend.

Currently Hairstyle and accessories...

I wore it down today but right now it's pulled up by a regular hair tie.

Currently Loving App...

Now What's Happening ... Omg I love this app!
Penultimate on my iPad because just awesome with evernote!!

Currently Playing...

Lyne..... Still addicted to this!

Currently Crocheting or Knitting...


Currently Teaching...

When I return we are starting on movement.

Currently Cooking or Baking...

Nothing at the moment

Baby Series: Brittany's Hospital/Emergency Bag

I am not pregnant. I do, however, have over a dozen friends who are expecting at the moment. Some of them it's their first time, some of them it's their second time, and some of them it's their sixth time or more. I have been around pregnant people all of my life. I usually always have at least one pregnant person in my life and I love that. I think it stems from being a teacher. I am kicking off the Baby Series with my friend's Brittany's, hospital/emergency bag.

The reason she and I both call it hospital/emergency bag is because she is having a homebirth on her due date (God willingly) so it doesn't need to be called a hospital bag since she isn't going to the hospital. However, she has this bag already packed in case some goes wrong before her due date and she has to deliver her baby Katerina in a hospital because of complications.

So here we go! I will post the links to what stuff she has and you can go from there! She is going to write out beside why she loves it and wants to have it with her.

Brittany, is just 17 years old. Kat is her first child. However, Brittany is anything but new to birth, pregnancy, and babies. She has more siblings than I have toes. Brittany's mom is a doula and has had plenty of birthing experience. She said if there is anything she adds she will let me know and I can update it.

First off is the bags themselves:

Pink Oversized Tote Bag : "I wanted something that cute and uplifting. If something goes wrong I want all the happiness I can grab. So a drab bag wouldn't just do for happy mommy."

Jujube Super Be - "Everyone recommended the JuJuBe company to me. My own mom, Genevieve, [Hunter], and Bre all recommended it to me. The fabrics are really cute and it's such a good quality bag."

LL Bean Carryall Tote Bag: "This bag is for the extra stuff really. Just something to carry it all in."

For Brittany:

MacKenzie ... Chic Maternity Hospital Gown-Dress ... Designer Fabric: "I picked this one out because I first loved the colors! Second, I liked that it has elastic in the top hem instead of snaps for breastfeeding! I am going to wear this hospital or not. Baby Be Mine has some awesome sets too!!!"

Gilligan & O'Malley® Women's 2-Pack Nursing Sleep Bra : "Everyone tells you to get a nursing bra but what I discovered is there are sleep ones, regular ones, and fun ones. I opted to put the sleeping ones in my hospital/emergency bag because 1) I don't know what size I will be at that time. 2) I will be lounging around."

Hanes® Women's Premium 3-Pack No Panty Lines Bikini: "I never thought I would be wearing Hanes again once I got to pick out my own underwear at 12 but here I am. I bought these just because I don't care if they get ruined while at the hospital. It's cheap and easy to just toss them in the garbage."

Lt. Weight Jaw Clip: "I want my hair out of my way when my Kit Kat arrives. I want it to be cute and not just thrown up in a ponytail. I have this on the handle of the bag because I want easy access to it."

Maternity Nursing Set Black: "I wanted a cute maternity nursing pajama set. Apparently cuteness doesn't exist (no Chevron!) and I just decided that I can make black cute!"

Always Ultra Thin Overnight With Wings Unscented Pads : "I do not want use the off brand ones from the hospital."

Rusk Hair Dryer W8less 2000 Watt Ceramic + Tourmaline"This is my travel hairdryer so that's why this is in here."

Rag Doll Non Skid Slipper Socks: "I wanted some cute fun socks to have and these just fit the bill."

JC Micro Terry Short Sleeve JacketJC Bootcut Pant in TerryCowl neck top in short sleeves in Red, and Roxy Sparrow: "I personally feel like I should look the best I can. The pretty you feel the happier you are. The happier you are the faster you heal."

Microphone Hair Brush: "This is a joke between me and my twin so I have to take it."

Chi Straightner: "Otherwise there will be a frizzy crazy headed new mom!"

For Beauty (Yes because some laboring mothers do believe in that):

Metallic Heart Cosmetic Bag: "This is where all of my make up will be."

SM Polka Dot Case: "For keeping the brushes in."

Polka Dot Cosmetic Brush Set: "I think having this will be something quick to grab and dab make up on with and then later on just toss it."

Other make up brushes from Sigma, ELF, and MAC. "I am going to try an look my best."

Travel Toothbrush, Crest Toothpaste & Scope Mouthwash: "I want to have something I throw away after having to use it."

Fortune Cookie Soap OCD Unicorn Farts: "I tried this only because of [Hunter] and omg I love that it doesn't leave my hands dry."

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Full Strength: "This is going to be a must have for after Kat even! This is so luxurious! It leaves my skin so amazing!"

Juice Beauty Perfecting Foundation Ivory: "I have fell in love with this while being pregnant."

Juice Beauty Green Apple Cleansing Gel: "Another must have even after Kat."

Juice Beauty Defining Mascara Black: "This isn't the greatest but while I'm pregnant it will get the job done for fantastic lashes that last."

Burt's Bee Tinted Lip Balm Red Dahlia: "I have loved this while being pregnant."

RMS Cream Shadow in Magnetic: "I love this color!"

Rock the Smokey Eye Shadow Palette: "I remember almost crying because I couldn't use my palettes this changed everything!"

Aveeno Radiating Moisturizer: "This works so awesomely!"

Yes to Tomatoes Wipes: "I was actually using these before getting pregnant and they really help!"

Fekkai Apple Cider Shampoo: "I use this even when not pregnant as does my mom!"

My vitamins.

For Nursing:

EnJoye™ LBI Breast Pump with Deluxe Tote Set: "This is my mom's breast feeding pump that she has had since she married her second husband."

PumpEase® hands-free pumping bra: "My friend who is pregnant herself now highly recommended these to me!"

Lansinoh Thera Pearl 3-in-1 Hot Or Cold Breast Therapy"I was recommended to get these by way of several mothers."

Itzy Ritzy™ Glitzy Gals™ Washable Nursing Pads in Natural: "I have been told how awesome these are for nursing and also that they have many uses."

Boppy Bare Naked Pillow: "I have a cute red and black cover to match her room."

Booby Tubes: "These can be cold or hot for whatever your need and that's really appealing to me."

Natural Nipple Butter: "Everyone I know that breastfeeds uses this!"

For Baby:

Black, White & Red Plush Panda Baby Rattle: "I decided on this being her first toy because babies can pick up on black and white the best."

Baby Girl Red Damask Minky Layette Gown : "First outfits need to be special. This one had Kat written all over it!"

Just One You™ by Carter: "I like the idea of having the stick on cute sayings and then putting them in her baby book."

The Robertson Dynasty Blanket - Faith Love Hope - Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty's Grandson Wyatt's Blanket - by Mommy Moxie on Etsy: "This was a gift for me and Kat from our housekeeper who pratically raised me and my siblings while my parents were busy working and other things."

Look, Look! Board book: "To me reading is a huge part of development. I already read books to her and I have been reading to her since I was ten weeks pregnant."

Organic Cotton Newborn Mittens: "I want to protect her skin from her nails. I have seen it happen too many times."

Vampire ghosties burp cloth: "I like to be different, can you tell?"

Gerber Unisex-Baby Newborn 6 Pack Cozy Designer Socks

Diapers: "I am using Honest company and G-Diapers."

Wipes: "Using the Honest company ones."


PINK Laundry Bag: "I wanted to add this because I don't want dirty clothes getting on everything."

Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer: "I know there are apps on iPads, phones, and iPods. I just wanted something else that would help me a lot more. This way everyone knows the times and I don't have rely information. It's there!"

Cottonelle Gentle Care Moist Wipes: "I just think it will be nicer than having to use regular toilet paper!"

Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover: "I always have one of these and I decided why not?"

Lush Massage Bar Hottie: "I have been warned that I will have leg cramps and such so I am going prepared for whoever is in the room with me. They can pamper me while we wait for Kat to get here!"

Lauren Ralph Lauren Greenwich Bath Towel: "Just like my reason for bringing my own gown. I don't know who else's blood and vomit has been on the towels. I don't care how sanitized they are that makes me want to hurl! So I have packed two black towel that are nice and fluffy."

Acrylic Twist Tumbler : "I don't like to think about hospital germs and such so I have two of these and an expo marker so I can mark how much I have drank!"

Extra Tshirt in XL and regular sweatpants in a large: "I like to think of the other people staying with me through this."

Birthing Ball: "I got this one because of how tall I am."

Clorox Wipes: "I am just scared of germs like crazy."

Laptop & Charger: "Whoever is with you or you yourself can surf the internet and keep everyone updated."

Camera & Charger: "Pretty sure this speaks for itself."

iPod: "I have two labor playlists already; upbeat and soothing."

$10 in ones: "For the vending machines and extra cash."

Things to do:

  • "My mom has encouraged me to make padsicles. She said make inexpensive ones first then when the baby arrives use the good padsicles with good pads. So I made my first batch with Target's up and up sanitary pads overnight, witch hazel and aloe vera."
  • "A second thing my mom has told me is to use Vicks and cotton rounds for hemorrhoids. She swears that it will be better than Preparation H or Tucks."
  •  "I have already had the car seat installed into the car. I did it several times with the instructor to make sure I was doing it properly myself."

Currents 2.21.14


Currently Burning...

We have The Black Pearl in the Scentsy warmer.

Paris Daydream is back in my wallflower.... Sorry I love Soarin!

Currently Watching...

It's cute and I adore this Disney Clip! Plus Miss Rain hadn't seen this so I had to catch my Princess up on her Disney!

Currently On My “To Do” List…

Work on more blog posts.

Currently Excited About…

The race in the morning!

Currently Lusting After…

The new Jawbone... Think I may have to upgrade!

Currently Loving…

The shirt that Vin brought me! It's from Victoria Secret. It's a Lucky shirt! Here

Currently Anxious About…

The race on Sunday!

Currently Buying…

Anything Disney....

Currently Drinking...


Currently Wearing clothes...

My outfit for the day was; Bad To The Bow Gym hoodie.BKE Lace Strap Tank Top, AE Jeggings Destroyed, and Cole Haan Manhattan Ballet.

For me laying in bed being anxious I'm wearing Bear Hug Pink NightshirtApara Jammie Socks and my moisturizing gloves

Currently Wearing make up...

No I wasn't going for high end I just wanted to have sun protection. I do not want wrinkles!

Moisturizer - Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 15
Primer - NARS Pro-Prime Multi-Protect Primer SPF 30
Eye Cream - Nutritioniste: Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage Daily Eye Cream
Foundation - Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Powder- Make Up Forever Loose Powder
Blush- Benefit Thrrrob
Bronzer - Betty-Lou Manizer Bronzer
Highlighter-  Mary Lou Manizer
Eye Primer - NARS eye primer
Eyeshadow - Naked 3 Palette
Eyeliner- Make Forever Eyeliner, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sparkle Nude Yup I am changing it up on you!
Mascara - theBalm 'What's Your Type - The Body Builder' Mascara
Lip products - Dior Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm SPF 10

Currently Wearing nail polish...

Ridge did my nails... I have on OPI Get Your Number as a base. For snowflakes that Ridge designed on me they are Julep's Casper!

She also did my toes because running with toe nails is going to end in black or bloody toes (ew I know right?) and so I was like cut and shrink those bad boys down! She did and she polished them up for me with a French pedicure!

Currently Wearing scent...

Miss Cherie Dior Perfume

Currently Reading...

Really not a book I have thrown myself into Elsa and JF fanfiction

Currently Listening to...

Owl City, Carrie Underwood, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and Avenged Sevenfold

Currently Using in my bath...

In my bath tonight I am just using a piece of Fizzbanger.

Currently Snacking on...

Fruit with yogurt!
Dannon Oikos Vanilla with raspberries, bananas, strawberries, blackberries, and almonds.

Currently Blessed by...

Support of my friends and family

Currently Hairstyle and accessories...

Bouncy loose curls with a side pink bow ... Pink Spideweb Bow with Black Cameo with Gray Skull Hair Bow

Currently Loving App...

Teavana iPhone app, love this to help me pick out blends and the timer.
Disney Experience on the iPad. I just love being able to plan out a Disney day.

Currently Playing...

Lyne , just an awesome app game!

Currently Crocheting or Knitting...

I am currently not knitting or crocheting anything.

Currently Teaching...

To stand up to a challenge and conquer it! I sent a video to my students this morning for the sub to show them!

Currently Cooking or Baking...