November Popsugar Must Have Box

Yes I do subscribe to a lot. But I highly enjoy these. 
If you want to know the prices of certain ones just comment below.

  1. It's $40 a month and it's sooo worth it! The contents are always worth more than $40. This box was no exception.

     They tell you on the card tells you that they are trying to make your Thanksgiving and beginning of the holidays easier.

    ~Barefruit Crunch Sea Salt Caramel Apple Chips ($1)The whole bag is just 200 calories!

    ~Lands End Single Canvas Wine Tote ($19.50)It's hold wine while you go on a picnic. It looks like their signature canvas two tone tote. It's a perfect hostess gift.

    ~The Soap and Paper Factory Shea Butter Soap ($8)Roland Pine! It has a very cute imprint on the soap! Ithink it's more a man's soap but hey that can come in handy!

    ~Maison de Monaco Strawberry and Blackcurrant Cream Preserves ($6)I love preserves with my tea in the mornig so this is amazing. It's made in San Fransico.

    ~Illume Candle (6.2 oz) ($15.75)I got the Naughty scent some people got the Nice scent. The Naughty scent kind of smells like a men's cologne (Score since I love that plus a woodsy smell.) The Nice candle is suppose to smell like vanilla which makes me glad I got the naughty one! ~Absolute A! Nail Polish Remover in Spring Fresh (32 pads) ($1.99)They are acetone free little pads that come in a very cute travel case!

    ~Canvaspop Gift Card ($30)Turn instagram picture or phone pictures or any pictures into canvas pictures! The cheapest on the website is $49 but it's $30 off so yeah!

    ~Michael Stars Folk Art Wrap ($42)It's huge and it's soooooo soft. It's even big enough to use as a small throw on the plane. It can be used as a shawl even.

    I will let you know about the December box for sure.