Tea Time with Hunter: Vintage Teacup and Talk

Hello Everyone! Welcome back! I am sorry it has been so long since a teatime. The reason being what I haven't done a teatime in a long time. Life, again! So pour you a good cup of tea and enjoy this talk with me!

For me, I have a vintage cup of Princess Breakfast Tea which is a signature Disney blend. It was created exclusively for the Afternoon Tea at the Garden View Tearoom. And I'll be honest Vin fixed this tea perfectly so I am in a state of bliss because I have on some really good comfort clothes, a nice fire, and really nice perfume and the tea.

I will tell you quick how tea is "properly" made and how to enjoy a cup and pot of tea like I am enjoying tonight:

* Warm the pot to remove any chill.
* Add one teaspoon full of tea per person plus one for the pot. (Vin added another one for good measure.)
* Add water that has just come to a boil
* Let the tea steep for a good five minutes... Pour and enjoy!

Disclaimer: I know for different kinds of tea there are different steep times and temperatures but this is mostly the general idea.

So let's begin with what has weighed on my heart the most. Lupus... Commonly known as a woman's disease, but men and children can have it as well. My man does. He was actually diagnose a little bit after Christmas. He has had trouble with his thyroid for many years, but now we know that is the Lupus flare up causing that sort of trouble.

He has good days and bad days just like any chronic and autoimmune disease. Yep his poor body is attacking itself. And some days you can really tell that he is hurting and other days he can be full of energy. The days where he can't managed to even raise his hand out from under the cover are the hardest on him. He has to be helped to the bathroom because those days he can't even walk.

Is there a cure? No. Is there medicine? Yes, sort of. There are really just beta drugs for Lupus. Which is scary since Lupus affects most organs. That's the scary part in this, is that he is hurting and I don't know what to do and the doctors sometimes have limited answers. Though, we are changing his doctor because Vin wants someone who really knows Lupus and has dealt with it more and more. So please keep us in your prayers. Right now he is feeling really good (and I'm sure the new Mustang Convertible he got has nothing to do with it, hehe.)

Next, right after we got back from Disney World with my family, Vin told me he thought Luna (age 4) was showing the signs of diabetes. While I knew Vin knew the signs of diabetes I told him it was just the aftermath of a full week Disney trip with spring arriving while we were down there. So I took her blood sugar... 578. That's not only high, it's dangerous. We rushed to Birmingham with police escort to Children's Hospital. She was admitted instantly.

When I realized I had went through the hospital doors without needing to cover my nose and gasp to get over the hospital smell, I knew what unconditional love that most mothers talk about. That was it. I am highly sensitive to hospital smells and I did eventually have to start smelling perfumes and hand santizer but that initial reaction I didn't even blanch at all.

She has Type 1 diabetes, and they are starting her on an insulin pump in a few months. She is for the most part doing okay with it. She HATES, loathes having to tell us every single little thing she eats. The shots don't bother her, but they bother me. I have had surgeries, stem cells transplant for Bryant, and tattoos, but an insulin shot scares me. I think it's because I am petrified of hurting her. I did fine in the hospital, but at home it's awful. I am working so hard of over coming this for her.

So, usually when I don't blog there is family being added so we are usually adjusting. However, this time is different. The adoptions of Pixie and Nyxie changed. Being heart broken is understatement, but I know they are going to amazing homes that can take care of them. That's what I want is for my children's needs to be met. That's what is the most important to me.

Also, I'm having some house changes. I know my family reading this probably just fell out of their chairs. Don't worry it's mostly just paint that I am changing. I want a more airy dining room so I am changing the furniture and color in there. And what shocked me about my own self is the sitting room I am changing to a silver/gray combination. I am just tired of blues. I want something peppy like in my office, closet, and kitchen. 

And for the finale surprise, while on our family Disney excursion I met a few people. People that really introduced me to a "vintage" style. I have ordered a few books and a few clothing pieces. This will be a process for me, but I do love doing vintage things. What recommendations do you have for me? Please, I love to try new things.

Until later,

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust (and Roll Tide!)

Disney Sunday: Happy Easter + Disney Inspired Reading Challenge

It might be gloomy in Alabama today, but it is a glorious feeling in my heart today! It is Easter! Happy Easter! I'm very happy that it is Easter and what all it brings to the whole world!

Since it's Easter I want to show you the Disney Easter parade and then I will talk about the Disney Reading Challenge. The parade was fantastic from all that I seen! It really gears me up for Easter!

Wasn't that wonderful? I love the Antebellum costumes! Love the pastel colors of them. That's now going on my bucket list to see in person!

So onto the Disney Inspired Reading Challenge! I haven't read much this year, but that's okay there is plenty of this year left to read! It is only April (technically) so we still have 8 months of reading time left! I gave you four different categories the last time and that's what I am giving you this month as well.

Overview: Walt Disney World
A book that takes place in Florida
A book by an author from Florida
A book that has oranges on the cover or an orange book
A book with the title featuring sun or Sunshine

Overview: Disneyland
A book set in California
A book featuring hanggliding
A book with a ferris wheel on the cover
A book about Walt Disney, himself

EPCOT: Future World
A book set in the future
A book with car racing in it
A book with an umbrella or parasol on the cover
A book about a greenhouse or gardening

EPCOT: World's Showcase
A book with wine or flower in the title
A book about traveling around the world
A book with the cover featuring a map
A book with the word "world" in the title

I have considered the idea of giving this reading challenge inspired by Disney its own personal blog. That way you don't have to search my ramblings for 

Review: Quaker Breakfast Flats

Are you a busy person? I am! So anytime that I find a product that is perfect for on the on-go or makes my life simpler I grab it and love it! So that's why when Influenster sent me Quaker Breakfast Flats to try out I was so excited! They have the exact criteria as above!

We were just simply checking my Luna's blood sugar and none of us were expecting the results. A blood sugar of 587 is beyond a healthy blood sugar, it's highly dangerous. Grabbing up everything I needed I grabbed up these bars knowing that I don't like hospital food. Really and truly, I don't care for hospitals at all, but I knew that's where we were headed.

Test after test, IV, and insulin, we were told she has Type 1 diabetes. Vin was prepared for that news I was not. I have hypoglycemia, where my blood sugar drops a lot from different activities. So this new thing of her pancreas not working was all garble to me. We had to stay the night of course.

By the next morning I was really hungry, because I can seriously put away some food when I'm not anxious and nervous. However, being in a hospital (no matter how nice it was) was still giving me a headache and making me hungry. I grabbed these bars out of my bag and was pleasantly surprised.

The texture of these is amazing! I love the fact that they don't break my teeth. I can't tell you how many times I go for a breakfast, granola, or oak bar and they about break your teeth. These were not overly chewy, but I didn't feel like I needed to go to the dentist afterwards.

I love the amount of sugar in these; I do have low blood sugar. I like the flavor these had because they had the right amount of flavor in each bite without having too much. Plus you get three of these in a pack! That was the best. I happily munched on these while reading the new information packet given to me by the doctor. I was happy I didn't have to result to a Snickers bar so I wasn't hangry at the doctors.

So thanks Influenster for sending these so no doctor was harmed!

Simple Abundance: Finding Myself

You know when something crosses your path and you really want to do it, but you are afraid of what people think of you? That voice that says do it or give it a try? That's the voice of your inner self. And thanks to Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort of Joy I am starting to pay more attention to my inner voice.

For many years I have heard Pretty Neat Living talk about this book. She loves it. She has spent years in it. Some people have asked how you can reread a book year after year. Even I was concerned about that, but when reading this myself I understood.

And for once it wasn't Jen, from Pretty Neat Living that coerced me into doing something. This is was actually from Paper & Glam: God & Glam Facebook group that collectively decided on reading this with our devotion Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are. I was skeptical about reading both of these daily, but I'll be quite honest sometimes I enjoy getting behind because I have more to read the day that I get to catch up.

So why would you read this book over and over, though? Simply because there is so much to learn to do for yourself. This is a book to really find out about yourself as long as you do the work with the book. I have found myself lost in memories and dreams, and that's okay. It is a part of me. It is who I am when I step out into the world every day. Those memories and dreams don't disappear because I am out in the real world.

This book really helps me think about what I want from my life and how I can move forward in it. How to have simple indulgences for myself and not feel guilty about it. To still serve God, but to give myself the care it deserves. With the help of this book I have found journaling and being more creative through collage, drawing, and coloring.

I strongly suggest this to anyone who feels like they are in a rut. I do want to say that like with most things you can't just give it 50% and expect results. I don't think a person should just start in the middle of the book either, or you'll be confused. There are terms in the book which will be confusing. There are terms such as treasure map, and illustrated discovery journal which are discussed at the beginning.

While some may scoff at it for being too childish, I think these are the people that really need it the most. The ones that are wound so tight that they have forgotten what life used to be like to be a child, or they never were a child and forced to grow up. This isn't something that has to be perfect, it is yours.

What is your inner voice saying? Are you paying attention?

A Little Getaway from Wedding Planning: Las Vegas Mini Trip

Vin and I are really gearing up with all of the wedding planning. And it can get overwhelming quickly. We have things simplified and we are still having to rub our foreheads and scratch our chins on some of these choices. So daydreaming about a getaway is very nice!

Searching through Vegas.com got me thinking about what I would take on a trip to Vegas. Since we are talking about a getaway from things I want something fun and relaxing! A lot of people said I should include something romantic. Don't get me wrong I get it's me and Vin getaway, but yes, we are still waiting until marriage for the heavy romantic. So I want this trip to be more and let loose than anything.
So after searching for many nights for a Vegas resort that we could enjoy on this trip without going too far out of our comfort zone, I found the perfect little gem. It tucked away off the strip but it is perfect for us. The decor of Silverton is what we are use to on many trip.
When I looked further into this hotel there were a number of things I liked about it. The thing I like best about Silverton is that it has a huge aquarium with a mermaid show. That's pretty amazing. Also there is a two-story Pro Bass Shop in the hotel! And while having a resort give you Bath and Body Works soaps and lotions may not mean much to some, it means a lot to this country girl!

A three day weekend getaway sounds really good to getaway from all the wedding craziness. To have fun, and yet still remember why we are saying "I do," is where this trip will led us to at the end. So what about a packing list? What about things to do?

Since I am the girl from Alabama, I have to fly to Vegas. Don't get me wrong I can do a car trip to Disney World, but um, that's Disney. My leaving out fit ties into my wardrobe for the trip. I believe in utilizing the art of layering for trips where I just bring a carry-on. So jeggings (denim flex ™ medium wash jegging), shirt (UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA FITTED V-NECK TEE), pull over hoodie (adidas Originals 'Cosmic Confession' Hoodie), and shoes (KEDS X kate spade new york Champion Cream Glitter) will be what I wear. On the plane I like to pass the time while flying. I know I'll be reading the Gambling for Dummies because hello, the craziest I've done is play the Florida State Lottery because I'm there so much!

One of the things I know I have to do in Vegas is selfies with Vin! I have a great list from Refinery 29: 6 Selfies You have to take in Las Vegas. The sundress is going to come in handy! I know there will be many different memories from this trip, but a touch of our own little memories will be great for this. I like something that is perfect to walk in but doesn't show too much leg and keeps me kind of on the vintage side of classy! This perfect little number is from Modcloth: Fleur-ever Yours Dress.

There are two things that can really help me feel relaxed, music and water. So I think that a good playlist for the weekend is a great idea but a couples massage is even better! Of course, we will have Britney Spears on the playlist because she has had such an impact on this area. It is also amazing to realize that she really is a strong and talented person. But our couples' massage would definitely be at Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace. Because honestly just looking at the pictures of this spa makes me feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

What's the one thing that comes to many people's mind when mentioning Vegas? Gambling! There are all kind of fun and fabulous places to gamble the night away. I really doubt that we do that, but who knows! I can guarantee that the small loan I'll be carrying will be in this RFID Phone Wallet which is Sydney by Fossil. However, the lucky underwear is a bit of a problem. I only have lucky underwear and that's football season for my Alabama Crimson Tide. I highly doubt it will work as good for me.

Because I am a daredevil so I like some adrenaline through into a vacation. So of course I want to go zip-lining through Fremont St! Dressed in leggings and a killer top would be freaking amazing. I like the ease of having a killer top that is also comfortable. So I would definitely have a killer top like Angel Wings Cold Shoulder Top and along with some awesome leggings like Paneled Faux Leather Pants.

I am not going on vacation without getting in a pool. The pool is not all flashy with waterfalls or anything, which I kind of like because this is more about relaxing and forgetting everything. You can event rent cabanas for the day which would be even nicer because it comes with beverages and food. Resting all day by the pool while watching Youtube in a cabana while wearing a Victoria's Secret The Strappy-back Getaway Halter with the Teeny Bikini.

Vin has had requests for this trip, and I have let him beings he is going on the trip with me. He had an interesting request, and it wasn't a topless show. He wants to eat at Giada's restaurant. So I was looking into the restaurant and discovered that sometimes she really is at the restaurant and will come take pictures with the guests! That is amazing and I want to look my best, so to pulled together I will have my favorite makeup essentials and hair essentials with me in my makeup bag just in case we do possibly run into her!

Vin and I both agreed on watching Cirque Du Soleil, because we have seen the Disney one. We agreed on the O by Cirque Du Soleil because it seemed the most intriguing to us. I usually dress up for these because these shows are amazing so I would wear the sundress with these amazing sandals from Christian Louboutin called Olydia Flat. They are perfect for walking but also having a lot
of maturity and class. I adore that they are still stylish and yet comfortable.

One of the other things that Vin wants to do on this trips is Adventure Combat Ops where he can battle zombies basically. It prepares you for the inevitable zombie apocalypse with special ops training from professionals with Army Ranger, Navy SEAL, Green Beret, and Delta Force backgrounds. It’s like a game of Call of Duty in real life, with plenty of guns, firepower, and explosions. It takes up two hours for the experience that will make take you into the reality of the fantasy world. This might be where my little bottles of booze comes in because this isn't something that I'm as interested in anymore. And I'll need them if we aren't any count at it, because I'm not too much for losing at something.

One thing that I have discovered that has went not only on my Vegas bucket list, but my life bucket list as well. I had never heard of is SkyJump at the Stratosphere. Their website says it all;
Leap into history with a dive off the Stratosphere Tower at SkyJump -- the Guinness World Record holder for highest commercial decelerator descent. It’s a scream-inducing, adrenaline-pumping jump from an official height of 829 feet.

As far as pajamas go that might be what I buy myself as souvenir. I like doing stuff like that for souvenirs. Something useful, yet fun works as a great souvenir. And after a long day of walking around, possible drinking, and even more possible debt that's where that faithful aspirin comes in at on the list.

So what would you pack in just your one bag to Vegas? And please check out the list of resorts available in Vegas, and of course, tell which one you would pick! It's not an easy decision let me tell you.

Upgrading Our Annual Disney Theme Park Passes and Why...

Hello from this Disney addict! We pretty much have everything you need to make Disney trip less expensive and more often. Or atleast I thought we did. I had an annual pass to Disney World. But why in the world didn't I have one for Disneyland? Now I do.

When talking to my friend she asked "What about Disneyland?" That got me to thinking. Our families are traveling to Disneyland more and more. And it is where Disney started, so why? I made the decision to change it something that our families could use even more!

We are now Disney Premiere Passport Holders. Which means we can get into Disney World and Disneyland with no black out days all year long! And if you don't think I am going to use that as excuse to go more often think again! This is too good not to pass up. We go so much already that this makes the most sense with me running the runDisney races.

So this is what the Premiere Passport Holders receive and it is straight from the Disney website;

Enjoy 365 Days of Admission

At Walt Disney World Resort in Florida:
At the Disneyland Resort in California:

Take Advantage of All These Benefits

At Walt Disney World Resort in Florida:

At the Disneyland Resort in California:

Receive Special Offers and Updates

Schooling in Our House: 2016 Update

I knew instantly when Rain and Luna (my first babies) became my concern that we weren't going to public school. I toyed with the idea of private school, but even that felt to stifling to me. School has really changed since I was even in high school. Things that once would be punished for are no more. Actions that were once bad, now are just "symptoms." My children wouldn't be able to eat their beloved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because of the no nut rule.

So we are changing the game and we haven't stepped a foot in a school for a full 8 hours. One point in time I thought my homeschooling had to look like school. That's not the case. Not everything has to be on paper or out of a book. There is so many opportunities...

-School: "Do what you're told."
-Homeschool: "Do what you're told... by your mom."
-Unschool: "Do what you want."
-Worldschool: "Do what ya gotta do..."

-Unschool - Trust yourself, your child, and the individual.
-Homeschool - Trust your family, friends, and community.
-School - Trust school, government, and institutions.
-Worldschool - Trust the world and the universe.

-School teaches there are few possibilities for you.
-Unschooling teaches there are infinite possibilities.
-Worldschooling teaches you which are truly for you.

~Worldschooling is when the world schools you.

Worldschooling is when you get your butt kicked... in a sacred manner. And then learn from it... in a sacred manner.

"Because the world owes us nothing, and we owe each other the world."
-Ani DiFranco "Joyful Girl"

Brief, clear definitions for homeschooling, unschooling, and worldschooling: http://www.eligerzon.com/worldschooling.php

I am also getting involved in something called Disney Homeschooling. It's kind of like homeschool or unschooling but at Disney! Disney has so much to offer. I also am a huge fan of Montessori homeschooling as well. 

People look at me strange and say that my children won't be taught well enough. Excuse me, it doesn't matter. Do you realize how many high school graduates cannot balance a checkbook, but they have to know theorems that will be taught in college-- AGAIN!

 People ask me what if my kids don't do as well in college. Well maybe, I am not going to push them to go to college. Oh I heard the gasp-- Seriously! Trade school is also amazing. However, if my child wants to be the manager at any fast food place I just hope that they can give back correct change, be polite, and get an order right. I'll be accepting of that.

Just remember these eerie words of an U.S. Federal Judge Melinda Harmon, "Parents give up their rights when they drop the children off at public schools."

Disney Sunday: Top 5 Interesting Firsts on Our Disney Trips

The Collins family (plus McLachlan, some Raposo, and few other family names) just returned from Disney World. It was the biannual family trip that the Collins now take together. It was a lot of fun because we did some newer things for us. Newer people in our life brought out some great new memories. So my top 5 moments from our February 27 - March 5, 2016 are:

Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular in Hollywood Studios - This ranks up there with Wishes to me. Whiles Wishes has it's home in Magic Kingdom. I definitely feel like this Star Wars fireworks has a perfect home in Hollywood Studios. This was worth the wait and the standing! Plus the Starbucks in Hollywood Studios now has the butter finger cupcake which you used to only be able to get before 3 PM at the Starring Rolls Cafe.

This was amazing fireworks and I really enjoyed watching for the first time.


Here is a small sneak peak of the fireworks!

Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian - I have done this before but I was by myself. This time I came with my fiance, and his best friend. I have to say this is better than I remember it. I love this and absolutely can't wait to do it again.

Each person gets to pick which set of courses they want. The Bedfordshire Tea which is the least fancy one. First Course - Medley of finger sandwiches accompanied with berries, cheese and lavosh. Second Course - Buttery cone and jam tart. Finale - Choice of delicate house-made pastries, strawberries and creme, or english trifle.

For sandwiches we got the egg salad, golden beet and goat cheese, curried chicken salad, and cucumber. It also had generous slices of Tillamook and sage cheddar cheese with lavosh (the cracker under the cheese), grapes, black berries, blue berries, and a small caramelized onion tart.

I got the strawberries and creme (I will forever get it!) and so did Dylan. Vin picked out the house-made pastries.

Fireworks from Dylan's room at Disney's Wilderness Lodge - Dylan didn't actually come with my family. He was there with his family. But he ended up just rooming with them and hanging out with us! Wooho! However, they had regular that have a fantastic view of Magic Kingdom. They didn't pay anything extra for this. It was amazing to set on a bed and watch Wishes! Yes I know all the other deluxes have this. But I have to say having this for no extra cost would have been a plus in my books.

Flower and Garden Festival - This technically isn't a first, but it was dang near close! It had been forever since I had seen the Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT. I was excited and it didn't let me down! I love, love how they decorate and showcase this.


Carolina engaged!!!! My dear sweet cousin who is also my best friend and been a partner in crime since she was born got engaged! She has finally found her true love that gets just as excited about her as she does him.

DVC night in Magic Kingdom! Oh my goodness I loved this night. It was incredible! The fireworks was almost like New Years Eve! It was truly amazing!

Author's note: Let me explain this title. I have been feeling low about my blog this year. As you can tell I just haven't felt like I am accomplishing much with my blog this year. I do hope to continue to bring you awesome content about Disney, but I am also going to go back to personal posts. That's where my heart is truly at when it comes to my blog. My favorites will return at the end of May. March and April will be me regrouping, so that I hopefully can come back stronger than ever.