April 2016 Goals

So long March! April is here and I'm loving it so far. There are few bumps in my plans, but naturally things are more green for everyone these days! So I have a few goals for the month! This month will go by quick for me because two weeks out of the month I'll be Disney "vacaying!" So this is my list!

  • Go home to my dad's for supper on Tuesday nights.
  • Find a few new hats. Wear them! I love hats and I love wearing them. So why I don't wear them? Because I'm afraid of the backlash, but I'm tired of living timidly.
  • Sew something. Knit, or crochet even! I miss this. I really do, because I was making so many things that I loved!
  • Go through and clean out my clothes! Lets be real how many times am I really going to wear neon things? Not too many so why do I have a whole section of neon things?
  • Clean out and up makeup collection. Shop for new! Do I need this as a goal? Yes.
  • Find some new music. I have downloading a grand total of 11 songs since the beginning of the year. That's unacceptable.
  • Collect rain water and wash my hair with it. Apparently Victorian women thought this made your hair soft. Oh well why not?
  • Vintage finds everywhere! Embrace my love for things vintage and make it a little modern (and a little Disney.) That way the vintage things will be completely me.
  • Get back into Listersgottalist
  • Be a part of the book talk.
  • Feel accomplished with the new Bible Study system!
That's all I have for this month! What are some of your goals for the month?

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