Thankful for in November

Even though I did not post in November I know I had a lot to be thankful for even in the mists of all the turmoil that was surrounding me. Being a person that has grown up in a loving family, I take for granted a lot of things and November kindly reminded me not to take those simple things for granted. Blessings are all around me and it's times like these that I realized just how fortunate I am for so many things.

Though the title might be Thankful for in November these are the things that I am thankful for throughout the entire year. This is a reminder to you to not overlook the small things. It's a reminder for me to not take things for granted.

1. Friendship - Yes I am one of those people. I really believe that friends turn into family no matter what. The friendship that I take for granted the most in Jessica's. I know she gets tired of me constantly griping or being unsure about things. But I love her to death and I cannot imagine my life without her. She is bubbly, sweet, caring, and hilarious.

2. Health - Sometimes I can be a lazy person. I don't want to get off the couch to go get something. With the realization that sometimes people physically cannot do something for themselves I started pushing myself even more. Being thankful that I do have the option of getting out and running.

3. Kindness - In some cases it takes a little effort on my part to be kind to people. It takes a lot of effort to be kind to the people who don't deserve it. But kindness just isn't that. It's putting yourself in someone else's shoes and doing something for them and not expecting anything in return, not even good vibes. It doesn't have to be someone less fortunate.

4. Teacher - Interestingly enough the professor that at the beginning of the semester that I had some run ins with has become an amazing mentor and I'm not just talking about teaching. Her children are also older than mine. She gives great advice. It's amazing how similar she and I actually are. I am very grateful that we were able to overcome both our stubbornness and become great friends.

5. Emotions - Those things inside our heads that help us decide how to act and what to do. I have went through some emotions this year. The thing that has brought me the most joy is Vinny and my girls. I light up like a Christmas tree in the woods when I see them or I get a hug from them.

6. Freedom -Enjoying particular things may seem free but it's really not. My freedom to play games, go to church, wear what I want to; those things came at a cost. People's lives that protect my right to freedom. What's terrible though is we have people wanting to take those freedoms away in our country after so many have fought for those freedoms. My dad was one of those people who has fought for it. I have and intend to continue to teach my girls that them growing up to be strong and brave with freedoms comes at a price.

7. Talent/Skill - The skills that God instilled in me are ones I am very grateful for every day. There are days when I feel useless like I am not helping the world. It takes a small tiny hand or a massive coarse hand to just touch me and I realize I might not can see the change in the world but I am definitely helping change the world with the skills and talents that I have. The three talents and skills that I am most thankful are writing, listening, and reading.

8.  Adventure - Of my adventures I would have to say my Orlando stay-cation has really made me grateful. I have learned so many things from the experiences at Orlando. I have grown and matured. It has really helped me become a better parents, teacher, and listener.

9. Something Funny - Laughter is a true gift. If you have a good sense of humor you laugh at things that are meant to be laughed at and not laughing at things that you shouldn't be. Though, sometimes you laugh at something you should or even someone. Though I have to say without a doubt the story titled Do Not Drink Anything While Reading This is THE funniest thing I have ever read in my life.

10. My Parents - Being grateful for my parents, all of them. The fact is, I am grateful for all of my parents. Even my mom, who is now institutionalized, I am grateful for today. My dad is my hero and the person that has really given me skills and talents that I am very proud of in every day life. Charlene, my stepmom, is the other person that helped teach me skills and talents. My mom, well she taught me a lot of how not to be, that I don't need to let someone boss me around and think I'm not good enough.

11. Beauty - Sigh... I am not being conceited but I hear how beautiful I am all the time. Thing is most are talking about the outer shell of me. Thing is yes I put a lot into the outer beauty but I really focus on inner beauty as well. It's something I strive for in my daily living. This is the song I adore for all things beautiful:

                                       (Link here: Newsboys - Something Beautiful)

12. Something That Made Me Stronger - All obstacles make us stronger in our lives, but some stand out even more. I have to say that the obstacle that I am most grateful for is the whole moving ordeal. I was scared at first of leaving something so familiar. But, under the circumstances of where we were living becoming not ideal for us, we moved. And I do not regret it at all. Except maybe our house won't be ready for Christmas until Christmas Eve but we will see.

13. Family - My family is the one thing that I am always thankful for this time of year. Why am I always thankful for my family? Well because they always stand behind me and support me. I feel like I have the best family ever. We really enjoy the fact that we can get into it and the fact remains that we usually want to stay together and not get out each other's hair. 

14. Nature - Seriously, I wish spring and summer would never come. I hate both of them. If I could live in the South and it stay under 75° I would be in hog-freakin-heaven. I have to admit that I do love our time in North Carolina for that reason. Seriously! Btw we are southeast of Knoxville. So yes it's the South! Nature up here is amazing though, the views we have are amazing. 

15. What I Love About Myself - I love the questions that make you sound conceited, not! But I can say honestly without feeling bad that I feel like I am well rounded. It's a blessing that I love to read and learn. In most situations I have an open mind. Being thankful for that reassures me that I am more than I think am usually.

16. Food - A food that I am thankful for would have to chicken. Seriously, can you go wrong with chicken? Grilled, fried, baked, etc. It always taste amazing. By itself, in soup, in pasta. I think I would be lost without chicken. But also I am grateful that I have a refrigerator full of food at any given time. God has blessed me with plenty.

17. A Book - The Bible will always be something I am grateful that I have the freedom to read each and every day. Encouragement for TodaySimple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort of JoyDesigning Disney, and Harry Potter.

18. A Moment - Memories flood me nothing stands out like the four times Vincent got down on one knee in front of me. Each time was just as shocking as the first time in the melting snow with his Grandmother's ring. He sure knows how to win a girl's heart over and make her friends jealous.

19. A Gift - Gifts that keep on giving are the best. I don't really have a single gift that really stands out. People give me wonderful, thoughtful gifts and I am grateful for all of them. If I threw a party I would have a lot of large gifts with cards attaching saying "Thank you for Being a Friend."

20. What I Do Everyday - Children, my own, the ones in the park, and the ones in my classroom. This is something I do everyday. I am very thankful to have something I enjoy so much be my job that puts food on the table. Also another thing that I (try) to do every day is blog. I am very grateful to be able to write and express my opinions so freely.

21. Can't Live Without - Besides the blessings of food, water, shelter, and health which I am immensely grateful for in my life. I am also very thankful for my education, my collections of things, football, groups, charities that support people in their darkest of times. If I am being honest I am also grateful for the internet as well. It helps me connect to a lot of people and helps me in many different areas. But also I am glad that I am born again Christian, who cannot live without God. 

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