Where in the World is Hunter?

Posting once in December and then disappears again? Trust me I understand the frustration with people who vlog and blog and then fall off the face of the Earth. I see it all the time myself. The reason I haven't been blogging? NO KEYBOARD! Wait, no I had a keyboard but not being able to type the letters "t", "y", "g", and "h" will stop you from writing a great post. Heck, it will stop you from writing any post...

So am I back after this post today? No, I'm actually not on my own computer. I am using my fiance's best friend's computer to type this and I feel strange and guilty for using someone else's computer to do this. Hopefully by next Saturday I will have it back and you will see many transformations happen!

I have been working on my blog while my computer was down. Post ideas, branding plans, and finally the About Me Page that has been in the works for over 6 Months. Blogging Conferences are in my future so I can branch out and give everyone better content. 

Personally, I was struggling with my blogging in the fall for many reasons. One, was that my family kept having blow after blow. It was difficult to see my dad struggle so with conflicts and emotional conflict as well. Second reason, was my lack of creativity. I had all these ideas but didn't know how to store the ideas and how to write a really great post for you. Third, I felt the burnout and time elude. I felt like it wasn't enough to update about my daily life and things I love. Then my classes just took over my life. But those struggles are behind me.

The struggles that were plaguing me have mostly resolved. My family situation is better (I may update everyone soon on that situation.) My creativity has been on overload. Found a way to store ideas for myself. I read into ideas about how keep better blogging records. Plus, this semester I only have an online class. So you will have my content a lot more.

Right now we are just waiting for my blogging laptop to be fixed. Then everything will be great. I can invest in my blog more and more. Hopefully you'll enjoy the content and the new changes coming to blog as much as I do. 

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!

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