Why Don't I Vlog and Why Currents?

Hello Everyone!

Yes I am back! Keyboard is in fine working condition and I have mapped out a lot of ideas in my time off. There are some questions circulating pertaining to my blog. I want to answer those questions for you because I know those are questions that I would want answered. The answers are pretty simple.

Vlogging is a great outlet for so many people. It helps a person get a sense of visual. My blog is not typical anyways, so why do I do something like vlogging without video?  But blogging has it's benefits as well. So why?

Why Don't I Vlog?

First, let me begin by saying that I don't vlog right now. There may come in the time future where I decide to vlog and blog. The thought has crossed my mind for the future. After all "the best way to predict the future is to create it."

Then, there is the subject of equipment for blogging. I will admit that I am saving up for the equipment to better my blog and that will include some of the same equipment for vlogging. I don't want whatever is at the bottom of products to give good and in depth posts and content for everyone.

Also, the world of vlogging is very different than blogging. How you reach people is different. The social media used to expand the audience is even different. I am just now really learning the ropes of blogging. Vlogging will take some time for me to learn.

But, why not now? It doesn't fit my lifestyle right now. I don't feel like walking around with a camera or sitting in front of one right now. Just in me writing that sentence my fiance placed our three month old in my arms and my two year old stole my shoe. Because that will be what I want all of you to see...

Therefor, I won't say that vlogging isn't in my future. But right now it is not for me and my family. We are still learning the ropes of being a family (more on that in a coming post.) I want to be consent in the content that I put up and right now I am only allotting time for blogging. Vlogging and the editing will have to be worked in at a later time.

Why Currents?

This question is one that I get by a lot of people that read my daily currents. I get that sometimes it looks like a long boring list because sometimes the content doesn't change. My life can get boring and not change from day to day. Which is why something new is taking place for my blog with currents.

But first, if you haven't read my currents it's pretty simple. I have a list of my "currents" for the day. It ranges from what I ate (I link recipes if I can) to what I wore (I try to link those too) to what am I reading, all the way to what I prayed for and what apps I used on my devices. It's a way to see some mini reviews and to see what products I am using. 

It's my way of "daily vlogging!" I post a daily picture (sometimes more) and tell about anything that happened that doesn't fit into the list of information. New things come into the list all the time and if you want to find out about something I am doing feel free to let me know and I will see what I can do about adding it.

Finally, the something new to my blog is a true buzz. There are a lot of things that are new to my blog if you are a returning reader. The main one you will notice is have off days which I will still post. This post will not be like my old No Post Sunday post that seriously took longer to write than a regular post. This is what I am calling a mini current. The layout will give you a feel of my day without giving away the whole day. So you will still be able to see some currents everyday all week!

Last Note

I am really grateful to be back blogging. The anguish has been there for the posts that pop into my head only to remember my keyboard was broke and I could not blog. The remodeling is something that I love too. It feels like a whole new corner of the internet for me. 

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