Eight Tips & Pictures Of Disney World Spring 2017

We had a wonderful trip in Disney World to end February and start March! We did so many things this seasoned Disney Veteran had never done before in my many trips! So it's a lot of fun when you can really let go and see things that you haven't noticed before on trips!

I hope you enjoy these few moments from our trip that I absolutely love!

I love checking into the Wilderness Lodge and I will for years to come! There is so much that is coming to this resort. I am sure the reason they are doing all of this renovation is because this resort is loved by so many. The sounds, the smells, the music, and the legends behind the resorts are truly incredible! You must explore this resort one day if you haven't!

They have really made the Wilderness Lodge a beautiful place! I highly recommend enjoying a stroll as the sun starts to set. It gives off a very beach like day vibe!

I cannot recommend visiting other hotels. Seriously even if a value or a moderate is not your style. A little one visiting these places for the sights is amazing! Plus, there are fun photo ops as well. Plus, food courts that just can't be beat!

Ahhhh boat rides from the Magic Kingdom! Yes you can take a boat, not ferry, from Magic Kingdom. Read more about Disney Transportation here.

Living with the Land is still one of my top 5 rides! I strongly suggest riding this twice and really learning what's there. It's a great start to open the eyes of children to growing the food that they eat.

I did the Behind the Seeds tour finally! Loved learning about the plants! They have all kinds of interesting helpful hints and tips to gardening! Plus, Disney likes to try new things with plants and it's amazing! This tour was something that had been on my bucket list for years thanks to the Living with the Land attraction.

March 17th do not miss Beauty and the Beast! We saw exclusive 8 minutes of the movie at One Man's Dream. For the record most people skip One Man's Dream because they don't care about the history of Walt Disney himself, but they are missing out on new movies being released soon. And yes that's the dress Emma Watson wore along with the rose from the movie!

Flower and Garden Festival was amazing! The merchandise was above expectations this year! I loved it! I recommend seeing the festivals in the day if you are not a drinker or if you aren't a crowd person.

See ya real soon Disney!

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