I Broke My Own Disney Rules

Rules were meant to broken... Sometimes. Even if you made them yourself! I have rules about Disney, like Jethro Gibbs does on NCIS. However this trip I decided to be a rebel!

All of those things you read on Pinterest about Disney trips? Most you can break or mold to find your family and needs!

Rule #1 - Visit a park when you first arrive!

Yeah, I had ran half marathon the day before for starters. Then I had to deal with some family wasn't really keen on dealing with at 3 AM. And oh yeah, we left Tuscaloosa at 3:09 A.M. So I was exhausted already. We even had dinner reservations at Disney Springs... We spent it in the room.

Rule #2 - Don't undermine Disney!

So if you have a sit down dinner reservation and you can't make it... Just move it to two days later, go back an hour later and cancel it. Not charge to your card. Trust I'm still blushing that I did this, but that was a lot of people and I was give out.

Rule #3 - If you stay on property do not drive ANYWHERE!

I still stand by this for the parks because that's just idiotic! But if you are going to another resort like we did one morning for brunch, move your vehicle. Some people fly or do not get a rental and that's totally okay! Use the transportation provided!

Rule #4 - Don't pay for extra things!

Boy am I ever glad that I broke this rule, and quite honestly? This rule is being done away with. All the extra perks that I paid for this time? Well worth it! From the Express Bus, to After Hours, to the tours, etc. WELL WORTH IT AND HOPE DO IT AGAIN!

We had a great trip and I'm very glad that things worked out. It was a very relaxed trip, but had a lot of first time things again!

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