Originally Radiant

So I've been away for a while. That's because I was seriously unhappy with my blog content, and I'll get into that in just a minute. I want to put more personality back into my blog which is why I started it so long ago. I wanted to talk about my life and what I love.

I came across a video on Youtube. Sadie Robertson, from Duck Dynasty and Dancing with the Stars, has been posting more on Youtube and I love that! I really wish she would dedicate more time to vlog because it is so inspiring for women and girls alike.

The video is her with a friend, Bonnie Kate, just talking. And the points they address is so amazing and so true for everyone these days. It's all about goals, perfection, organic, and svelte lives, or that's what social media and media in general wants us to believe.

We all have done the Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr scroll of "I wanna be like that or I want that."

The body - There are even some Instagram accounts that bank on our insecurities to make people want to use their products. We could blame mass media, but it's not just news media and magazines. Even businesses are making so much money off of people's insecurities.

The diet - There are so many diets claiming you could look like a person in [insert number] of days. Healthy is just eating right, when you truly feel like it and exercising. Sometimes I try a few things to just make me leaner, but I assure you I get a real pizza somewhere in there.

The workout - My best friend is worried about slowing me down. That really was a hit to the stomach. Yes, run every day for marathon training. But she is my best friend I would slow down for her in an instance. Besides, I need to work on my stride. Don't compare yourself to others when working out or exercising, all bodies are different.

The wardrobe - The internet has become so much about how people look, and what they wear. Emma Watson recently wore trash that was fashioned into a dress to a huge event, if anyone else had attempted to that they would have been mocked. But the truth is, yes clothes have an impact on us. But wear what makes you feel good instead of what everyone else is wearing.

The relationship goals - This one is huge. I have people tell me that my relationship with Vin is goals. However, when I discuss how our daily lives are people frown. Vin and I have a distant relationship yet extremely close. Let me explain, we like our space. We cuddle twice a week. We are best friends before we are anything else. It's that look across the room that means so much more than that lingering kiss. So while you may have goals based on a video or a picture, rest assure there is more than meets the eye.

The makeup collection - I have a makeup collection, this is true. However, I have this makeup collection for me. This year I purged so much makeup that it filled up a 20 gallon garbage bag. I've learned to really look for things that I will use and the packaging that I really adore. I used to love M.A.C and Urban Decay. While I still love many of their products. I also have moved over to Too Faced and Benefit more.

The pretty blog with all the followers - This is where I fell down the rabbit hole. I long for my blog to have the fresh white space for readers eyes. I compare my topics and theme to others' blogs. It's a hole that I have been in for some time now. I want to better my blog.

But I don't want to change from Blogger. I have to take the time to learn these things and that's okay. What so many don't realize is that I want to learn how to properly do my blog. Not a blog challenge like I've tried before but rather make my blog looks more professional without having to depend on someone.

My word for the year is radiant. Radiant means sending out light; shining or glowing brightly. I feel like I have been a glimmer instead of radiant. I have my moments, but I'm putting that behind me. I want to live out loud and live originally. Radiant living means to shine and I want to shine with the light of the Lord.

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