The Mirror is Not the Enemy: Be Confident & Bold

Regardless of what anyone says, they have insecurities. Sure, theirs might not be appearances, but something else. We all have them. However, we can all agree that clothes can make us feel better or worse. A starchy blouse is great for the office, but how quickly does that person take off the blouse once she is home? I know I did when I was working as a teacher. Then I started teaching children under the age of 5. Starchy blouses and 4 years old children do not mix well. I learned to dress comfortable. Even then I still felt self conscious. But there are ways to make you feel amazing!

And do not just stick to the same old things!

If I am going to be bold and confident let me explain what my insecurities are. My insecurities are my arms, my scars, acne, body acne, and bloating. These are the times that I just wish I could live in leggings and tunics. Sometimes, I do and it's very boring. So, to be bold these are the things I would like to be bold in!

Heart's Content White Bodycon Dress - For nights out I am not allowed to worry about bloating or my arms, scars, and/or acne! Pushing myself to step out in this would be very hard. But to be bold and show my children that it can be done, I would do it!

Mock Neck Lace-Trim Bodycon Dress - Again another dress that is pushing my limits but also more my style. The lace doesn't cover up my arms completely but instead showcase them in a beautiful way. The neckline would show my scar and it is very nice to push the limits of a plunging neckline.

Jersey Sleeveless Wrap Top - The sleeveless top is gorgeous, but would show my arms. But in a way I love that it would feel great with the way it's made if I feel bloated or just sluggish! The wrap gives an elegant style to it.

Ruffled Up Strapless Romper - Everything else has been so serious, and being bold doesn't have to mean bold colors or dramatic colors. Being bold is embracing who you are and letting the negativity bounce off of you. This romper is perfect for that. You can be comfortable and just enjoy the day!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could skip the dressing room and just have someone pick out clothes for you. You aren't given as many options, and you put one something that you may have overlooked if you had been around it? At Dia&Co., they challenge the idea that certain clothes are for certain people. You don't have to keep saving your dream outfits to Pinterest! What makes Dia&Co. different? Their website says it all,

We believe that shopping should always be fun, and that the experience of finding that perfect pair of jeans can be transformational. We think that your body should come first, so we’re redefining the shopping experience to inspire radical self-love through style.

This company is truly the styling box that listens to you. I have looked at several styling companies and unboxings. None of the reviews come close to that of Dia & Co. They really get to know you from your budget, to fabrics you like, and to the fit.

They work within your budget if need. If you want to splurge on yourself? They do that too! It's really great for you and for them. The price is at Dia&Co. pretty simple, start with a $20 for the styling fee which is then turned into a credit, after that you buy the garments you want out the box. That's it.

Speaking budget if you buy everything in your box you get 25% off. But my favorite part is, that if something doesn't fit, you can exchange easy and free. That's right they pay for all of the shipping if it doesn't fit. The company also ships the stuff to you and adds a label for the stuff that you don't like out of your box. A company that really takes responsibility.

They really listen. Their website encourages you to take pictures of your favorite garments and yourself! They take time getting to know you at the beginning of your consultation. That's what stands out the most to me. They listen and understand.

So did I push myself after writing this post? Yes I did. A bodycon skirt, see through top, and lace up shoes provided that I pushed myself.

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