Wedding Registry - But We Already Have That

Vinny and I are rapidly planning our wedding together. We hit a snag when we started thinking about our wedding registry. We already live together and we pretty much buy what we want. So, what do you get for the people that buy what they want?

We sat down on night with a list of common wedding registry lists and realized most of the stuff on the lists, we already have! So we are gonna have to get creative!

So what do you get the people that seem to have it all? And better yet, what are they registering for their wedding? Vinny and I see how every couple has a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Guess what? I used mine last night to make him cookies.

We will do the nice china set, but I'm going to get a design that is usable all year round. I want to get some wear out of my plates. It's something I have dreamed about all of my life is a cabinet displaying china set.

We've thought about getting a better vacuum cleaner because our house is on the larger side and we need one that can fight kids, dogs, and cats! We would like a really nice one. But not go crazy with the price.

But that's basically it off of the traditional list. However, Nucleus has some unique ideas in the graphic below. I have to admit seeing gardening supplies never crossed my mind. I've been wanting to expand my garden but I don't have the proper tools.

The Nucleus smart home intercom system was also a great idea. Like I said, we have a larger home, and we did have a intercom system but it really just couldn't keep up with the technology. Their system looks great! It's clear hat they understand family can't always be side by side, but that they can be face to face. I love that about their system!

And the other one that I love on the list and know that we will be doing is donating to our favorite charities. Vinny and I both have picked out one each. Mine is going to St. Jude's Children's Hospital, who saved my little brother's life. Vinny has chosen Lupus Foundation of America, because he has suffered from Lupus for over 2 years now.

I'm sure there will be a few more things than what is on this list, but this gets us started in the right direction of where we want to be. Our family members have already been asking us where are we going to be registered. Now, we have starting place for them!

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