Tea (Beer) Time With Hunter: I'm Back, Currents Update, and More!

Yes everyone I am back! I can hardly believe it myself especially since the other day when I wrote the post saying it would be a while before I returned I was thinking it would be closer to weeks then days, rather, before I returned to you all! Now let's sit down with a cup of tea beer (It's homecoming here at The Quad for Alabama) and chat about this exciting news, and some other things.

First off, if you remember at the end of last year and the beginning of this year when I disappeared it was because of my computer. It started out in November, and carried on over into January and February. And guess what? The exact same thing happened again with my old computer. Keyboard bit the dust. Now that computer is five years old and I love it. Even though it cannot longer work for me, I still love it. It has been with me since I was in Alabama before my move back to Seattle, and then returned to Alabama again with me. It was a very loyal computer. We met many friends through it. But it was time to part ways.

My fiance was nice enough to suggest him buying me a new one. He and I neither one had any clue how long it would take before I would get a computer. Let me begin by saying I have had a Dell computer for ten years. My first ever computer was a Dell desktop. It was wonderful, granted the reason it fell off my radar list was 1) it wasn't portable and 2) I didn't keep the security software updated and on. Those are my faults. The netbook I had from Dell was purchased from QVC and was an Inspiron and was crap. I think it latest me a year, but again, I believe most of the issues with it, were my own ignorance of how to treat a computer.

Now my Dell XPS laptop that I have had for 5 years was a dream come true for me. There is a small part of me that does wish I could just continue to use it but I know that is not advisable at all. One of the the main things I have loved about my Dells is that they have all been customized just for me. Even the one from QVC was in a small way. My XPS was no different. It had perfect memory, RAM, graphics, etc. But times change it was time to move on.

So Vin and I started looking. We butted heads a lot because I wanted another XPS, one that I figured would be similar to what I already had. However, they are nothing alike anymore. Even the company Dell has changed. The customer service we received was unbelievably horrible. I have been using Dell for over 10 years (our first family computer was a dell back in 1999.) And I was so disappointed with the service we received that we decided to go with an HP Envy. Which as it turns out is almost exactly like an XPS but with more and more affordable. The graphics might not be as amazing as I would like them to be but that's understandable.

So yes I am back! I have really enjoyed my laptop so far. It has so many new things in a computer that I have never had before on anything! It's wonderful. Which means it will be wonderful to learn how to do more things for blog posts for you all with this computer. It has me extremely excited to learn what all I can do with this computer to help me blog for you all.

Now just like the last time I returned, there are changes coming to my posting. The last time I came back I came back with more content. This time however, I am changing up the game for me. With a somewhat heavy heart there will be no more weekly Currents, full or mini. I might post one or two a week, but probably just one a week. The reason being is that currents give you a look into my daily life, but from now on I hope to be doing that in other forms of social media.

A computer change isn't the only change I have made since my computer went out. I am now a mom to two more little girls in my life. I don't care what your judgement is of me. The fact that most of the children I have in my life haven't had the best start to a life and I want to change that. Nothing boils my blood like parents that do not take care of their children.

So yes I have an additional 2 children since my last tea time. I am loving being a mom to a clan. They are so amazing. We learn from each child. Knowing that Livvy and Emmy are going to teach us many lessons.

So that's pretty much it for this time with you. I'm raising my glass to you and the Alabama football team that just won against Arkansas. I will be going to the mountains tomorrow so most of my post for the next few weeks will be from there. Enjoy! 

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