3 Southern Rules for Buying from a Wedding Registry

It's that time of year! You can hear the bells--wedding bells that is. Actually, do people do bells at weddings anymore? At any rate, there is a lot of weddings going on this time of year. Except for mine, I am getting married in the later part of the year. We have started on our wedding registry.

I have exactly 200 days, today until my wedding. Coming up with a registry is not easy and we like to follow the rules of a registry. We make sure we have things in all prices ranges, things that are for both of us, things are that are great for a family since we already have kids.

Our latest accomplishment is signing up with Zola to make wedding registry easy! They have two apps, one is the registry and one is about helping with your wedding. It's so easy to register because all I had to simply do was hit the button "Sign up with Facebook" and we had a registry with them. One of the things I love about them is you can register for things that are just objects on a shelf or furniture. It's funds, travel, etc. We hope people realize that we've been living together for a while so we have the mixer, and other things like that, but we want adventure and family time. They have wonderful getting started lists so that you know the rules of registering.

But there are some rules for the people buying off of the registry too. It's a sore subject sometimes, but someone has to do it. And this southern girl isn't shy to tell you.

1. Do I have to buy from the registry?

My grandmother and mother have a hard time with this. Especially my grandmother, because she was from when it didn't use to be a thing. I would suggest, yes, buying off of the registry. But there are exceptions to this rule.
  • Heirloom gifts
  • Basket of some sort
  • Package deals - Can be on registries.
  • Gift cards - Can also be on registries now so look.
  • Subscriptions - Can be on registries.

2. How much do I spend?

Another rub that sometimes leaves people in a tizzy. It depends on you, who you are and what else are doing a.k.a buying for the wedding. Bridesmaid, groomsmen, etc get a break because they are probably paying for hair, nails, makeup, and clothes. But always, but something off their registry if you don't have much.  Does the wedding party have to buy something? I think so. I get that you can be in the wedding party and having to pay, but they would still like something from you. Pizza stone and pizza cutter with Target gift card? Epic gift for pizza night!

3. Can I bring my gift to the wedding? 

This one is easy to answer-- yes! It's actually been dwindling has something to do because of bridal showers and housewarming parties. But I love a table set up for cards and presents. It's so much fun!

These are the questions I hear the most during wedding season with my family. If you have more questions, leave me a comment below! Or if you have different responses to these questions, let me know that as well.

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