Wedding Guest: Style Guide to Looking Your Best

You know what's worse than trying to figure out how to dress for your wedding? Dressing up for someone else's wedding. You try to gauge the event type by the invitation, and you find out it's black tie optional. You are a woman, what does black tie optional mean for you?

I have the answer to that and more today!

Black tie optional? White tie? Does your date own either of those colors of ties? (Or do you, if you are a man.) Wedding guest dressing etiquette can be a nightmare. Referring to the chart below can help in selecting a plan for the right attire.

Not sure what kind of wedding and the invitation doesn't just come out and say? Well, start by looking at the location. Beach, backyard, or upscale chateau? The time will also help with what to wear at an event. The later it is the more probability that it is more upscale. And the invitation itself can help you know by how fancy it is. Velum? Embossed? Upscale wedding are a high possibility with those.

So now that you know what each occasional calls for lets talk about where to go to get these looks?

  • Men, The Black Tux (who supplied the info graph) have some great choices to help you achieve the perfect look for the big day! They make renting a tux very simple and easy. Plus they offer tracking for the wedding party and free at home try-on. They have amazing options of wedding suits and tuxedos that is has a guarantee fit.
  • Now ladies, I have two places I want to show you. One is for my plus size girls, because you all are important to me. Torrid's special occasion dresses are absolutely stunning. I love how some of these can be dressed up or down. The other place is Lulu's, where they have a stunning collection of wedding guest options. 
And I have three other helpful tips for dressing for a wedding:
  1. Keep you own style but don't steal the show from the bride. Add some pieces to a plain pantsuit or a some fun colored shoes.
  2. If you know the color scheme stay towards it or go neutral. It helps with pictures.
  3. Brush up on wedding etiquette from my favorite, Emily Post.
I hope the style guide and these few tips help with the wedding season that is upon us!

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