My Creative Outlets

For years now I have been trying to improve myself. I try to not improve myself against others, rather I try to improve myself day to day against myself. I love 30 day challenges and I love finding challenges to do. I have created two Pinterest boards with that kind of theming; Challenge Me and A Better Me.

Both of these boards help me find ways to challenge myself to be better. I don't expect to ever be perfect, but knowing I tried makes the difference for me. So many people tell me that they aren't like me. They can't do the things I do. Well at one point in time I couldn't either and there are days that I have "Ha Just Kiddin'" days. Those are the days that I could feel like a failure but instead I use them to do other things.

Note taking and regular journaling many times get crossed for me. I am not one to just ramble in my own penmanship about what all the day held. I love a good prompt. Here lately I have been using my daily devotion and my daybook of comfort to use for journaling and notetaking. 

Simple Abundance introduced me to Illustrated Journal. You use this journal to create the idea of things you like and want to be like. It just helps your mind's eye grasps the things that you yourself like. I even have pages of furniture and perfumes so it's not just fashion, makeup, and hair. I do collages and drawings. Some people paint even! 

Bullet Journaling was introduced when I was learning about Midori and what all you could put in one. I was fascinated and within a few weeks I had bought a Leuchtturm1917 and was learning all that I could put in one. I love doodling around the information in my bullet journal.

ListersGottaList is another way that I can express creativity. The Reset Girl comes out with prompts that you can make lists out of for memories. I really enjoy this as long as there are not too many doubles or recurrences. 

Doodle A Day is something new that I absolutely adore! It's a daily prompt and you doodle that prompt. There are several different ones you can find. I usually like PTL Doodles

This binder and the paper is from the Target Dollar Spot. I love that place, that spot. This is my journaling spot where I just let ideas and thoughts go onto paper. This is a page from May and t was really nice. I also keep my Bible Study and notes in this binder as well. The other tab in this binder is my homemaking information as well.

My planner is something that I love decorating. I do plan in it, contrary to those that think I just decorate it. The reason I decorate is because it's relaxing to decorate and it's more fun to look at when things are surrounded by stickers and washi tape. If you want to get your own planner and want to save 10% off just follow this link for your own Erin Condren.

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