What's In My Every Day Purse?

Wallet? Keys? Chickfila honey mustard? Yep got them all! I've been asked to do this a while now. It's something that I have just been putting off doing because I wasn't really sure anyone would want to see what's in my purse. I know some people want to see what's in my Disney purse and that is coming.

Let's start off with what is my every day purse? Well it's Disney Dooney & Bourke Bag - Haunted Mansion Tote! I love it! I have had several other purses bought for me and by me but I have come back to this one again and again. The reason? It's sturdy and it's huge! I actually bought this purse/bag a year ago and it still looks that good! I'm in love with it. I hate that Disney has went to the nylon Haunted Mansion, but the company linked is a really good resource. I trust them.

Next is my cellphone. I have an Apple iPhone 5s 64GB (Gold) - AT&T. Trust me I asked for it instead of a 6 because I prefer a smaller phone. And protecting my iPhone is another Haunted Mansion product. Disney Iphone 5s Case Haunted Mansion Wallpaper is something I bought in November and I love it! I have dropped my phone several times and it has protected it well!

So let's start pulling things off the top of my purse. On top is something from the mailbox! This is the flyer poster from Lush showing their new items for Valentine's Day! I am not sure if I will be buying a whole lot from them. They don't have any new bath bombs.

Next up is my wallet. I bought this in November as well at the Kate Spade outlet store in Orlando. It's the Kate Spade Mavis Street Neda Continental Zip Wallet, Sparkle Rose Gold. I love how it sparkles and holds my phone! That's really important to me these days is that my wallet or wristlet can carry my phone.

Life Line #2 is up next out of my purse and that would be my Erin Condren Life Planner with my custom design Haunted Mansion cover. I cannot rave about this planner enough. I know some people go to other planners because of poor customer service, poor quality, or the price. But I still love it, and I've only had one incident with customer service and they fixed it. 

Let's dig a little deeper this time. Oh my "walking pharmacy!" This is just a pill case box from Charming Charlie. I'm positive they don't sell this particular one anymore but they have some similar like this one called BLOOMS ZIP TOP PILL BOX

It has the days of the week compartments but I just fill it up with OTC drugs I need the most. AdvilImodiumGas X, and Pepcid. I also have Whish Deodorant Inhibiting Odor Swipes, and Blister Band Aids. 

The next bag is one that I call my Planner Essentials Ipsy Bag. I used to carry a different pen bag but it was too bulky. This bag had my name all over it in my Ipsy subscription.

Next on the list is my Erin Condren Notebook. I bought the file for the cover. A lot of people have this cover. I am wanting another notebook because this one is almost filled up. And it's just time for me to have a new cover on anyhow. So we will see how this goes for me. If your want $10 off your first order use my link!

Yep we have another Ipsy bag! This time it's actually holding makeup and some other essentials. I like this because it does hold a good bit of makeup.

Hairbands, lip balm, chapstick, Bandaid Blister Stick, First Aide Beauty Lotion, NYX Lip butter, The Balm Liquid Lipstick, YSL Lipstick, Buxom Lip glosses. Yep it holds a lot.

Something that I love about my group of friends is that we have a Bible Study group. It's not with any church, it is just us having a good time. We really enjoy it. I have it with me during the week so I can work on the homework. This one is Kelly Minter's Ruth.

Apple 5W USB Power Adapter these are easy to decorate with finger nail polish. Some finger nail polishes are better than others. As clearly demonstrated here. I have three of these (which I was unaware of) because I throw one in occasionally when I'm headed to work. 

 Yes the next item is weird. But I am a huge Chickfila fan! Is there anywhere better to get chicken? I don't think so! I go to Chickfila atleast 4 times a week. Sometimes more! I keep honey mustard with me for places that don't have honey mustard and such craziness.

I am farsighted and so I have to wear glasses to read. Though my right eye is a mixture of both bad vision. It doesn't hold up well on it's own. So I have an extra pair of glasses, plus eye glass cleaner and cloth from my eye doctor. 

I have Lilly Pulitzer glasses. I love the case! The lady that helped me pick out my glasses actually told me that the case was hot pink which is my favorite color.

Nostrilla only at Walgreens now but that's ok. I'm so excited that it is still in business. I love this for helping me breath during the winter when people have their heat on. I am not able to breath well in warm weather.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Black 0.3mm is my favorite pens! I always have one around me somewhere. I have bought so many different packs of Staedtlers! I love the black and gray ones!

This lip gloss holder is no longer sold. It was a gift to me from a friend because she loved hers so much. I don't even think the lipgloss I have in there is even sold anymore. Though one that I am loving from Bath and Body Works now is Mentha Supreme x2!

My keys on my houndstooth lanyard and my name keyfob. My other keys for my car are hanging up. These are the ones to my house and other people's house. My car keys have my other shopping discounts on them. This just has my library card.

This was a gift from a student a couple of years ago. It comes in handy a lot. I found it on eBay; 5Pcs Nail Manicure Pedicure Tools Set Decoration Organizer Cute KIT Zebra Boot. It's great to have on hand. I just keep it in the zipper pocket.

These tissues were just bought at Hobby Lobby. I keep a small pack of tissues in my purse all the time. They come in handy!

I use mostly tampons during my girl time. To find my list of essentials for a period you can go to my popular post at Girl Talks Periods. Usually I keep a good supply on hand of tampons. All in different sizes, two body wipes, and some Midol.

Yes I love the humor in this bag when I'm on my period. It gives me that small smile each time. You can get yours here: Oh Bloody Hell Tampon Bag.

For my Listers Gotta List Challenge I chose the Moleskin Cahier Notebook. It's a pack of 3. I bought mine at Target. I decorated it with stickers from different places. And the paperclip was a gift!

As you can see in the last picture, every thing fits nicely. I love this purse for everyday. I know some might find it too big or bulky, but for me, I love it! I love having a purse that is huge and carries everything but the kitchen sink for me.

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