Blog Update & Why I Backlog Blog Posts

You'll hear me talk about on social media. You see in my Lookback in my Erin Condren it's something that is always on my to-do list. What is backlogging and why do I do it?

Backlogging is taking a post I was suppose to have out on a certain date, but didn't get to finish. Heck sometimes I don't even start it. But I don't feel like moving those posts. Sure it can get confusing for readers off of my Facebook page. But trust me, marketing on Facebook tells you to post old content again and again.

I have had up to 50-something drafts at once and I felt like the worse loser there ever was. That was when I decided it was time to cut daily Mini Currents. And while the drafts have gotten better. I am fixing to change up a lot of things and ax some of the content I was going to backlog. Some of it I won't so you'll see a strangler from 2015 pop up.

First thing that will be changing is my posting schedule. I have been doing Thursday-Sunday. Sunday's content will remain Disney related. And I do plan to backlog all of that content. So no worries there. What will be changing is me posting on Thursdays. Thursday are just not good days for me to post. I am going to be changing to Friday-Monday. Monday will not be long posts at all. In fact Monday will always be lists. Listing is something I am loving right now. Friday and Saturday will still be whatever I want to post. These changes will be coming in February! So enjoy Thursdays while they still come around!

Second, I will be making minor changes to the blog over time. Just little things that I want to change. And hopefully by midyear I can do a whole makeover. This will be a learning process for me. And that's always fun.

Third, backlogging will be cut dramatically if this works out how I want it to work. So no more random posts from 5-9 months ago! Trust me I hate posting like that too. But it's ok for now. I will hopefully be redoing my list and tackling the ones that I really want  you to read!


Faith, Roll Tide & Pixie Dust!

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