August 2016 Favorites

Yeehaw! Goodbye August! And Hello September! Boy how I have missed you September! The month before Halloween, where all the Halloween stuff starts to appear! I am so excited! In fact the first, Walt Disney World's Halloween party is tomorrow night! It's amazing! And football starts this Saturday!!!!!

August wasn't near as jammed packed with planned things like July. I started the month off at home. We had a fantastic BBQ cookout at lunch that was simply fabulous. Frankie and I headed back to Disney World. I felt horrible the first weekend of August. I was in such pain I thought at one point I was dying, but I made it through and I am better now.

The Olympics were so much fun to watch this year. I still didn't watch them as much as when they were in the UK but that's to be expected! No opening ceremony is going to beat theirs! I did enjoying watching Team USA in the swimming and gymnastics the most (like everyone else.)

We did a bunch of new things that I had never done at Disney before. We ate at Saana, did the hotel animal tour, and had breakfast at Gaston's Tavern! I like trying new things at Disney because it is so rare for me.

Then my friend Frankie adopted the sweetest little girl! She quickly stole a piece of my heart with her little squeals and her taking right to her "Fluffy Jessie." Fluffy Jessie is of course Jessica and she's the best friend so of course she has to know my kids!

We spent some time at home because I wanted to be there for Vin's infusions. We also had a really scary moment where we thought my brother had passed away, but there was extreme mix up and my brother is okay-- Thank goodness! Going back to Florida to work and things were okay!

And here we are now in California... We are here in Anaheim because it's time to run. We spent a wonderful day, yesterday, in Universal Studio Hollywood at Hogwarts because it was September 1st!

Eye Makeup Product -

TOO FACED Totally Cute Eyeshadow Palette - This is such a cute palette! I like that it is the perfect way to start using some fall colors! It has me excited already!

Eye Makeup Brush -

IT Brushes Love Beauty Fully All Over Shadow - For putting a base coverage this is crazy perfect! I like that this brush is also easy to clean. But I really like this for blending real quick too!

Face Makeup Product -

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer - The humidity makes me want to try new primers so that my makeup doesn't melt. I happened to like this one pretty darn good. Plus it hydrates my face which is very different than most!

Face Makeup Brush -

IT Brushes for Ulta Airbrush Blurring Foundation Brush #101 - This is a perfect brush if you are using loose powder (which I have been trying.) It doesn't need so much to get great coverage and it really blends in the powder!

Lip Product -

Medicated Mint Lip Balm Blistex - My lips managed to get sunburn right off the bat from having no protection on them. This healed them really quickly and I was grateful! I have been using this as protection now.

Hair Care Product -

Marilyn Hair Treatment - To keep my blonde tresses blonde I like to use this inbetween colorings. I love this from Lush. It really helps my hair!

Skincare -

Kocostar Foot Therapy Wrap - Frankie and I tried these... THEY WORK! Our skin felt amazing right afterwards. And a few days later the dead gross skin was falling off of our feet! It is insane how well these work! I am buying again and buying them for gifts too!

Shower/Bath Product -

Signature Collection Shower Gel ORCHARD LEAVES & BLUE SKY - This has become my FAVORITE thing of the month! I feel like I just stepped out of the woods when I get out of the shower. I have caught myself sniffing myself throughout the day.

Game -

Disney Emoji Blitz - I have been obsessed with this game. I have been known to pause in a middle of a conversation to just keep playing the game. I have also love the challenges in the game!

YouTube Channel/YouTuber -

Bits of Paradis - I have watched her in the past, but since they have adopted I have been watching like a hawk for videos from her and their little family! I love watching her and Joe, they are the sweetest couple!

Book/Story -

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - I was with the rest of the Harry Potter world that just had to read the next installment. I didn't attend the release party like Vin did but I read the book soon after it was released because I couldn't handle the suspense.

Song/Album -

SNOW WHITE | Christina Grimmie - Since Christina's passing I have listened to her music more and more. I have really enjoyed the videos that she created before she passed that they are just now releasing.

Movie -

Summer Magic - I grew up loving Haley Mills with my Mewmaw. She loved just about any movie that Haley Mills did. I remember laughing so hard at this the first time. Now? I just love the music from it. It's a perfect movie to watch during August.

Pinterest Pin -

Disney Moment -

My excitement for Disney was passed on to a friend. He got a job at Disney because of his amazing talents! I couldn't be prouder!

Running/Fitness -

I have really been working on my pace time. I am tired of running like a turtle. So I have pushed myself even in the Florida heat. I proud to say that I managed to run a mile in 5 minutes and 33 seconds.

Food -

Dreamland - Ain't nothing like 'em no where. This restaurant has helped me get through some very difficult moments this month. The smell alone floods my mind with happy memories. The fact that they always have football playing sends me into nostalgia heaven!

Spotlight Etsy Shop -

NikkiPlusThree - I was very excited when I found some pregnant tracking stickers for my friend. I was amazed at the quality and I will be buying from them again! This is was a very fast service as well and it was very personalized service at that!

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