Products We Have Used with a Sinus Infection

The soundtrack of my house right now? Cough, sneeze, cough, sneeze, sniff, cough, cough, sniff and sneeze. My ENTIRE household has come down with sinus issues. Not all of us have an infection, some just have sniffles and/or chest colds.

By no means are we a crunchy house at all. We love the stuff that people deem "bad for you." Some things we do healthy and others we don't. But these are the products that have made a difference in our house over the last week.
Tea - I've been the one to use this the most. I do regret doing it the first thing in the morning on a hot, humid morning we had to suffer. Bu the rest of the time it has been so nice. I have had several cups of hot tea mixed with Turkish Honey from Trader Joe's. But I have had several gallons of ice sweet tea as well. It helps me with my coughing.

Kleenex Cool Touch Facial Tissues - I actually refuse to buy other kinds of facial tissue these days. I have loved these ever since I received a free sample when they first came out. The really do have a cool touch to them. Which is great for big noses and little noses. Plus the little ones are fascinated with them. They are worth the extra price!

Humidifier - We have this fancy one that is way too expensive, but was a gift. We decided to use this time and wow at the difference it has made in our family. I love this humidifier. I highly recommend using this to help with breathing!

Lysol - Shower, door knobs, fridge doors, etc. These have been hosed down in Lysol for the past week and half. But it helps from keeping it a vicious circle of germs in our house. 

Mucinex - Pain and pressure was why we started this regime. It literally knocked the mucus out of us! I was amazed! Even the kids!

Halls Lemon Honey - These have been my favorite cough drop! Wow! They open up my nasal passages, sooth my throat and really stop my cough! I would buy these again in a heartbeat and I have!

Rice packs - I actually made ours. But these are great if you don't have a sewing machine or own a sock. That's right, pour rice into a sock, put it in the microwave and bam instant relief from sinus pressure on the face!

Robitussin - Once the Mucinex made the pain, pressure and nasal activity go away, the cough was horrendous. Robitussin is what we are still taking at night for cough.

Nostrilla - Oh how I have missed thee! I have found a long lost friend, who is now available at Walgreens! I love this nasal spray! It really works and fast!

What products does your family love to use to help get through sinus infections?

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