The Eye-Opening Reason To Plan a Disney Trip

Growing up I never realized how excited the numbers going backwards made me feel in anticipation of a trip or holiday. As I grew older I realized that butterflies would form in my stomach the closer it came to saying only 1 day left. Now, as an adult taking my own children on vacation? The butterflies have multiplied when that number starts to drop.

First off, no a Disney trip is not relaxing. It can be if it's not your first time and you don't want to do everything. I've been over 75 times in my 25 years of living, and worked there, but I still want to do everything. Some of my trips are more relaxing than others. And while yes Disney is the happiest place on Earth, let me give you a little advice; the happiest I am is when I'm planning. So the eye-opening reason to plan a Disney trip is... Happiness!

When you have a horrible or stressful day look into a Disney trip. But the key, don't look at the price right off the bat. Look at all the different places to stay, while you might not can afford the higher places, you can always do what we call resort hop. Resort hopping is even free. Our last trip at Disney World I really wanted chili and we were staying at the Boardwalk, since The Wilderness Lodge is my home Disney resort we went there for a bowl of chili.

Planning a trip can relieve stress, it's proven. It opens your mind to things that aren't around you. It gives your mind a vacation. Don't look at the prices, build up knowledge about things in Disney World or Disneyland. Both are filled to the brim with facts that are fascinating.

Is that a rumble in your tummy? Disney World alone offers over 150 different places to eat throughout the resorts, parks, water parks, and Disney Springs. Disney is always adding new places. Three new places have popped up in the last month alone! See why people return to Disney a lot?

Where can you go to get started on a Disney trip? Well I'll give you a few links below. Just enjoy the views and information worry about the adult stuff later okay? 

The DIS - Their podcasts are amazing, their forums are incredible, and there is so much to learn from this spectacular website. Not only information, but pictures, printables are all found here in the forums of The DIS. Below are some of the other pages by them:
Couponing To Disney - This lady has paved the way for many people to afford going on Disney trips! She really loves to help them and is top-notch for finding deals for whatever the season might be. She has a course, she has a Facebook group & page and much, much more!

All Ears - I'm not sure which is older All Ears or The DIS. I know The DIS has been online for over 15 years of service, but I'm thinking All Ears has been online longer. Either way this is another outstanding website for information, pictures, videos, and menus!

Passporters - This is really great site for information. Some people even choose to buy their tickets through them because they have a special rating. 

Mousesavers - This website was before Couponing to Disney became famous. This has more ways of saving money on Disney related things about your trip and on your trip. Whereas Couponing to Disney does than and also things you need in every day life.

Disney Parks Mom Panel - Honestly I haven't used this enough, until lately. Since I now have a SPD child and a Type 1 diabetic child, I am going to the website more and more on learning about what is available for us in these circumstances.

WDW Prep School - Find everything from printables, information, pictures and more!

Walt Express - A good friend of mine runs this website. She's has an unique look on things Disney!

And now that you have a good start...

Remember how said looking at the food would be a great mind vacation? Hop on over to The Disney Food Blog. The lady that started this blog has been to every single one of Walt Disney World's restaurants and Disneyland's! So she would know with her group that make that blog what is good at a restaurant. And also just because there are a few people saying that don't like a restaurant you are going to get that all the restaurants. Find ones you love!

And once you have a date in mind, check the crowd level for that day on Touring Plans. These people spend every single day of the year in the parks gauging how big the crowds are and predicting what they will be next year! And in my experience they have been spot on each time!

And if you do decide to go to Disney and want to get over the post-vacation blues, you can follow Well Well Well's suggestions from Doctor Darria Long Gillespie, AVOIDING THE POST-VACATION SLUMP. And like I tell my friends and family if doing those things don't work there is always planning the next trip. Trust me I do it all the time. Saving and planning is part of the fun for me!

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