Tip Toe Kisses

When I started this blog Vin was someone in my past. Someone, that I chose to be in my past. It had been two years since I had seen him when I started this blog. And that last encounter wasn't something I would like to remember considering it was his grandmother's (the woman who raised him) funeral. I left the farmhouse thinking that it was the last time I would see it or him.

When I sat down to blog the first time in 2013 in July I had seen Vin, I just hadn't realized it. He was a nurse that helped ease my pain during the stem cell procedure. My left leg hurt quite a lot worse than my right one is all that I remember really. I would sleep and watch Youtube. It wasn't until last year Vin came clean with me about him being the nurse behind the mask that eased the pain.

And here we are in 2016 instead of 2013 or 201. I see that smirky grin every morning. I walk to that farmhouse many times now when we are in North Carolina. And we have found that our paths have cross many times over the last decade without knowing it or sometimes him knowing it and myself not knowing it.

What is our relationship like? That's easy you read about these women who fantasize about how their husband does no wrong or does all the providing like the Bible says a man should. That's now how it is in our house. I knew when dating him in college Vin wasn't prince charming. He wasn't going to rescue me. I refuse to let the outside world in on our relationship a lot. There are just a hand full of photos of us on the internet together. So our relationship is private and yet we still learn to have a balanced relationship of serious and play.

Our wedding is in 219 days! And while I know things may change in the future right now Vin and I enjoy being parents to 9 girls and a little boy. We relax in the fact that we both pray together in the morning. We laugh at things and we enjoy the simple time together.

One of things we do lately together is literally just sit outside passing back and forth ideas. It doesn't have to be wedding related. He is showing some idea about making more room in his man cave and I'm showing him an idea for my bullet journal. We get into a lot of deep conversations like that. We find an idea and we travel around with it in our mouth and brain, hitting new territories when the other says something back.

Yesterday, we dug in the dirt. I haven't planted anything since we moved into this house back in 2014. It was nice to plant things beside the front door in order to get rid of some the pesky insects that like to invade our home via the front door. We laughed as the soil crumble beneath out fingers and fell onto our clothing staining them. To some it may not have meant much but I doubt I forget yesterday anytime.

That's my relationship for now. We will become Mr. & Mrs. Magical in December. Until then we are just who we are and that's all we want to be in this crazy life. One little plant at at a time.

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