Why Did I Love the Disney Cruise back in April?

When asked why I did I love the Disney cruise we went on in April, I can answer pretty easily. It's the second Disney cruise that we have went on this year. When we went January we did not have this much fun. Of course we weren't gone as long either. This trip was a week long, and while we weren't on board the entire time of the trip (we boarded in Mexico), we still had the best time!

First reason why I loved our trip is... James and sea life!

James is Vin's frat brother from college, who likes to travel with us this year. He loves beaches and sea life so cruises with him are hilarious! The turtle farm in the Cayman Islands is a lot of fun. We had a blast catching the little creatures for a long time. 

Second reason this was the best cruise is... Went to hell and back!

We were on the highway to hell and it was a gorgeous day! After holding baby turtles it was something fun to do rather than just go on to the next sea creature adventure. It was interesting to learn about Hell in the Cayman Islands. One of my friends was very excited she could say she had been to Hell. She even got to pee in Hell! She is a special person needless to say!

Another reason that I loved this particular cruise is... Kissing a stingray

When we signed up for this I was weary of doing this big time. However, I loved it. I love swimming with the stingray more so than I did swimming with dolphins in Mexico (hence why they didn't make the list.) Plus knowing I have 7 years of good luck coming toward me because I kissed a stingray? Well it has me singing "I kissed a 'ray and I liked it, taste of its sea salty skin."

Just in the same way of making love this cruise as kissing a stingray did... Hugging Chewbecca made it amazing as well!

This was the last Star Wars Day at Sea for 2016 and I'm so glad we made this cruise! I love the characters roaming around. The Star Wars fireworks were incredible. They did remind me of the Star Wars fireworks in Hollywood Studios in Disney World. We really had fun.

Another reason I loved our cruise in April... Running the Castaway Challenge again!

Some people run to say they have run. I like to admit that I run for the locations and the bling! I really love getting up in the morning (even on vacation) and running! It really helps me prepare for the day. So why not reward myself with a shiny medal that says Castaway Cay 5K?

One of the final things that I loved about our cruise that we were on in April was... The cabana!

This is a luxury for people on the cruise. There are limited cabanas so us snagging one made me very happy. It's all the comforts you would want on a beach. If you don't rent one of these you have to be concerned with getting off the cruise ship fast enough to snag a spot. And I've been there. 

What I loved the most... Relaxing

This was where I decided that I needed a true break from a lot of things. I learned things that I wanted to learn on this cruise. I felt like royalty and enjoyed forgetting responsibilities. This was a cruise that I will never forget! 

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