May 2016 Favorites

Lipgloss? Check. Movies? Check! Creativity? Check! The Dale Tribe? Yes! Come on it's favorites for May time! And since it's been awhile that you've seen a favorites from me there are sure to be some new faces on this list! 

So May has been interesting for me with all that it has held for me and my family! First week of May was spent on getting the furniture and new light fixtures for the house renovations. The next little part was spent with me researching Bullet Journaling. And the last part of the first week was spent in Disneyland in California.

The beginning of the second week started with us at the new Hogwarts in California! We had a lot of fun! Then it was International Lupus Day and Vin had infusion which is his medicine to help with Lupus. The rest of the week went by okay for the most part. Ella Michael's birthday was this week and she turned the awesomeness of ONE! We did a practice runs for the kids triathlon, family game night, and date night was spent with me and Vin checking out me a new SUV!

Third week of May was interesting. I started on my high horse of wanting to make lunch for the kids even though they are homeschooled. Plus it was the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars! And I was just crushed when Wanya Morris was kicked off. Like I just kind of quit caring who won. Then it was Mouse Ears with a Mohawk's 29th birthday which just also happened to be Liv's recital! Then I test drove the Lexus SUV and the next day while volunteering for the Kid's Triathlon I bought it on the phone because they didn't have the package and customization I wanted. I helped with packing race bags and helped with early packet pick up! Saturday was freaking awesome! My kids were in and they all did great! Only one didn't place in their age group! It was also May Dawn's Birthday!

And the last day including the beginning of this one... Well it's jammed packed! I bought a SUV. Lexus 570 LX like the one had but I am buying this one. Not Vin or my dad, but me. We watched the final of DWTS. And then it was SEC Tournament time--Vin's requested Father's Day gift-- because we were once there but he was on the mound taking on Alabama. Vin and I enjoyed a lot of things together this week that I wouldn't change for anything. Crazy selfies, limbs getting tangled in excusable ways, nacho butt, and plenty of Gatorade gone into our systems. And Sunday, well Sunday we made the decision that I needed a break and here I am in Disney World writing this for you.

Now I will give you the heads up and tell you that no there will be no Lookback through my planner this time. Because I am going to compile a video of February through May for you and it will be released with my talk of the new Erin Condren line and what else is in my life now.

Eye Makeup Product -

Sephora Eyeshadow Minnie - I have always been caution of Sephora brand things. I mean I know Sephora is where all the name brand things are but I was caution just because it's the store brand. I regret not trying Sephora things out sooner! This eyeshadow is just amazing and you cannot beat the packaging!

Eye Makeup Brush -

Sigma E55 - When I go to put on eye shadow most mornings I reach for this brush. I have several of it in different collections, but it's because the brush just does what it is suppose to do. It's easy to clean and never have any bristles fall out.

Face Makeup Product -

Younique Minerals Concealer Correcteur - I didn't pay for this at all. This was a gift from a girl at work who was given the wrong shade a party of Younique she went to and couldn't return it. It is flawless make up! I was left in disbelief when I first tried it! I highly recommend it!

Face Makeup Brush -

Luxie 522 - Thanks to Ipsy for me finding this brush! It's great for the Concealer Correcteur! It's been a brush I have reached for more and more!

Lip Product -

Rimmel Show Off: Out Of This World - I couldn't wait for this product to get to the US!!!! I love the wand and the product itself really shines! I really feel like showing off when wearing this lip gloss!

Hair Care Product -

Briogeo Rosarco Milk - Thank you Popsugar Must Have for this! Oh I love what this does to my hair! I love how it smells and I love that it doesn't weigh my hair down at all! I makes my hair so airy and soft!

Skincare -

Royal Apothic Field Poppy - Another Popsugar Must Have product! This is so fancy and yet it is so good! It soaks into the skin without making you feel greasy. It is thick though. The scent is light but it stays on you for a while!

Shower/Bath Product -

Aromatherapy Luxury Bath Eucalyptus Tea - This was something that I wasn't sure about using but Vin gave it to me to try. I like it a lot. It was something that I wasn't expecting to like at all.

Game -

Miitomo - I have recently gotten sucked back into using my Wii more and this is like Wii for the iPhone! I love it! Vin and I get tickled while finding out all the features!

YouTube Channel/YouTuber -

The Dale Tribe - My best friend over at A Pop of Jess got me hooked on this family on Youtube. Since we both have family members with Type 1 diabetes we grew with Amy and her family when their daughter was diagnosed with it as well this year.

Book/Story -

Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote - I love my online book club! This is what we read for May. I love the movie, but I can say that I actually felt more like the book than the movie. It was interesting

Song/Album -

Hall of Fame - Script ft - I have Dancing with the Stars to thank for this song making the list. When Sharna and Antonio danced to it I was bowled over by how the lyrics struck something in me.

Movie -

Kiki's Delivery Service - This was a favorite from my childhood. I literally wore this VHS out. Now I can show it to my children as well. And since their aunt mixes herbs and oils it really made sense to them. I love that it shows to use the skills you have to your advantage.

Pinterest Pin -

Disney Moment -

I'm not sure which I loved more... Celebrating May 4th at Disneyland or moving to Disney World for the summer!

Running/Fitness -

Pound Workout - Vin's doctor told us that he needed to cut back on stress. Well Vin is not a yoga kind of guy. He will do some yoga, but he has aggression more than depression. Pound changed him instantly. I could see it before he could. He looked forward to it. He likes that he can release his frustration out through the sticks in his hands during the workout.

Food -

InnovAsian Frozen Chinese food - Super easy to make and taste delicious!

Spotlight Etsy Shop -

PrettySheepy - If I could buy all the stickers in a shop (literally) and know that I would use them; it would be hers.

Favorite Prompt from Listers Gotta List -

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