What's This: Unusual Items I Pack for Walt Disney World Trips

Look at this stuff isn't it--- Weird. Yep, I pack some highly unusual things when going to Disney World. Whenever someone new comes with me to Disney they always raise their eyebrow at some of things that I have packed. But I promise them, and now I'm promising you that there is method to my madness!

Whitmor White Crystal Collection Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer, Clear - This is the object I get the most eyebrow raises from. I like to organize items this way instead of cluttering up the sink. I put this in the closet. I put toiletries in the compartments. This works really great for freeing up the sink. The only thing I keep on the sink is makeup brushes, mouthwash, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

HOLSEM Power Strip Surge Protector 8 Outlets & 2 Smart USB Charging Ports - I am a digital junkie. Fitbit, Apple Watch, Smartphone, digital camera, Power pack charging devices (more on that in a bit), iPad, and laptop. And it all needs to be charged up at some point. That's why I have several charging options I take with me. One is the Holsem mentioned above, but I also like Belkin SurgePlus 6-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports and Belkin 3-Outlet SurgePlus Mini Travel Swivel Charger Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports. Disney only give a handful of wall outlets so these are great!

Portable Charger - RAVPower - This really isn't weird, but the fact that I bring three of these chargers with might be slightly weird. The reason being I like to have a back up for the afternoon. I may forget to plug up my phone with going to bed. I charge it in my purse in the morning, and then that night I don't have pack to charge so I keep Halo Pocket Power Starlight as a backup. And the other one I keep for the water parks is Portable Charger, RAVPower Waterproof Dustproof and Shockproof.

Wallflowers Fragrance Plug Nightlight Sand - I love picking out a different scent for each trip. Not only does it make it feel more like home; it helps with bathroom smells and chlorine smells from the pool. I cannot smell apple crumble smells anymore without thinking of my 22nd birthday trip. I'm instantly whisked away to Port Orleans Riverside.

Ziploc Bags - Why would you not bring these? Store left over food (snacks, meals, etc) in these and take home! Plan outfits for yourself and kids in these. Pack snacks in these. Tiny personal garbage bags is also what these can be used for in a pinch! And if you are like my cousin who didn't get a waterproof case, you can use these to store your phone during a water ride.

Pop-Up Hamper - I like these for the kids, especially. It leaves room in their suitcases for their souvenirs. It also makes laundry as breeze! Plus if we fly we just push the hamper of dirty clothes in the suitcase and souvenirs goes beside it.

iPhone Waterproof Case - I used to think it was a crazy idea to get a waterproof case when there are ziplock bags, but now I understand. Pools and water rides are a breeze now.

GLCON Wrist Strap Pack - These are for the Wii remotes but are also great for phones as well! I love these while traveling at Disney. They give me extra security for my phone. I have more freedom to take pictures around water. Another great product like this one is Hand Strap [5-Pack] Lanyard with Quick-Release for Camera & Cell Phone.

Collapsible Snap Basket by reisenthel - I love this for having at the hotel. There are times when we have several souvenirs waiting for us that we have sent back to the hotel. I also like it for using it with the hotel's pool. Bringing down pool accessories are a breeze with this basket.

Some of these items are stranger than most but I guarantee they make my trips to Disney a lot easier. I love these items; I have and will continue to use them throughout our coming trips to Disney. Are than any other items that I am missing out on?

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